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Cato Zulu Industrial Park

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1 Cato Zulu Industrial Park
Presents Cato Ridge – Kwa Zulu Natal Dalmax Properties

2 Cato Zulu Industrial Cato Zulu Industrial Park is Home to some of the most successful business operations in Kwa-Zulu Natal. Comfortably situated off the N3 on Old Main Road with complete infrastructure to meet all your Industrial or storage needs. Cato Zulu Industrial Park is the leader in the Cato Ridge area Industrial development boom. The Park offers immediate power, water, sewage and communication solutions, so you can start running your business ASAP.  The Cato Zulu Industrial Park is led by a strong development team who consists of highly experienced professionals. Park development is backed by an Independent group of UK investors who are enthusiastic to support SA businesses. Dalmax Properties

3 Facilities Fully Fenced With 24hr Security.
Superlink Access with Weighbridge on site. Private Rail Siding with Rail Weighbridge. Easy Access to N3[DBN, JHB] Ample Power On Site Dalmax Properties

4 Cato Ridge Dalmax Properties

5 Cato Zulu Industrial Park
Dalmax Properties

6 Cato Zulu Industrial Park
Dalmax Properties

7 Cato Zulu Industrial Park
Dalmax Properties

8 Cato Zulu Industrial Park
Dalmax Properties

9 Available Sites Dalmax Properties

10 Site Layout The Site Layout
A m² Yard with 60m² office and ablutions. B m² Yard with 560m² building, canteen and ablutions. C m² Yard. D m² Warehouse/ Factory. E m² Yard. F m² Warehouse/ Factory. G m² Yard. H m² Warehouse with 1000m² Yard. Dalmax Properties

11 Option 1 The Landlord will lease the sections shown on the previous slide on an “as is” basis. The Landlord is prepared to enter into a eight(8) Year lease with a option to purchase on the 37th month of the lease. Rental for Option 1 is dependant on area required Dalmax Properties

12 Option 2 The Landlord will re-develop the required sections shown on the previous slide to your tenants specifications. The re-development includes: - Hardening the yard area required, - Building additional Offices, ablutions and showers together with specialised fixtures as per tenants specifications. The lease period and purchase options will be the same as option 1 The rental for Option 2 will be confirmed once buildings, fixtures and fittings have been costed. Dalmax Properties

13 Conclusion Occupation for both Option 1 and 2 will be as per arragement. Please note all rentals quoted exclude electricity and water charges, separate meters will be installed. Once specifications have been given the developer will return with a rental within 14 days from reciept. Dalmax Properties

14 Suite 10 Maxbridge Centre
71 Shepstone Road New Germany Rohith Ryan Brian Dales Dalmax Properties

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