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Welcome To Clayton Park Jr. High Curriculum Night September 25/12 6:00 – 7:30pm.

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1 Welcome To Clayton Park Jr. High Curriculum Night September 25/12 6:00 – 7:30pm

2 Who Makes Up Clayton Park Jr. High? Feeder Schools: Duc dAnville Rockingham Grosvenor Wentworth Park 329 Students -Sept./12 Representing 48 Different Countries!!! 23 Teachers + Support Specialists

3 Contact Information Ph. #: 457 – 8930Fax # : 457 - 1646 Website: Principal - Kim Acorn Vice Principal – David Reed Guidance Counsellour – Sabitha Masih Administrative Assistant – Candace Bryson Head Custodian – Darrell Daley

4 Great Support System Resource – D. Madigan Learning Centre – S. Moshett Eng. As An Additional Language (EAL) Teacher – J. Matthews YMCA Support – A. Mothana Student Support Teacher – J. Moshett Shared Service Personnel – School Psychologist Speech Pathologist Social Worker 12 Classroom Teachers 701 702 703 704 801 802 803 804 901 902 903 904 Various Clubs / Activities / Sports offered for student engagement As well as, academic supports Homework Club Lunch and Learn Sessions (extra help) EAL Support

5 Noon Time at CPJH Lunch Program Eat on benches in the gym LUNCH OPTIONS ON : Tuesday – Little Caesars Pizza Wednesday – Boston Pizza Thursday – Subway BREAKFAST PROGRAM Daily – open at 8:30 – 8:50 – Looking for Volunteers 1 Lunch Monitor Looking for another lunch monitor – Please contact the school if interested ! Bus Students are to stay on school property Walkers are due back by 1:05 pm Classes resume at 1:15 pm Homework Hotel at 3:15pm Dismissal at 3:25pm

6 Planning For Improvement Literacy Goal To improve students reading comprehension with a focus on the use of non-fiction texts. Math Goal To improve student achievement in operations with rational numbers. Successfully accredited in 2011. Currently in our implementation year for new PFI focus.

7 Congratulations CPJH on Surpassing Halifax Regional School Board Results!! Numbers arent everything but the staff, students, and administration are proud of their math, reading and writing results and plan on continueing this trend!!

8 DISCIPLINE at CPJH Regional Code of Conduct PEBS – (Positive & Effective Behavioural Supports) Progressive Discipline Minors or Majors If it`s predictable it`s preventable.... Contact Mr. Reed with any concerns Some information on Anti Bullying can be found on the School and Board Website

9 COMMUNICATION Newsletters – the Friday of the first full week of the month – starting in October – online Instant Messenger System – Throughout the year Parent Teacher Visitation – November 13 & 14 Homework Hotel – see website PowerSchool – see Parent Portal on website Email or phone

10 School Website We`d like to continue with updating our website and invite any helpful information regarding possible links, useful information, etc. Please send your ideas to POWERSCHOOL AUTOMATED SYSTEM

11 What Curriculum Night Is The opportunity to see your child`s daily school environment and to meet the teachers and support staff. The opportunity to hear about the different course and class expectations. The opportunity to get to know people and to become involved.

12 What Curriculum Night Isn`t Parent Teacher Conference – there is no time for individual discussion Please contact the teachers for a private conversation about your child.

13 What You Can Do To Assist! Continue taking an interest in your child`s learning – you are their greatest influence!!! Contact us if there is something in your child`s life that my affect their coping with school. Sign up for one of the many volunteering opportunities found on the back wall. PLEASE check out the tables at the back (one per grade level) and verify your contact information at some point this evening to ensure ongoing communication. Thank You.

14 Introduction of Student Council President and Student Ambassadors Followed by teacher sessions in their classrooms – a few handouts are available for those who do not have computer access. Please see school website and download copies of teacher curriculum guides from either the ``Documents`` link or under ``Communicating Student Learning``, if you haven`t done so already

15 School Advisory Council (SAC) While you`re attending the teacher sessions I`ll tally interest and if there are more names than there are available positions, we`ll set up for an election. A BALLOT BOX WILL BE PLACED NEAR THE ENTRANCE AND PAPER WILL BE PROVIDED FOR YOU TO ELECT YOUR PARENT MEMBERS ON THE WAY OUT. The ballots will be counted by the administration and the candidates will be notified prior to the 1 st SAC Meeting on Wednesday, Oct.3 at 6:00 in the library. There is always room on the `Special Projects`` Committee for fundraising... Just saying

16 Introduction of Teachers

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