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GPRA Government Performance and Results Act - 1993.

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1 GPRA Government Performance and Results Act - 1993

2 Purposes Improve confidence in federal programs - accountability Program performance reform - effectiveness Focus on results, service quality & customer satisfaction Congressional oversight & decision-making

3 Key elements Strategic Plans Annual Performance Plans Managerial Accountability & flexibility – waivers Pilot projects

4 Strategic Plans Mission statement Goals & objectives incl outcomes How achieved External factors Describe program evaluations used Not less than 5 year horizon, update & revise at least every 3 years

5 Annual Performance Plan Covering each program activity in budget Performance goals Objective, quantified, measurable Describe processes Performance indicators Basis for comparing results with perf. goals Means to validate measured values

6 If not quantified Why not? Separate descriptive statements of –Minimally effective program –Successful program Alternative is sufficiently precise t permit accurate, independent evaluation

7 Bush- Getting to Green Five major initiatives –Strategic mgmt of human capital –Competitive outsourcing –Improved financial performance –Expanded E-govt –Budget & performance integration Scored as green, yellow & red lights See OMB Circular no. A-11, part 2

8 Standards for getting to green Collaboration – integrated planning/evaluation Goals, objectives, targets - outcomes Alignment – align budget, staff, programs with goals Full cost – charged to accounts & activities Validation – document program effectiveness

9 NPS Implementation Comprehensive approach –Logic, public involvement, accountability –Logical, trackable decision process –Four interrelated planning processes GMP for each unit Park strategic plan Implementation planning Annual Performance planning

10 GMP Establishes direction for the park Why established, mission, desired resource conditions and visitor experiences Interdisciplinary team, public involvement, NEPA, regional plans, analysis Reviews at 10-15 year intervals

11 Strategic Plans NPS as whole and for each park Mission, g&o, long term perf. Goals, resource assessment (fiscal, env, natural, cultural) Operational processes & external factors

12 Implementation Plans How to implement an activity or project needed to achieve a long term goal For projects to be implemented in next 2-5 years NEPA, GMP linkages

13 Annual Performance Plans Annually for each park Goals for year, work plan, link to budget Progress report on last year & plans for next year Syncronize with budget & NPS system plans

14 Roles & Responsibilities Washington Office Regional Offices Park Superintendents

15 Urban Institute Enjoyableness Crowdedness Physical attractiveness Facility maintenance Safety Accessibility Variety Staff Helpfulness

16 NRPA Standards 10 acres of parkland /1000 population 10% of land area in parks and open space Operating budget of $8 per capita (old)

17 Malcolm Baldridge 7 Criteria Leadership Strategic Planning Customer/Market Focus Information & analysis Human resource focus Process Management Results

18 Baldridge- 11 Core Values Customer-driven quality Leadership Continuous improvement & learning Valuing employees Fast responses Design quality & prevention Long range view Management by fact Partnership development Public responsibility Focus on results

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