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Education Park Project Primary Steward: Sonal Gupta Secondary Steward: Prateek Sharma.

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1 Education Park Project Primary Steward: Sonal Gupta Secondary Steward: Prateek Sharma

2 Project Description Location: Bhikangaon, Madhya Pradesh, India Area (urban/rural):Rural Primary Focus: Children & Youth in rural areas Project Type:School/Vocational Training Amount Requested (US$): $28,000 (approx) Purpose of Funding Request: Infrastructure # of Beneficiaries:1000+1000/year

3 Project Goals

4 Project Background/Impact Asha Sheffield forwarded the project proposal. Site Visit has been done by an Asha Sheffield member (Subrato Chatterjee) in Jan 2010 and he also gave a very positive feedback on the project. The project has already attracted attention from various sections of society and is generating a lot of awareness. Project aims to provide education and effective training to 1000 persons per year. Focus is on Energy, Economy and Education to drive holistic development of the region.

5 Organization Description Name of Organization: The Education Park Dr. Chetan Solanki – President Edu. Park and Associate Prof at IIT Bombay. Advisors: Mr. Madhav Paranjpe (Well known educationalist, Indore) Dr. B. K. Passi (Well known educationalist, Indore) Dr. Prakash Vyavahare (Prof. and Dean of Faculty, SGSITS, Indore) Dr. Rakesh Saxena (Prof, Department of Electrical Engg, SGSITS, Indore) Dr. Saroj Rangnekar (Prof. and head, Energy Center, MANIT, Bhopal) Mr. Sanjay Prakash (Solar Passive Architect, Delhi) Dr. Prasanna Gandhi (Prof. of Mechanical Engg. Dept, IIT Bombay) Mr. Ramswaroop Agrawal (Businessman and social worker, Khargone) Mr. Kalyan Agrawal (Businessman, Bhikangaon, Dist. Khargone) Dr. Anuradha, MBBS (Social worker, Khargone) Dr. Anil Kottanthayal (Prof. of Electrical Engg. Dept, IIT Bombay) No religious/political affiliations. FCRA is applied for and is in processing. They will be doing one-time FCRA (Prior-permission) for Asha.

6 Existing Infrastructure/Facilities Staff – 13 teachers Non-teaching staff – 10 Infrastructure – one block is ready (8 class rooms). Development of rest of the school is underway. Free books stationary will be provided to every child. Residential facility is under construction. Generates its own electricity using Solar Panels – no connection to grid.

7 Curriculum/Pedagogy Currently following CBSE pattern and have applied for CBSE affiliation. In the meanwhile affiliated with MPBSE. Innovative approach to education with focus on practical trainings. Teacher/Student Ratio – 1:40

8 Expected Outcomes/What After? When fully in operation, Education Park will be educating about 1000 students per year and also training nearly 1000 people per year. The Education Park will also conduct training programs to create leaders who can take the challenge of setting up of new Education Parks. In long terms, the Education Park plans to open chain of such Education Parks in rural areas. The project aims for self sustenance after 3 years of operation.

9 Budget for Requested Funding The total estimated budget need for Education Park is INR 4.5cr INR 65 lac have been raised and used for purchasing land and construction of the primary block. In order to complete the construction of secondary block they need additional INR 30-35 lac. For year 2010-11 construction plans they have arranged around INR 20 lac For the construction of primary block they borrowed Rs24,48,000 on zero percent interest which they now need to return and expect around INR 12-13 lac from Asha for the same.

10 Other Funding Sources Most of the donation has been raised locally utilizing personal network. Dr. Chetan Solanki won an award at IIT Bombay for INR 5 lac which he dedicated to the cause of Education Park. ROSE has also provided funding for USD 10K. They have taken zero percent loan from well wishers to meet their construction needs for primary block. The Education Park Project requires INR 4.5 cr for construction on a 3 year plan. After that, the park will sustain itself without any donations.

11 Project Big Picture Education Components Quality Primary/Secondary education to over 1000 students Practical training on computers, English, Solar technology, organic farming, new approaches to farming etc. Non-Education Components Workshops on new and alternate sources of energy. Spreading awareness about new approaches to farming. Generating employment. Funding NGO: ROSE, multiple well wishers Project: Education Park Project Our Component: Helping with paying out loans given out by well wishers on zero percent interest.

12 Site Visit Report Site visit done by Subrato Chatterjee (Asha Sheffield chapter) on 1 st Jan 2010

13 SWOT Analysis Strengths/Opportunities Holistic approach. Focus on Energy, Economy & Education. Practical trainings for youth Helping local communities by spreading awareness about education and energy conservation.

14 Steward Recommendation We met Dr. Chetan Solanki on 16 th June 2010. Dr. Chetan comes across as a very humble, dedicated and passionate person. He is truly devoted to the cause and has gone to great lengths to make this venture successful. His holistic approach is bound to bring great results for the region. This project has all the chances of becoming a turning point for middle and low income class of people. In my opinion, we should definitely help this organization and provide them with required funding.

15 Project Discussion/Decision

16 Discussion (10 minutes) Questions/Thoughts Arguments for funding Long term vision with holistic approach to improve Education/Energy and Economy and uplift the society as a whole. Arguments against funding (a) Not everybody likes the idea of funding a school for people that aren't completely under-privileged Are we going to consider projects that focus only on 'under-privileged' people in the society OR are we open to projects that have a more holistic approach and want to provide a platform to everyone in the society to grow, compete and succeed? (b) We aren't funding an entire block/entire wholesome unit. That seems to be causing us some angst Is Asha comfortable with funding construction component of the project (as this is what Dr. Chetan wants money for)? OR Is it that Asha does not want to spend money on infrastructure related costs at all?

17 Decision (5 minutes) Round I: Need more information/Can decide today? If ready to decide: Round II: Fund/Do not fund If decided to fund: Round III: Fund full amount/Fund part amount Notes: 1.Please vote only if you are familiar with the project details and our overall funding philosophy 2.Decision to be made by 2/3 rd majority. Quorum of 5. 3.All projects must be resolved by the 2 nd meeting

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