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Monarch Park Collegiate The Future Shop Co-op Education Placement Presented by Jia Di & Andrei.

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1 Monarch Park Collegiate The Future Shop Co-op Education Placement Presented by Jia Di & Andrei

2 WELCOME TO The place of opportunities for computer-fueled people

3 A+ Certified Technicians Babak Weber

4 Computer repair/upgrade.(Desktop and Laptop) Appliance test/repair.(ex. DVD player, vacuums etc.) Technical support/customer service.(by phone / in person) Detecting and solving problems efficiently Under the leadership of our technical support professionals we were able to accomplish our common goals: learning from trade professionals as well as applying our knowledge and gaining hands- on experience. Here are some examples of the skills weve learned:

5 Developed skills to manipulate complex hardware. Learned patience and detail-orientation with any hardware I encountered a problem with. Developed ability to implement different resources in order to solve a problem efficiently and precisely. What Did We Do ?

6 Installation, Configuration and Upgrading Fresh Install, System Restore Program Set-up, Hardware Set-up Windows Update, Driver Update, Anti- Virus Update (system tune-up)

7 Diagnosing and Troubleshooting Service CD (All-in-One) Knowledge In Store Test

8 Maintenance Dust Clean (case /system) Printer Clean (inkjet, laser)

9 BABAK on The Phone

10 Weber, who teaches us everything!

11 In the fast-paced environment of constantly evolving technology one has to maintain professionalism in order to provide quality service. Being up-to-date with new technological advances is a part of high level professionalism. Future Shop professional technicians set their professional level and maintain it throughout their entire career. This is a very important part of education for a new generation of professional technicians.

12 Work Time

13 It is very important in every work or study environment to perform at a high level independently as well as as a team member. Teamwork bonds people of different ages, social strata & cultural backgrounds. As co-op students we were given a chance to work on the same team with A+ certified technicians as well as with students of the same trade level as us. Reaching common goals and overcoming obstacles as one team became a great experience.

14 MULTITASKING … is one of the most important skills in technology-related industry. Paying attention to every detail as well as having a general overview is a significant skill for a technology trade professional. With the help of a team of technicians at Future Shop, co-op students have an opportunity to exercise the skill of multitasking along with many other abilities.

15 ARE YOU UP FOR THE CHALLENGE? Being a co-op student at Future Shop is a great adventure. Especially if you are a part of the technical support team, you have an opportunity to get hands-on experience in computer repair/upgrade. For computer and tech lovers it is the best way to learn how to deal with everyday problems that customers meet and become able to help them.


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