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Gilwell Park & Volunteer Opportunities IR Conference - Philmont 2012.

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1 Gilwell Park & Volunteer Opportunities IR Conference - Philmont 2012

2 Gilwell Park The Quiz!

3 Question 1 Q. Which family in Gilwell history is considered to be the most important A. Chinnery D. Maclaren C. Peck B. Windsor

4 The Chinnery Family

5 Question 2 Q. Which famous Bridge is this originally from? A. Brooklyn B. Golden Gate C. Tower Bridge D. London Bridge

6 Question 3 Q. Who provided the funding to buy Gilwell Park? A. Winston Churchill C. Dick Turpin D. Boris Johnson B. William de Bois Maclaren

7 Question 4 Q. What year did we buy Gilwell? A. 1917 D. 1920 C. 1919 B. 1918

8 Question 5 Q. Where did the first Rover Scouts sleep on their first night at Gilwell? A. Patrol Tent D. The Gardeners Shed C. Bivvys B. The White House

9 The Pig Sty

10 Question 6 Q. Who was the first Camp Chief? B. Derek Twine A. David Beckham D. Bob Hope C. Francis Gidney

11 Question 7 Q. What happened in September 1940? A. Gilwell requisitioned by the War Office D. German Pilot ejects and lands on Gilwell C. Bombs hit Gilwell B. Plane Crashes on Gilwell

12 Question 8 Q. How many people arrived at Gilwell every day during the world Scout Jamboree in 2007? A. 7,000 D. 4,000 C. 5,000 B. 6,000

13 Question 9 Q. Where is this statue found? A. Irving D. SydneyC. Gilwell B. Philadelphia

14 Question 10 Q. Where did this come from? A. Thailand B. New Zealand C. USA D. Mexico

15 Gilwell Today.... Its warm – about 68F and cloudy!






21 Always the first full weekend in Sept

22 Volunteering at Scout Activity Centres

23 Why Volunteer at a Centre in the UK?

24 Where can I go? Locations across the UK from London to Northumberland

25 What do I get? Full training with all March and September starters trained at Gilwell Park Food and Accommodation Uniform Great experience!

26 How do I apply?

27 Gilwell has always been about people. From the likes of Chinnery and Gibbs in the past to early Camp Chiefs; Gidney, Wilson and Thurman who achieved so much through to the newest Beaver Scout coming to a Funday, they have all made a difference. Its the people that have made Gilwell what it is today and who will continue to give it that Scouting spirit

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