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LOGO A General Picture of Zhongguancun Science Park Rui JING UK Office Beijing Z Tchnology park.

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1 LOGO A General Picture of Zhongguancun Science Park Rui JING UK Office Beijing Z Tchnology park

2 Contents 1. Introduction 2. Development and Change 3. Creative Practice 4. Conclusion

3 Talent Resource 39 Leading Universities Represented by Peking University and Tsinghua University 400,000 college students 100,000 graduates 213 Research Institutions Such as the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering

4 History Before 1988 Zhongguancun Electronic Street From 1988 Beijing Hi & New Technology Industry Development Experimental Zone From June 1999 Zhongguancun Science Park

5 Location and Planning km 2 Layout of One Park with Multiple ZonesTotal Planned Area of 260km 2

6 16 Specialized Park under Planning & Construction Software Park Software Park Life Science Park Life Science Park Environmental Protection Park New Materials Innovation Park Tsinghua Science Park Peking University Science Park Peking University Science Park Agricultural and Forestry Science Park New Pharmaceuticals Park China Beijing Aerospace City Zhongguancun Educational Park Cultural Tourism Base

7 Zhongguancun Software Park

8 Tsinghua Science Park

9 Employment Total Staff Employed Reaching 700,000 in 2005 Offerring 68,000 New Job Opportunities in 2004 Age Structure Younger than 29 years old 49.2% Between 30 and 39 28.9% Between 40 and 49 14.3% Elder than 50 years old 7.6% Rate of Research Staff 20%

10 Rational Industry Structure IT 53.6% Pharmeceutical and Biotech 5.8% New materials 8.1% Advanced manufacturing 12.1% New energy 6.4% Environment protection 1.5% Others 12.5% Year 2006: 18,000 hi-tech enterprises Total imcome reaching RMB600 billion

11 Development and Change Total Income Added Value Education Backgroud of Staff Foreign Investment

12 Total Income of Z-park

13 Value Added of Z-park

14 Education Background of Staff

15 Role of Foreign Investment % Year Item 9596979899000102030405 Total Income Added Value 11.216.519.015.726.738.859.750.452.249.759.1 Export 69.565.677.639.257.085.780.378.679.371.477.2 Integration Index 31.232.738.723.136.151.96357.457.052.759.1

16 Creative Practice Attraction of Talent Incubation System Legal Invironment Investing and Financing System

17 Attraction of Talent Services to Overseas Returnees 5 overseas liaison offices Special incubators for returnees A free supporting fund A green channel for bank loan Social and Economical Effect of the Returnees Advanced technology International conception of management Connections with the outside world Foreign funds and investment

18 Incubation System 34 Incubators 1500 tenant start-up companies Incubating area up to 500,000 square meters Total investment of RMB1.5 billion Services Offered Rent exemption & discount Business registration Training Financing services Consultation (policies,management, legal,accounting, taxation, annual statistics)

19 Legal Invironment Regulations on Zhonguancun Science Park Aims Protect healthy growth of enterprises Protect interest of investors Protect Intellectual Property Rights What is no forbidden by law is not against law Is Clearly Stated. Many the first ever companies were founded

20 Investing and Financing System SMEs-targeted guaranty institutions Supplied financing guaranty worthy of RMB2.5 billion to nearly 400 SMEs Government VC Guiding Funds 10~30% follow-up rate Single investment quota peaks at RMB 3 million 50% income from the government investment to be distributed to VC company

21 Conclusion Building Innovative Cluture Encouraging risk-taking and tolerating failure Net added hi-tech companies Encouraging Technological Innovation Expendtiture on R&D: Silicon Valley 11%; Taiwan Xinzhu 6.9%; Beijing Z-park 4.5% Promoting Institutional Innovation Innovation on system supplying the talents more opportunities to fully realise their potential


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