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Parking at Moravian College Presented by The Parking Task Force

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1 Parking at Moravian College Presented by The Parking Task Force

2 “ The Charge” for the Task Force
The Parking Task Force is charged with developing recommendations for ways to respond to the parking challenges associated with (1) the proposed Hurd Campus project and (2) a campus of 1600 students.

3 Your Parking Task Force
Anne Dutlinger Blair Flintom Mark Reed (Co-Chair) Rena Sinerco Jim Skalnik Candi Stoudt Sean Tallarico (Co-Chair) David Weber Bob Windolph

4 Recommendations from the Task Force
Two categories of recommendations: “Must Do’s” Other Recommendations for consideration

5 The “Must Do’s” Enhanced shuttle service
“North Only” / “South Only” parking tags Three tier pricing structure for parking tags Designated Visitor Parking on Hurd Campus

6 Enhance Shuttle Service
Addition of 3rd shuttle Already part of the “operating cost” assumptions with BAM housing Include at least one “EXPRESS” shuttle Shuttle will need to service remote lots Create inviting environment to ride Courteous drivers Predictable service Possibility of outsourcing Being done at Kutztown

7 “North” / “South” Hang Tags
Hang tags will have a North/South designation Eliminates resident students commuting from North campus to Hurd campus Designation will NOT apply to employees (residents only)

8 “North” / “South” Hang Tags – cont’d
Designate spaces on existing Foy Hall lot 25-30 Resident Only spaces 40-45 Faculty/Staff spaces 3 Admissions Visitor spaces 3 General Visitor spaces 1 Handicap space Designated spaces facilitate snow removal

9 Three Tier Pricing Three Tiers “On Campus Premium” - $300/yr
71 spaces - W. Laurel & Geissinger/Laurel “On Campus” - $150/yr 211 (current) spaces - All other on campus resident lots except Archives and Steel Field On Street and Remote Lots - $50/yr “License to hunt” for street parking and access to remote lots

10 Three Tier Pricing – cont’d
Offers affordable option for those who demonstrate a need for a car on campus Student teaching Clinicals Creates approximately $50K per year of incremental revenue Fund additional parking lot (see other considerations) Fund future parking garage

11 Designate Admissions Parking on Hurd Campus
To showcase the HURD campus, prospective students must have easy access Provide 3 designated spaces in Foy lot Creative alternatives to provide spaces for other visitors: Widow’s House Central Moravian Others?

12 Other Recommendations for Consideration
Extend Lot B to Iron Street Assumes acquisition of final property on that quadrant (we believe that will happen soon) Demolish 225, 227/229 Greenwich and two properties on Elizabeth Ave. Creates approximately 60 additional spaces Consistent with Master Plan Former College overflow housing can be used by the Seminary (losing 227/229) Fund through increased fees

13 Other Recommendations – Cont’d
Explore adding parking lot adjacent to Sig Ep fraternity Creates approximately 25 additional spaces NOT consistent with Master Plan (this space has been designated as part of the Athletic Master Plan) Fund through increased fees

14 Other Recommendations – Cont’d
Explore Remote Lot alternatives Affordable alternative for students who wish to “park” car for semester Shuttles must service remote lots Equip lots with lighting, emergency phones, and cameras if permissible Potentially limit sophomore parking to remote lots only

15 Remote Lots – Cont’d Current thoughts for remote lots:
Those lots we own: Archives Lot Steel Field lot Those Lots we do NOT own: 35 E. Elizabeth Ave. City lots Hill-to-hill bridge West of entrance to Sand Island

16 Other Recommendations – Cont’d
Encourage/Facilitate bicycle use on campus Survey suggests interest in this area Market as a “green” alternative Minimal investment Racks Storage sheds

17 Other Recommendations – Cont’d
Continue to explore ZipCar/Philly Car Share “for profit” vs. “not for profit” models are very different LVAIC initiative? Determine the need for this based upon success of other alternatives

18 Other Recommendations – Cont’d
Consider creating “Corral” on Hurd campus Currently only done during community events, Celtic Fest, and Kriskindlemart ADVANTAGE: Immediate relief for Hurd campus creating approximately 60 spaces DISADVANTAGE: When BAM project occurs, perception may be that we are adding 220 residents and adding only 5 parking spaces (corral is replaced with parking lot with only 65 spaces)

19 Other Recommendations – Cont’d
Fund future parking garage Increased fees can be accumulated to fund future capital investment


21 Summer 2007 Begin to enhance shuttle service
Determine number of permits to issue/criteria for: On Campus Premium On Campus Basic Registration Finalize the number and location of “designated spaces” in Foy lot Finalize use for Steel Field / Archives lots.

22 Summer 2007 – Cont’d Designate 3 Admissions Parking Only spaces in Foy lot Evaluate moving North Campus Admissions Parking Only from Lot M (on Locust Street) to Lot R (behind Colonial Hall) Decide on corral issue and create (if approved) Do financial projections to determine financial feasibility of future projects

23 Fall 2007 Communicate to students what changes we know are coming
Fee Increases and three tier pricing structure North / South parking tags Enhanced shuttle service Create Sig Ep parking lot

24 Spring 2008 Lottery for: North - On Campus Premium North - On Campus
South – On Campus (Foy-not premium)

25 Summer 2008 Demolish 225, 227/229 Greenwich and extend Lot B to Iron Street Issue all new student permits North – On Campus Premium North – On Campus South – On Campus Base Permit Supplemental lottery for transfer students New date stickers for Faculty and Staff

26 Fall 2008 Create projected bus scheduling with Hurd campus expansion

27 Spring 2009 Lottery for: North – On Campus Premium North – On Campus
South – On Campus Foy South – On Campus BAM Premium

28 Summer 2009 Hire additional shuttle driver(s) Lease additional bus
Issue all student permits North – On Campus Premium North – On Campus South – On Campus Base Permit Supplemental lottery for transfer students

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