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Industrial Estate Pushchino Hi-Tech Park Outline Proposal on operations to be arranged within the Hi-Tech Park Russia, Moscow Region Pushchino 2011.

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1 Industrial Estate Pushchino Hi-Tech Park Outline Proposal on operations to be arranged within the Hi-Tech Park Russia, Moscow Region Pushchino 2011

2 Project Advantages The project is located at the Russian Centre for biology and biotechnology development, having all the necessary scientific, business, engineering and transport infrastructure; besides, it has good transport accessibility, strategically beneficial position, and highly qualified staff Single window regime is in effect for investors placing their businesses and enterprises at the territory of Pushchino industrial estate - hi-tech park All the issues related to power supply, utilities services, communications and telecommunications are already solved; the points of connection to the networks at the borders of the land plot are provided to the investor (enterprise) All the prices, tariffs and other conditions for placement and operation of the business (enterprise) are precisely and unambiguously determined; stability of conditions, prices and tariffs, depending only on inflation index, is guaranteed The industrial estate – hi-tech park is designed in such a way as to provide maximum synergetic effects from placement and operation of an enterprise or organization as part of the created biotechnology cluster and from residence of the personnel of all the researching, educational, innovative and production organizations in one compact town with up-to-date infrastructure, ingenious architectural outlook and exclusive natural environment Availability of residential premises, social infrastructure and ecologically friendly natural environment is guaranteed

3 Location of Pushchino Hi- Tech Park industrial estate The industrial estate is located in the southern part of Moscow Region within Pushchino Town boundaries and in the south- eastern part of Serpukhov District immediately adjacent to the eastern part of Pushchino between Balkovo, Zybinka, and Tul'chino villages.

4 Russian Centre for Biology and Biotechnology Development Pushchino Town has been attributed as a Science City of the RF since 2005 pursuant to Federal Law No. 70 On Russian Federation Science City Status. On December 15, 2010, Pushchino and Pushchino Research Centre of RAS were granted with the Certificate as Skolkovo Innovation Centre Resident. In accordance with the Certificate Pushchino specialization is biomedicine and biotechnology. Now, relevant operations and companies being established in Pushchino are entitled for governmental support stipulated by the Russian legislation for Skolkovo hub stakeholders. Pushchino Research Centre being a part of the Russian Academy of Science brings together about from one third to a half of the RF top brains in various fields of the general biology, biophysics and biochemistry. The Centre has over 3000 employees, among them – 1200 researchers; – 800 scientists have PhD and ScD in biology, medical science, chemistry, physics, and mathematics; – 7 Associate Members of RAS; – 5 Fellows of RAS. Pushchino Research Centre

5 Business Infrastructure of Industry Area – Pushchino Technology Park Institutes of Pushchino Research Centre of the Russian Academy of Science Regional representative office in Pushchino town of Federal Fund for assistance to development of small enterprises in science & engineering sphere Fund for development of bio-technologies non-profit organization (at the stage of formation of the pool of stakeholders structures and final decision of the list of founders and managing bodies) Business incubator Data centre of Stack group of companies (designer and owner of Rambler and ceveral data centres) Consulting, engineering, design, construction, audit organizations and the centralized accounting department Bank branches in Pushchino town : Sberbank, Vozrozhdeniye Branches of Russian insurance companies in Pushchino town

6 Immediate settlements and manpower resources Settlements Population, total, thousand persons Employable population, total, thousand persons Among them the full time employed ones, thousand persons Pushchino Urban District 20,111,98,5 Serpukhov Urban District 125,077,858,4 Protvino Urban District 37,123,918,7 Serpukhov Municipality 33,721,015,5

7 Transport accessibility of Pushchino Hi-Tech Park industrial estate (distance off main transport routes) Highway International CodeHighway Federal CodeHighway NameDistance off Pushchino Hi- Tech Park E-102M-2Crimea11km N/AA-108Bigger Circle (Moscow Region)40km N/AA-107Smaller Circle (Moscow Region)80km E-115 (E-119)M-4 (M-6)Don (the Caspian)65km E-30M-5Ural125km N/AA-101Moscow – Bryansk93km E-101M-3Ukraine105km E-30M-1Belarus130km Distance off international airports and runways for small business aircrafts Domodedovo (international passenger and freight airport)120km Vnukovo (international passenger and freight airport)117km Sheremetyevo (international passenger and freight airport)170km Drakino (duty runway for small sport and business aircrafts)45km Bol'shoe Gryzlovo (proposed runway for small business aircrafts)10km

8 Industrial Estate Pushchino Hi-Tech Park Pushchino Hi-Tech Park was initiated by Moscow Region Government Programme covering the development of industrial estates in Moscow Region. Co-founders of the managing company (OOO National Biotechnology Cluster) are Pushchino Municipality and the owner of the private land being a part of the industrial estate area allocated for Pushchino Hi-Tech Park. The proposed hi-tech hub (comprising 3 sites sized 87ha in Pushchino and 168ha greenfield private land adjacent to the town boundary) sized in total 255ha is to be built over with operations specializing in: – Biotechnology; – Pharmaceuticals; – Food and Consumer Industry; – Alternative Energy Sources – along with other manufacturing operations except for ones specializing in petroleum chemistry, metallurgy, heavy engineering, and for environmentally hazardous facilities.

