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2 Contacts for Dual Credit Maple Woods Community College Leslie Lockwood, Dual Credit Coordinator (816) 604-3201 Lori Callow, MCC-MW Dual Credit Liaison (816) 604- 3005 MCC-MW Dual Credit Info Line (816) 604-3045 Dual Credit High School (DCHS) MelaDee Patterson, High School Dual Credo Counselor (816) 359-5787

3 What is Dual Credit? A cooperative program between Metropolitan Community College - Maple Woods & Park Hill School District Certain courses taken for high school credit have an option to obtain college credit if student meets eligibility Missouri Board of Higher Education sets initial eligibility guidelines

4 Benefits of Dual Credit Students get a jump start on their college career Tuition for dual credit is about half the cost of on campus MCC-Maple Woods classes, currently dual credit is $46.00 per credit hour Allows more flexibility in the course load by reducing the number of hours needed during college years Students can enroll in higher level courses sooner

5 What types of dual credit courses are usually offered? MCC offers a full-range of lower-division general education courses: English Speech Foreign Language Social Studies Math Science

6 Dual Credit Guidelines for Eligibility Enrolled as a junior or senior in high school Appropriately complete the free Application for Admission on line Complete and turn in an Intent to Enroll (ITE) form to Dual Credit Counselor Meet GPA and Proficiency Test Scores

7 Specific GPA Requirements 3.0 cumulative GPA or higher for core classes

8 Required Test Scores Standardized test score: PLAN or ACT Composite =18 or COMPASS test equivalent

9 SPECIFIC REQUIRED Test Scores Composition & Reading: ACT English Score 18 or better OR COMPASS Test equivalent Intermediate Algebra/College Algebra: ACT Math Score 20/23 or higher OR COMPASS Test equivalent

10 How are Dual Credit grades recorded? High School transcript High school grade is recorded Dual credit is not indicated on the high school transcript College transcript College grade is recorded on a MCC-Maple Woods college transcript Student must request a transcript from MCC- Maple Woods

11 College Costs 2013-14 Cost at the following without fees: KU: (non resident)$762.00 x 3 = $2286.00 *Univ. of MO Systems: $ 336.78x 3 = $1010.13 *Park University: $350.00 x 3 = $1050.00 *NWMSU: $266.75 x 3 = $800.25 *University of Central Missouri: $213.15 x 3 = $639.45 *Missouri State University: $ 204.00x 3 =$612.00 *MO Western State University: $192.65 x 3=$577.95 Maple Woods: $92.00 x 3 = $276.00 MCC-MW DC rate: $46.00 x 3=$138.00 *Fee increase from 2012-13

12 What are Fees? Student Services Fees MCC-MW: $10.00 Other Institutions: Fees at others vary but usually are based on an incremental scale based on the number of hours in which a student is enrolled. One university mentioned in the previous slide had fees of $137.30 (NO FEES ARE ASSESSED FOR DUAL CREDIT!)

13 Advanced Placement vs. Dual Credit Dual Credit College credits transfer to state colleges and universities from a MCC-Maple Woods transcript Private colleges, each unique. Advanced Placement AP Exam required to receive college credit $89.00 per exam Scored on a scale of 1 to 5 3 or better typically grants credit or placement, but each college/university sets their own policy

14 Why Not A+? Dual Credit will save time towards degree Dual Credit is in your high school with your high school teacher On campus you will repeat the same curriculum of the high school course you took Dual Credit does not charge for books or lab fees A 3 credit dual credit course cost can be equivalent to the cost of one book on campus Lab fees for science courses at MW are $14/credit (5 credit AP Chemistry or AP Biology =$70.00 more)

15 Dual Credit Calendar??????? 1/6/-1/10/14 Handouts were distributed to students in all 2 nd term dual credit eligible courses in their classroom. PH School District Dual Credit Timeline/Steps to Enroll PHHS Dual Credit Eligible Classes/Enrollment Session Dates Students can now start to apply

16 Application to MCC If you have been a dual credit student previously, you will not need to complete another MCC On-Line application If you are new to the MCC system and have not applied for admission to MCC, you MUST complete an on-line application or you will not be able to COMPASS test nor be enrolled (Instructions in your handout)

17 Dual Credit Calendar 1/13/14-1/24/14 Enrollment meetings where students and/or parents will be provided with Intent to Enroll (ITE) form Completed forms are collected from each student attending an Enrollment meeting by MCC-MW and/or DC High School Counselor

18 Dual Credit Calendar Enrollment meetings: January 15, 2014 and January 22, 2014 Where: Media Center at 2:00 PM January 27, 2014 6:30 PM in Media Center Parents and Students

19 Intent To Enroll Forms (ITE) ITEs purposes are: To allow the PHS-MCC/MW team to share information about a student regarding eligibility for a dual credit course Make sure all eligible students have an opportunity to enroll Make sure all eligible students have an opportunity to COMPASS test in a timely manner

20 ITE-continued ITEs are distributed to all students during an Enrollment Meeting such as this ITEs are completed/signed and collected prior to all students departures from the meeting The PHS/MCC-MW Dual Credit team will check a students eligibility utilizing the signed ITE and a Master Eligibility Roster

21 ITE- continued The PHS/MCC-MW team will determine the following: If GPA & Test Score requirements are met for each Dual Credit eligible course in which the student is enrolled If COMPASS testing is required If MCC application has been completed

22 Dual Credit Calendar 1/31/14 All ITEs have been collected at this point in time by the PHSMCC-MW Team All students have done MCC On-Line application

23 Dual Credit Calendar February 2, 2014 - February 1 4, 2014 Students will be notified whether they will need to take the COMPASS test to meet eligibility. The test will be given on the following days: February 5 th 2:00 – 4:00 PM Room E104 February 6 th 3:00 – 5:00 PMRoom E104 Students will need their MCC user id and password to be able to sit for the test.

24 Dual Credit Calendar 2/11/ 2014 Online payment option will be available through students myMCCKC VERIFY YOUR SCHEDULE and YOUR ADDRESS on myMCCKC The Dual Credit counselor and/or your Dual Credit instructor will notify you to check your schedule. Report any errors to Ms. Patterson, to avoid: being billed for a class you do not wish to take not getting credit for classes you want

25 myMCCKC Your online student management service where you can: Access/change your personal information Pay your fees Look at your grades & schedule Request a transcript be sent (FREE)

26 Dual Credit Calendar February 27 - March 15, 2014 Bills will be mailed: February 27, 2014 Payment are due: Friday, March 15, 2014 Payment Due - If payment cannot be made by the due date, contact the Maple Woods Business Office at (816) 604-3785 Payment Plans are available Dual Credit classes will be dropped for lack of payment

27 THINGS TO REMEMBER!!! You must APPLY to be ENROLLED or TEST! You must complete an ITE form each semester & turn in to a PH-MCC/MW team member at your enrollment meeting!

28 THINGS TO REMEMBER!!! If you cannot make payment in full, contact the Maple Woods Business Office at (816) 604-3785! Make your payment arrangements before the 3/15/14 tuition due date! If you want to drop the college credits you enrolled in, you must see the Dual Credit Counselor to initiate paperwork!


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