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Shandong International Biotechnology Park

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1 Shandong International Biotechnology Park

2 Our Superiority 环渤海经济圈 长江三角洲经济圈 珠江三角洲经济圈 Beijing Dalian Bohai Rim
Tokyo Seoul Yantai Qingdao Osaka Shanghai 长江三角洲经济圈 Yangtze River Delta Rim Shenzhen 珠江三角洲经济圈 Pearl River Delta Rim

3 Our Superiority Figure 1. The 31 province 2010 GDP and growth in China
Shandong is the forefront in the field of biomedicine and marine life in China . Shandong is the largest province in pharmaceutical industry, and the sales income is No. 1 . (data from:National Development and Reform Commission)

4 Why choose Yantai ? Why build a nation-class biotechnology park in Yantai?

5 Our Environment “UN Habitat Scroll of Honor Award”
“Chinese Top Habitat Award ” “Chinese City with the Best Investment Environment” “Top Chinese Tourist City” “National Model City in Environmental Protection” “Chinese City with Top Innovation Environment” “Chinese City with Top Innovation Power” “Chinese City with Top Innovation Achievements” 5

6 Our Superiority Yantai is rich in biological resources, and in the biological industry, there has formed a certain scale and characteristics with a number of innovative companies with core competitiveness. Shandong Province 2011 GDP ranking: Qingdao:  104 billion USD Yantai:  77 billion USD Jinan:  69 billion USD (data from:Shandong Development and Reform Commission)

7 The Transportation

8 The Location Yantai City:
Total Area:1.37 hectares The general population :6,470,000 Yantai High-Tech Zone: Total Area:48.8 square km. Biotechnology Park: 3 kilometers far away from Yantai Government.

9 Nearby Universities and Research Institutes
Yantai University Binzhou Medical College Ocean University of China China Agricultural University (Yantai) Ludong University Shandong Institute of Business and Technology Yantai Institute of Coastal Zone Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences Naval Aeronautical Engineering Institute

10 Advantages

11 Inter-city express railway
The Location 6 km away from Yantai Laishan International Airport; 15 km away from Yantai Port; 200 km away from Qingdao Port; 89 sea miles away from Dalian Port BIOasis Subway Inter-city express railway

12 Overview 1046 acres, total area of the park;
566 acres, research and development area; 480 acres, supporting area;  560,000 square meters designed R & D area ; 510,000 square meters supporting area ​​.

13 Operation model Enterprise-style management with strong governmental support The planning, policy making and daily management of the park is a collaborative effort among Shandong provincial government, Yantai municipal government,Yantai High-Tech Zone and Shandong Luye Pharma Group Ltd.. This ensures efficient progression of the park's construction and subsequent development. Shandong International Biotechnology Park Development Co., Ltd.,oversee the design, construction, development, management, financing services, business consultation, logistics, etc. of the park.. 13

14 Focused on R&D in four main areas:
Bio-pharma: gene therapy, antibody drug, targeted therapeutics, stem cell therapy, translational medicine, personalized therapy, modern traditional Chinese medicine, diagnostic reagents, medical devices, etc.. Marine Biology: marine pharmaceuticals, oceanic functional food and cosmetics, novel marine biomaterial, marine bio-enzyme, etc.. Biological Agriculture: transgenic breeding, animal vaccine, bio-pesticide, bio-feeds, plant growth regulator, etc.. Health care: The international medical rehabilitation center, Cosmetic Medicine, Care training center, etc.. 14

15 We can offered BIOasis Policies Consultation Services Platforms
Training Funding BIOasis Policies

16 Progress-functional zone

17 Progress-20 Enterprise enterred

18 Progress-Enterred institute

19 Progress Currently the starting building has been completed and put into use, and the 2nd phase, total area of 120,000 square meters R&D Incubator, has been fully built. Has attracted more than 20 projects, more than half of which were founded by the outstanding returnees talent, introduced 15 high-level personnel with doctoral degrees, 12 of them having overseas study background.

20 Core technology Platform of long-term sustained release microsphere
Relying on the ”State Key Laboratory of long-term and targeted agents”, the research is in the international and domestic leading position. 8 projects with independent intellectual property rights, 3 research enter the clinical phase, in which two has entered in U.S. FDA declaration. Development platform of holistic monoclonal antibody drug Relying on the biotechnology center in the park, (co-found with Singapore A-bio biotechnology company), committed to the human monoclonal antibody drug development. R&D platform of Marine active material  Base on the marine biotechnology center (co-build with Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Oceanology,  Institute of coastal zone research), committed to the development of marine pharmaceuticals and other high value products.

21 Progress Shandong international biotech park has been included into the comprehensive national drug research and development technology platform, an important part of ”Shandong Key New Drug Creation Center ", a national innovative drugs (Yantai) incubation base. 21

22 Events—Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony
The foundation stone laying ceremony of Shandong International Biotechnology Park was held on August 6, There were more than 700 attendees, as well as more than 10 National Academy Members and industry leaders. 22

23 Big Event- Leading Care
Jia Qinglin, Chairman of the CPPCC National Committee, visit Shandong  International Biotechnology Park to guide the work during his investigation  in Shandong 23

24 Big Event- Leading Care
November 6, 2011, Sang Guowei, vice chairman of the NPC Standing Committee, director of Chinese Pharmaceutical Association, and his entourage had a visit to Shandong international biotech park. 24

25 Big Event- Leading Care
Director of MST torch center Zhao Mingpeng’s, visit, MST vice Minister Cao Jianlin visit State Food and Drug Supervision Bureau, deputy director Bian Zhenjia’s visit Ding Jian, academician, from Shanhai institute of Materia Medica visit 25

26 Goals After 10 years, to the year of 2020:
Settled more than 100 R&D centers from the famous enterprises; settled more than 100 R&D centers / laboratories from domestic and foreign well-known research institutes; settled more than 300 biotechnology companies. Have more than 10 internationally renowned brand products, more than 100 listed products with independent intellectual property and 200 of the leading international scientific and technological achievements, the international and domestic patent applications will reach 5000; Attract 10 renowned scientists in the field of international biotechnology; 20 domestic famous scientist in the field of biotechnology; 200 academic leaders;  Over one million permanent staff will locate in the park 26

27 Good Faith Professionalism Innovation Innovative Research,Happy Life
Tenet and Goal Good Faith Professionalism Innovation Innovative Research,Happy Life


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