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Organ Pipes National Park Tessellated pavement Organ Pipes Rosette Rock Jackson's Creek BY SARAH GRIXTI.

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2 Organ Pipes National Park Tessellated pavement Organ Pipes Rosette Rock Jackson's Creek BY SARAH GRIXTI

3 FROM SCHOOL TO ORGAN PIPES START FINISH Organ Pipes National Park is close to the Calder Highway, 20 km north-west of Melbourne. How to get there!

4 (2a.) Written and visuals Organ pipes Rosette rock Tessellated Pavement The natural processes that have created The landforms of how they look today, Are the erosion, by the wind and rain. The sun Makes the pipes crack and crumble. The basalt Is pocketed with air bubbles formed from the lava Millions of years ago. The natural processes that Have created the landforms of The Tessellated Pavement is That its appearance looks like Its been tiled. Instead of vertical faces being visible as at the Organ Pipes, the horizontal faces are visible. You can climb over This pavement and view the Jacksons creek. The natural Processes that Have created the landforms of the Rosette rock are a large outcrop of basalt with a radial array of columns formed by the, radial Cooling of a pocket of lava, probably in a spherical cave formed from an earlier lava flow.

5 (2B.) WRITTEN Yes, I think there is a more dominant sphere in This Volcanic Environment from my understanding I found evidence in the Lithosphere system which Is referred to as the earth as well as liquid rock (lava). At The organ pipes national Park I noticed A lot of lithosphere happening throughout the Park, by the organ pipes, Rosette rock and the Tessellated Pavement. However throughout the national park there is are change in the spheres all spheres are noticed but this particular sphere stood out the most for me.

6 (2C)VISUAL (2C) VISUAL HYDROS P HERE LITHOSPHERE ATMOSPHERE BIOSPHERE Because of the Rocks, Minerals and soil for Example the organ Pipes are all rocky. Because of the gases that Surround the earth Especially the pollution from Near by; for example the Calder Raceway Because of the water components like for Example Jacksons Creek. Because of the living and Non -living organic Matter example birds and Can be plants.

7 (2D) VISUAL ROSETTE ROCK Over time, the Rosette rock Has changed. When The eruption occurred It was millions of years Ago the lava dried out And stayed this way You could see the lava Has came straight down from the hill above. The Weathering has gave it Some affect by the wind Rain and water This has caused erosion. Also from the sun it has Dried out and has Depositioned the Rosette Rock. EROSION SHRUBS GREVILLEA RED GUMS HILL JACKSONS CREEK SPIRAL


9 HABITATS Flora (plants): Flora (plants): Some of the plants that I saw throughout the organ pipes National park were Red gum trees, Shrubs, Bull rush, Grass, Prickly pear, Fungi, Other Trees and Grevillea. Fauna (animals): Fauna (animals): Some of the animals that I saw throughout the national Park were wallabies, birds and fish. Some other animals that I didnt see but Are at the park are kangaroos, eagles, echidnas, rats, bats and platypuses. ARE ANY OF THE SPHERES MORE DOMINANT?? Yes, I do think there is a more dominant sphere, for the same reason as I Talked about earlier I think there is a lot of lithosphere because of the amount Of rock being used by the organ pipes and although we know that it has been A volcanic area from over many years ago. Although there is a mixture of spheres throughout the park.

10 RED GUMS SHRUBS EROSION AND WEATHERING JACKSONS CREEK SUMMARY This environment changes over Time many ways, they include Shrubs over growing on the rocks And the rocks become loose over Millions of years. Erosion and weathering gets Worse over the years, with our Climate always changing. Some animals that live around here Include, bats in between the rocks, Lizards and platypus and fish in The creek.

11 ACTIVITIESLAND USE OUTSIDE PLANTS AND ANIMALS PICNICSCALDER FREEWAYRED GUMS WALKSMELBOURNE AIRPORTGREVILLIA BIRD OBSERVINGHIGH- TENSION POWERLINES KANGAROOS PHOTOGRAPHYCALDER RACEWAYFISH There is lots to do at the national park this is only just some of the things that are listed Above, however its a good day out for a family or for a school excursion.

12 ManagementImpactsEffectiveness RUBBISHWhat ever rubbish, you take into the park must come with you at all times to keep the environment looking its best. This is so that plants and animals can have a healthy environment. BUSH WALKSStick to the path, and not via off to other areas where your not meant to be. This is for your safety and so you can experience changes in the environment without getting hurt. SEATSSo that you can have a rest and a seat to have a listen to all the animals around you. If there were no seats provided people would have to be sitting on the floor. FENCESTo keep you out of places and its for your own safety and to not disturb the animals. Without fences, you would get people destroying the place and entering where they shouldnt be. PATHSSo you know what way to go, and so people to wreck the plants and disturb the natural environment. Without a path, it wouldnt be a national park, it will be more like a normal park, no animals would live there. (4B) WRITTEN AND VISUAL There trying to help and not pollute the environment by adding all these things into the national Yes I think it is working as the environment there looks all clean and healthy. Park and allowing people to visit the park as long as they follow the process. Yes I think it is working as the environment there looks all clean and healthy.

13 LONG TERM Water restrictions Animals become extinct Costs Another volcanic eruption Pollution gets too much for The environment. SHORT TERM Expansion of farms And crops can Destroy the park. Weathering and erosion On the organ pipes Continues. I would Recommend To maintain The natural feel Of this environment By providing Bins as some people Might not obey The rules of not Taking There rubbish Home And dumping it At the park therefore With bins they will at least Put it in the rubbish pins provided

14 Did you gather enough data in the field to complete your report thoroughly? Explain Yes I did gather enough data on the field trip however I could of gained a little more on the Management Strategies and found out a bit more stuff about that. What did you enjoy most about the field trip? Being able to get out and explore the organ pipes national park. What did you least enjoy about the field trip? Going back up top of the hill What did you like and dislike about writing this report? I liked editing the photos and describing them and I didnt like doing the table and management strategies Part. What could you suggest to improve this activity? I'm not sure, it was a pretty good activity overall, it left us with some challenges and made us think of what We learnt on this field trip.

15 /attractions/natural/organ-pipes-national-park/ BY SARAH GRIXTI

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