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Antoni Gaudi (1852 – 1926) Author: Tanya Barashkova.

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1 Antoni Gaudi (1852 – 1926) Author: Tanya Barashkova

2 Antoni Gaudi Antoni Gaudi was born on June 25 in 1852 in the province of Tarragona. From the time he was small, he had a rheumatic problem. This sickness was with him throughout his life. However he finished school. Before entering the University Gaudi took a preparatory course. When he completed it, he was able to enter the Upper Technical School of Architecture. Antoni Gaudi (1852 – 1926)

3 Antoni Gaudi Gaudi is the most famous architect of Barcelona. He developed a style of his own. Gaudi achieved his greatest fame in Antoni Gaudi died at the age of 74 on June 10 in His death was tragical: Gaudi was run over by a tram on June 7, 1926. Antoni Gaudi (1852 – 1926)

4 Gaudi’s works. The Temple of the Saint Family.
This Gaudi’s work is a symbol of Barcelona. In 1883 Gaudi agreed to continue a project of already started Neo-Gothic church. He proposed a new project to built the main cathedral of Barcelona. The Temple of the Saint Family (Sagrada Familia) (1883 – 1926)

5 Gaudi’s works. The Temple of the Saint Family.
This temple must illustrate different Christian scenes from the Bible. According to the Gaudi’s project the main nave will support high bell towers, the tallest of which will reach 170 m. This will symbolize Jesus, and around him there will be four more, representing the evangelists. Over the apse, a sixth bell tower will be dedicated to the Virgin Mary.

6 Gaudi’s works. The Temple of the Saint Family.
On the northwest side of the building, Gaudi installed a workroom where he built models and experimented with geometry, colors, shapes and sounds.

7 Gaudi’s works. The Temple of the Saint Family.
The erection of the Temple hasn’t been finished yet.

8 Gaudi’s works.Vicens’ house.
It is Gaudi’s early work. The project included a house and a large garden. The main elements used by Gaudi in the construction of the house are red bricks, multicoloured Arabian elements, ceramic coatings and some others. Vicens’ house was built as a summer residence in 1883 – It is the first important Gaudi’s work.

9 Gaudi’s works. Park Guell.
Park Guell is an utopian view of the lost paradise. It was created in 1900 – Despite the wild appearance of the park, everything in it was planned. A park reflects Gaudi’s ideas of symbiosis between human and nature. Park Guell was conceived as a private residential town.

10 Gaudi’s works. Park Guell.
But the real estate project was frustrated in the end and only few of the 60 houses were built. After Guell’s death the heirs decided to sell the park to Barcelona City Hall, which opened it to the public in 1923.

11 Gaudi’s works. Guell estate pavilions.
Guell estate pavilions are luxurious houses for carriages and horses. They were built in 1884 – Gaudi designed pavilions with parabolic vaults and arches.

12 Gaudi’s works. Guell Palace.
Guell Palace was built in 1886 – 1889 with stone coated with delicate marble. The building consists of 6 levels (basement, ground floor, mezzanine and 3 other floors). The chimneys and the dome on the roof are very interesting and remarkable. Gaudi created spaces that evoked the Gothic and Islamic styles of art according to his own personal interpretation.

13 Gaudi’s works. Guell cellars.
Guell cellars were built in 1895 – Gaudi’s client and patron Guell was also a wine producer. Gaudi built these cellars with stone of the area so that they would be in harmony with the environment. The building fell in disuse and it is nowadays a restoration establishment.

14 Gaudi’s works. Bellesguard tower.
Bellesguard tower is a house and a castle. It was built in 1900 – This tower reminds a mediaeval fortification. The conical tower is coated with glazed ceramics.

15 Gaudi’s works. Mila’s house.
Mila’s house was built in 1906 – Gaudi created this building with large windows allowing good interior lighting. The building is, in reality, two estates with different entries joined by a single facade.

16 Gaudi’s works. Mila’s house.
Gaudi built a roof terrace topped with surprising chimneys.

17 Gaudi’s works. Batllo’s house.
Batllo’s house was built in 1904 – It is one of the most outstanding buildings in Barcelona.

18 Gaudi’s works. Batllo’s house.
Gaudi paid special attention to the Batllo’s residence: he used ingenious tricks for good lighting and ventilation and designed furniture.

19 Gaudi’s works. Calvet’s house.
Calvet’s house was built in 1898 – The building consists of 6 levels. It reminds a private residence. Gaudi got award from the Barcelona City Hall for the best housing building in 1900.

20 Gaudi’s works. The First Mystery of the Glory.
It is very important religious monument connecting architecture and nature. It was made in 1900 – 1907.The first mystery which represents the resurrection of Christ was understood by Gaudi also as the resurrection of Catalonia.

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