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WELCOME Myers Park Parents Fall College Night Helpful Information and Tips for Parents on the College Admission process September 27, 2011.

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1 WELCOME Myers Park Parents Fall College Night Helpful Information and Tips for Parents on the College Admission process September 27, 2011

2 Your MPHS Counselors Vicki Brunnick: A-CARR Kristen Hodges: CAS-FO Logan Campbell: FR-H Ginny Jenkins: I-MA Sandra Kindell: MB-PO Kimberly Folk: PR-STO Meredith Sherrill: STP-Z

3 OVERVIEW Understanding Transcripts Importance of Senior classes and Senior conferences Naviance SAT/ACT- Reporting scores Scholarships/Financial Aid NCAA- College Bound Athlete Future Center Upcoming Dates

4 Understanding Transcripts Flags

5 Transcript cont. 1 2

6 Importance of Senior Classes

7 Senior Schedule Changes This is an actual response received from an admission coordinator at UNC-Wilmington: Dear Kristen, Unfortunately, because students are admitted to UNCW based on the proposed spring schedule they have provided, our policy is to restrict schedule changes unless it is to move into a more rigorous section of an academic subject area such as from Calculus to AP Calculus, for example. Im sure you can understand how frustrating it would be for students we have had to deny due to less rigorous programs to learn that those students we admitted were changing their programs. For this reason, we review full, final and official transcripts of all admitted students to be sure they have successfully completed the courses they reported they would take.

8 Senior Conferences Purpose: To review credits and be sure that the student has all classes needed for graduation and to discuss post-graduation plans. Other items covered: College/career plans College entrance requirements Letters of Recommendation Seniors can sign up for these individual appointments now- All counselors have sign up sheet on door.

9 NAVIANCE **Senior Profile MUST be completed before counselor will write letter of recommendation

10 Naviance-resume

11 Naviance-colleges 1 2

12 FERPA WAIVER FERPA Password needs to be the same as your Common App password

13 Colleges Im applying to 1 2 3

14 Requesting and Checking Transcripts Status

15 Transcript Request 1st two transcripts=NO CHARGE Cost after the first 2=$5.oo Must allow 10 DAYS to process Must complete a transcript request form located in the counseling office or request one through Naviance

16 Counselor and Teacher Recommendations Must give 10 school day notice before deadline (if not earlier) Must complete senior profile (and resume is helpful as well) Ask teacher if he/she wants to complete recommendation through Naviance- if yes, then notify your counselor so she can grant access to that teacher.

17 SAT and ACT Most colleges take either test- check with college to be sure ACT More achievement based- what you have learned Five sections- English, Math, Reading, Science and Writing SAT: More critical thinking- analytical Three sections- Reading, Math, Writing Reporting Scores to Colleges

18 Scholarships The Senior Stang Mustang Express Look for deadlines in the announcements School specific scholarships Morehead-Cain Park Belk Jefferson College boards scholarship handbook Naviance emails Time sensitive

19 College Bound Athletes Be sure to register with the NCAA Clearinghouse- Check for eligibility requirements- Division 1, 2 and 3 have different requirements for GPA/SAT Core Calculator- calculates core GPA used for determining eligibility

20 THE FUTURE CENTER FREE SAT/ACT resources available Scholarship cabinet College Guides/Information Volunteer available during lunch to help with college searches, scholarships, and/or Naviance tutorials

21 Announcing College Application Week 2011! WHO?Class of 2012 and students interested in learning more about college. WHAT?Seniors across the state apply online to at least one college or university using with the support of school staff and volunteers. WHEN?November 14-18, 2011 WHY? Studies show that if you continue your education beyond high school you: 1) Will make more money in your lifetime 2) Are less likely to be unemployed 3) Are likely to have better health and live longer Completing college applications online is a faster and more efficient way to apply. WHAT NOW? Visit to create your user account, start or update your High School Planner, complete the Student Handbook & College Application Checklist, and check out For more information or questions please contact: Ms. Ginny Jenkins

22 Financial Aid Night January 12, 2012

23 College Admission and Social Networking YOUR PROFILE AND PICTURES ARE NOT AS PRIVATE AS YOU THINK! MOST COLLEGE ADMISSIONS COUNSELORS ARE NOT SURFING THE NET FOR YOUR PROFILE. HOWEVER, WHEN OTHER PEOPLE BRING PROFILES TO THEIR ATTENTION, THEY RESPOND! According to NACAC (National Association for College Admissions Counseling), some students have been denied admissions partly because of information posted online. BE CAREFUL OF YOUR CONTENT. IT CAN SOMETIMES MAKE the DIFFERENCE Between an ACCEPTANCE and DENIAL Letter.

24 Q & A

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