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The Grand Canyon National Park

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1 The Grand Canyon National Park
Arizona By Maya

2 Geographic Features The Canyon is 4,000 feet deep and 277 miles long
The Colorado River runs threw the Grand Canyon. Grand Canyon Colorado river

3 Plants on the Grand Canyon
Ferns (oldest living plant in the park) Fresh water plants ( found along the Colorado River)

4 Animals on the Grand Canyon
Amphibians( most common animal) Fish trout ( best time to fish is fall & winter)

5 Issues Facing the Park Not enough water because it is getting diverted to the west . They are worried that the uranium might get into the water. The roads and trails need to be repaired. Too many tourist flights over the canyon so they don't have to walk. Dam reducing water flow so animal habits are affected.

6 History The Black Canyon decided to have the hover Dam in the 1930.
The Hoover Dam got its name from the President at the time.

7 Activities Rafting down the Colorado river Climbing the Grand Canyon.
Sight seeing Jeep tours Canyon river adventures. Rock climbing

8 Conclusion This is what makes the Grand Canyon a national treasure. You can see some very old plants and animals along the Colorado river. You can see all the mountains and natural beauties that the park has. That is why the Grand Canyon is a national treasure.

9 Here are some images of what the Grand Canyon looked like when it became a national park.

10 The oldest humans bones found were nearly 2,000 years old
2 Interesting facts The oldest humans bones found were nearly 2,000 years old The Grand Canyon was achieved in as a national park in 1919

11 www. ( for images)
Sources www. ( for images)

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