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Caumsett State Park Plainedge Middle School Math & Science Field Trip.

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1 Caumsett State Park Plainedge Middle School Math & Science Field Trip


3 Our mascot: JACK!

4 Caumsett is a great place for Earth Science students to look at some hefty rocks! (And in tribute to two people who no longer work at Plainedge but worked tirelessly years ago to create this field trip experience)

5 Caumsett is a great place to study geology… So wear protective shoes!

6 BUS ACTIVITY! Landscape Scavenger Hunt

7 You and a partner will be plotting on a map where you find the following things during our trip: Hills Flat land Valleys Big Rocks Ponds

8 Plainedge Middle School Caumsett State Park You will be keeping track of changes in the landscape along our route!

9 Station 1: THE CLIFF

10 The Cliff is really high… …even to Mr. Kowalik!

11 The cliff is eroding…due to the effects of GRAVITY Which is helped out by the motions of wind and water

12 Where was this tree a few years ago?

13 If this sign could read itself…

14 It would have known to stay away from the edge of the cliff! Once here… Now here!

15 You will even be able to HEAR the constant falling of little gravel avalanches that cascade downhill! Avalanche path

16 Erosion sculptures the cliffs into cone and funnel shapes

17 Storms are removing sand from the beach Notice the difference in color between the sand directly in front of the scar and the sand farther from the scar.

18 What direction is the sand and sediment in the cliff moving?

19 The cliff is falling! Run boys, run!

20 At the cliff we use clinometers (specially designed by Mr. Smith) to measure the height of various beds in the cliff




24 We will use binoculars to help us determine the composition of each bed

25 Bed #1, Till: Mixture of materials, deposited directly by the glacier Bed #2: Mostly sand, with a fair amount of pebbles Bed #3: Yellow / Orange color, much more gravel here Bed #4: Mostly not visible, covered by fallen material from above; Mixture of sediment Scar on fan, caused by a storm

26 Lets take a closer look at Bed #1



29 Small, fine sediment with larger boulders mixed in

30 Bed #2: Mostly Sand Bed #3: Mostly Gravel



33 STATION #2 Rock Census and identification

34 You will be classifying rocks found on the beach as igneous, sedimentary, or metamorphic. We will be counting the number of each type found in an area of one meter 2

35 One meter 2



38 Notice how warmly dressed these prepared students are! Except me! No smile hereIm COLD!

39 Station #3 Scientists know that glaciers carried sediment to Caumsett State Park. Using index rocks students will infer the direction the glacier advanced

40 Station #4 Identifying Minerals in Caumsett Boulders

41 What minerals will you find in here?

42 Or here?

43 Or here!

44 The journey awaits!

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