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Mankato Area Parks By The Watchamacallits In the 1970s Mankato had 35 parks covering 689 acres, and North Mankato had another 20 parks spanning more.

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2 Mankato Area Parks By The Watchamacallits

3 In the 1970s Mankato had 35 parks covering 689 acres, and North Mankato had another 20 parks spanning more than 150 acres. Today, we will show you a few of the many parks that still exist in modern-day Mankato, MN.

4 Group Names: Travis – Intro and conclusion/Memorial Park James – Highland Park Staci – Lincoln Park A little on Memorial Park Dionne – Minneopa Park Scott & Mike – Sibley Park Andy – Washington Park

5 Highland Park On Oct. 15, 1874, Mankato city council bought 10,28 acres for $150/acre. These were to be the grounds on which a new park was built.

6 Highland Park First building was built in 1905. Popular Tourist/camping site A camper from Nashville, Tennessee once quoted the park as being hard to beat.

7 Highland Park Also built by city to obtain a site for a well that would provide water to city residents that lived on the hill.

8 Highland Park Highland Park was deteriorated during WWII It took many years of hard work to restore the park to its present day appearance.

9 Lincoln Park Grounds for park purchased in 1885 by a group of citizens. It was deeded to the city of Mankato who agreed to maintain it as a park.

10 Lincoln Park A Soldier Monument and fountain was built in the park in 1893. High winds destroyed the statue of the soldier Walls of the fountain basin were left in place, no attempts have been made thus far to restore it.

11 Lincoln Park A large Elm Tree, expected to date back to 1776, was a signature feature of Lincoln Park for a long time. It was used for the bicentennial celebration of Mankato in 1976.

12 Lincoln Park The large Elm was reinforced several times to attempt to save its large body and branches from falling over. It succumbed to Dutch Elm disease in 1980 The tree was found to have been 315 years old.

13 Memorial Park Originally designed and built to be an area to relax and study.

14 Memorial Park Located off of Riverfront across from Reconciliation Park and the site of the Dakota Massacre. (By the big buffalo)

15 Minneopa Park Twice falling water ~ Dakota Sioux One of the oldest state parks Oldest Park in Mankato Largest Waterfall in southern MN

16 Minneopa Park 2 Picturesque waterfalls Formed by Minneopa Creek Upper Fall: 6-7ft high Lower Fall: 40 foot drop

17 Minneopa Park Current Facilities: 3 picnic areas 2 large open shelters Visitors center 4.5-mile hiking trail 4-mile cross country ski trail 62 semi-moderate campsites

18 Minneopa Park Fishing Seppmenn Mill Small Minneopa Village

19 Sibley Park City purchased land for Sibley Park in 1887. One of the citys largest parks Park has an upper and lower level with Baseball diamonds and playgrounds on the river side of the park

20 Sibley Park In 1965, the famous and highly popular Sibley Park Zoo was nearly swept away when the Blue Earth and Minnesota river valleys flooded. The rivers flooded because of excess runoff Of melting snow from the previous winter.

21 Sibley Park Of the more than 100 animals who were housed at the zoo at the time of the flood, only the larger ones survived. Buffalo, bears, deer and elk, along with 4 monkeys, 2 alligators and an exotic breed of raccoon survived.

22 Sibley Park The few animals that did survive the flood were moved to nearby Como Zoo in St. Paul. The damaged park was cleaned up by some Neighborhood kids and youth groups.

23 Sibley Park In 1989 the newly reestablished zoo consisted of a prairie dog colony, deer, peacocks, rabbits & goats. For the most part, the same animals remain today at the Sibley Park Zoo.

24 Sibley Park Sibley functions as a great picnic area. Good place to go to play catch or do some homework (in the warm months, of course). Or just laying on a blanket in the sun.

25 Washington Park Located at 4 th and Washington St. Park appeared In 1918 Occupies 3.5 Acres of land, Purchased for $8,500.

26 Washington Park Was once location of railroad yards for the Omaha Railroad….. A large water Fountain once Stood tall in The park, but It has been Removed.

27 Washington Park …but the railroad moved in 1906 Mankatos Mayor Meyer once said that Washington park was truly a beautiful urban park set in a long-standing residential area

28 Washington Park The moving of the railroad resulted in the establishment of what today is known as Mankatos Washington Park Washington park is an excellent park for picnics !

29 Our Group Dionne, Mike, Staci, Scott, Andy, James (Travis took the picture)

30 When Things Go Crazy!!

31 El Fin This has been a presentation of Mankato City Parks by the Watchamacallits! (The End) Any ?s?

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