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D İ SNEYs EXPANSION IN ASIA The Asia Adventure of Disney Co. started at April 15,1983 with Tokyo Disneyland (Tokyo Disney Resort) Opened on a 465,000.

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2 D İ SNEYs EXPANSION IN ASIA The Asia Adventure of Disney Co. started at April 15,1983 with Tokyo Disneyland (Tokyo Disney Resort) Opened on a 465,000 m² landspace. It was the first Disney park to be built outside of the United States(France/ Paris Disney opened at 1992)

3 The park was constructed by Walt Disney Imagineering in the same style as Disneyland in California and Magic Kingdom in Florida Disney expansion contiuned with Disney Sea Theme Park. September 4,2001 Tokyo DisneySea opened on 712,246 m² landspace.

4 Both are owned by The Oriental Land Company, which licenses the theme from The Walt Disney Company. Tokyo Disneyland and its companion park, Tokyo DisneySea

5 In 2008, Tokyo Disneyland hosted approximately 14.2 million guests.Third most visited theme park in the world.DisneySea was visited by 12,4 million guests. Same year Europe Disney hosted 12.6 million guests.Forth on World Theme Park ranking list. WHY ASIA ?

6 After the success of Tokyo Disneyland.Disney Co. turned its location to other destinations like newest economic world giant China and other developing Asian countrys as Malaysia and Singapore. Asia is the world's largest and most populous continent. It covers 8.6% of the Earth's total surface area and with approximately 4 billion people, it hosts 60% of the world's current human population.

7 When we compare Europe and Asia, there is a big difference among them. Europe is the world's second-smallest continent by surface area. Europe is the third-most populous continent after Asia and Africa, with a population of 731 million or about 11% of the world's population.And most of them older people Disneys Officials influenced by impressive population and economic growth of Asia started at 1990s. In these circumstances Asia has a big future and important potential for Disney Theme Parks.

8 The other point that Disney Cartoons.Disney Cartoons are very famous in Asia.Cartoon movies were watched and liked by too many Asian child. China has the largest economy in Asia and the second largest in the world.Therefore first target should be China. After years of study, negotiations and construction, Hong Kong Disneyland Resort park opened to visitors on September 12, 2005

9 Third Park planned for Shangai, largest city of China.Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, the expected developer of the resort, received permission from the Chinese government on November 4, 2009.Scouts are looking for a suitable site for a Disney resort on mainland China. Shanghai Disneyland Resort is planned for opening at Shanghai by 2015.

10 How do cultural variables influence the location choice of theme parks around the world ? Cultural patterns play a significant role both in the circulation of people to theme parks and in relation to the design of thematic frameworks. The American theme park industry had a very difficult time establishing standards for the theme park industry across the world mostly due to cultural differences. This has been especially for developing economies. European families found EuroDisney to be an over-rated promotion of American culture and lifestyle, contrary to what was seen by Disney's management as a family affair.

11 Location: Unlike American tourist, European tourist treat theme parks as pleasure gardens and are usually willing to drive or ride a train (rarely to fly) for up to two hours in order to reach a theme park destination. Japanese are unable to make long drives to reach the park destinations simply because of the lack of leisure time Some people living in the different region of the world can be affected by their cultural beliefs.

12 Communication: One of the most difficult things about opening an American theme park abroad is adapting nuanced communication with audiences (such as humorous phrases) to foreign cultural milieus. Japan was adapting the American humor to the Japanese audience; some jokes or story lines that ordinarily would have been conveyed verbally were instead performed physically or were subtitled.

13 FOODs: Generally, European and Asian tourists have much stricter eating – time habits than American counterparts. Such concerns often carry over to the design of menus at American – owned theme parks abroad. Tokyo Disneyland has a Japanese restaurant... Disneyland in Europe has also different type of menus that belong to its culture. Some people come to the theme park in order to taste another cultures foods as well...

14 and... Hong Kong Disneyland would be trilingual with English, Cantonese, and Mandarin. Geographic conditions provide sunshine all year round, and milder winter temperatures. A theme park in anywhere as in any other part of Europe would face a varying proportion of, legal restraints, political risk, culture conflict, and economic disruption.

15 What location would you recommend for Disneys next theme park in Asia ? Why? I would recommend MACAU for Disneys next theme park in Asia. Because,


17 Macau has developed industries such as textiles, electronics and toys, as well as building up an a world class tourist industry with a wide choice of hotels, resorts, sports facilities, restaurants and casinos. As in the past, Macau's economy is closely linked to that of Hong Kong and Guangdong Province, in particular the Pearl River Delta region, which qualifies as one of Asia's "little tigers". Macau provides financial and banking services, staff training, transport and communications support.

18 Macau is a Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China since20 December 1999, and, like Hong Kong, benefits from the principle of "one country, two systems". The tiny SAR is growing in size - with more buildings on reclaimed land - and in the number and diversity of its attractions. The greatest of these continues to be Macau's unique society, with communities from the East and West complementing each other, and the many people who come to visit.

19 Macau a new vacation city for China. There are many gambling investment in Macau in recent years and Chinese people interest in gambling and entertainment. Tourism and gambling have been the primary drivers of Macau's economy.

20 There are plenty of casinos in Macau offering probably the widest range of games in the world

21 Starting in 1962, the gambling industry had been operated under a government-issued monopoly license. The monopoly ended in 2002, and several casino owners from Las Vegas attempted to enter the market For example, Team Hotel which is inspirated from Venice architecture was opened last. Besides, Macau is called as Las Vegas of East region. Chinese and Portuguese are the official languages, Cantonese being most widely spoken. The official languages are used in government departments in all official documents and communications. English is generally used in trade, tourism and commerce. There is a possibility to sharing same travelers with Hong Kongs because Macau is so close to Hong Kong.


23 Macau located at the west bank of Pearl River Delta in South China, is the intersection of Mainland China and South China Sea. It is also located at the south of tropic of Cancer. The winds directions in winter and summer are opposite. Therefore, Macau is in the monsoon region and from the climate classification is considered mild and rainy in summer. The most comfortable period begins from the middle of October to December.

24 The theme park investment would be feasible in MACAU because gambling travelers would be visit theme park in the same time.

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