9 Brief Project Background The proponents of the project are: – Municipality of Pushchino (Moscow Region); – Pushchino Research Centre of the Russian Academy of Science; – OOO Yug Agroinvest. Ownership of land where investors to Pushchino Tech Park (the industrial estate 'residents') are to have their operations built is split as follows: – 45ha is Pushchino Municipality property; – 130ha is OOO Yug Agroinvest private property. Land use allocation is as follows: – 45ha within Pushchino boundaries are attributed as community land; – 130ha are being conversed into industrial land use type (the procedure is expected to be completed in April-May 2011) The proposed terms for provision of land sites to interested investors (Pushchino hi-tech park 'residents') and commissioning of the operations built on the land sites are set out as 2011 – 2015.

10 Existing land areas and engineering infrastructure Total land area allocated for operations 175 ha Area allocated to investors (residents) as of 01.02.11 20 ha Total development area800 000 sq.m Power outputup to 150 MW Natural gas supplyup to 7,500,000 m3 a year Water supplyup to 4,000 m3 a day Water dischargeup to 4,000 m3 a day

11 General terms for arranging facilities at Pushchino Hi-Tech Park industrial estate Prices for acquisition of rights to the land sites as of 2010: Freehold RUR 80-100 thousand per 100 m2 Leasehold for a period up to 49 years RUR 8-10 thousand per 100 m2 per year Price for connection to utility networks as of 2010: Power Supply – RUR 35.0 thousand per 1 kW of the power to be supplied Heat Supply RUR 5.5 thousand per Gcal per year Water Supply RUR 25.8 thousand per 1 cubic meter per day Effluent Discharge RUR 8.38 thousand per 1 cubic meter per day Gas Supply depending on actual costs of connection to the mains. Connection to the public road network RUR 42.0 per 1 m2 of the land site held by an investor (Pushchino Hi-Tech Park industrial estate 'resident'). Payments for power, gas, and water supply shall be based on the rates regulated by the state bodies. As of December 01, 2010, the rates for the consumption of resources are as follows: Power Supply – RUR 3.07 per kWt*hour. Heating energy – RUR 1106.72 per 1 Gcal. Cold water supply – RUR 10.58 per 1 m3 Domestic and industrial wastewater discharge – 10.47 per 1 m3 Gas supply – RUR 2665.0 per 1000 m3.

12 Major services to be provided to investors ('residents') of Pushchino Hi-Tech Park are: Allocation of a land site sized and shaped as required, filing at the land register, developing and obtaining the land register passport and urban planning passport (including urban planning restrictions for land use and development) of the land site, assistance in performing certain procedures set out by legislation of Russia and Moscow Region and by the municipality regulations; Extending of engineering networks and public road to boundaries of land sites allocated for facilities, and arrangements for connection of the land sites to networks and roads; Assistance in preparations and obtaining approvals for design, estimate and as-built documents relevant to the development facilities; Put into effect certain schedule for construction operations and other business activities at the sites adjacent to the investor (resident) land site to protect the investor's (resident's) interests and to ensure proper environment for investment and other business activities; Fostering relationships and cooperation with the management of Pushchino Research Centre of RAS with regard to the transfer of technologies, acquisition of rights to R&D deliverables, technologies and other intellectual property along with recruitment and training of staff required, placing orders for R&D and so on; Assistance, if required, in seeking for and attracting investments along with promotion of goods, works and services being provided by of Pushchino Hi-Tech Park industrial estate residents; Assistance in incubation of new businesses which may be arranged as a result of cooperation between investors (residents) and scientists of Pushchino Research Centre of RAS; Arranging and ensuring of fire safety and general security along with control of access to Pushchino Hi-Tech Park industrial estate in investors (residents) interests.

13 Additional services to be provided by the Managing Company: Alongside with the major services for investor (residents) of Pushchino Hi-Tech Park industrial estate the Managing Company (OOO National Biotechnology Cluster), if required, arranges provision of land and utilities along with other arrangements required for construction or purchasing of detached houses for top managers and senior staff; If required, the Managing Company may assist in designing, and obtaining approvals for design and estimate documents and other permits required for construction of detached houses for top managers and senior staff, and be in charge of construction arrangements acting as the project manager for the detached housing construction; The Managing Company and Pushchino Municipality provides their assurance that the capacity of the municipality social facilities and amenities is enough for servicing of the employees of the proposed operations of the industrial estate and the employees' family members being the occupiers of Pushchino housing stock or the detached houses bought or constructed by investors (residents) for its staff with the assistance of the Managing Company The Managing Company and Pushchino Municipality will be of assistance for investors (residents) of Pushchino Hi-Tech Park industrial estate in terms of purchasing of apartments in Pushchino houses and in case of lack of the apartments or in certain cases upon application by an investor (resident) will also assist in provision of land sites in Pushchino for construction of apartment houses for employees of the investor (resident) operations.

14 Contact Details: Managing Company – National Biotechnology Cluster Limited Liability Company Address: 18A Stroitelei St, Bld. 108, Pushchino, Moscow Region Moscow Office: 21, Tretiy Krasnosel'skiy Side Street, Suite 411, Moscow Tel/Fax: +7 499 940 1190/940 1191 E-mail:; Website: Managing Director: Vladimir Vasilievich Trufanov

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