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Canaima National Park Natalie Beaver August 23, 2010 Period 2.

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1 Canaima National Park Natalie Beaver August 23, 2010 Period 2

2 Location About three hundred and seventy-three mile (six hundred kilometers) south if the Ciudad Bolivarn on the border of Guyana and Brazil, Canaima National Park is located in the Guiana Highlands in Venezuela.

3 History Canaima National Park was Established in 1962 Illegal Mining Booms in Kamarata Valley in Canajma in 1994 The national park was conceded World heritage Status in 1994 for recognition of extraordinary scenery and geological and biological values EDELCA began a fire- fighting program in 1981 Park was expanded to 30,000 km^2 in 1975

4 Creation of Canaima Canaima was created to protect the north-western section of the Guayana Shield. This is the geological formation shared with Brazil, the Guianas, and Columbia The Park is a safeguard for cultural, biological, and geological values The he production of water in the Guri Dam has been the major economic importance as it provides 77% of Venezuelas electricity

5 Landscape Canaima National Park has many different land attractions including mountains, plateaus, savannas, forests, and waterfalls The mountains are mostly apart of the Roraima Range that covers about 65% of the park. The range is mostly flat-topped formations known as tepui ranging as high as 8,850 feet The tepuis are form by the process of erosion as the sandstone rock disappears with the other land over the time span of millions of years

6 Landscape 2 Erosion left many different soil types that help support the growth of forests and plants The soil allows on third of the Earths plants to grow in the park Waterfalls are formed as water flows from the tops of the tepuis. The worlds most famous water fall, Angel Falls forms form this and is about 3,285 feet tall

7 7 Tourism Over the years, Canaima National Park had grown in popularity In 1993, 90% of the Parks 100,000 tourists visited the Plateau With restricted tour sites, the only tepuis accessible are the Roraima and Auyantepury tepuis Tourism had also been effecting the Park in a negative way as the savannas have been torn up by tire tracks causing soil to erode and the landscape to disintegrate

8 8 Inhabitants Other than the thousands of plants and animals living in the park, there are also the Pemón indigenous people. The Pemón are part of the Carid linguistic group in which the quarters of the entire population lives in Canaima

9 9 Pemón People It is believed that the Pemón had immigrated to Venezuela about two hundred years ago. They have a familiar bondage with the landscape and environment In their culture, rock formations, lakes, waterfalls, and streams have been described in myth With the Parks tourist attraction increasing, some Pemón have begun to grow away from their lifestyle and beliefs The Pemón people used to hunt and fish but have become more attracted to mining and tourism due to work traditional

10 10 Interesting Facts The most popular attraction is Angel Falls and the table top mountains When you enter Canaima, you need to have proof of having the yellow fever vaccination Rainfalls mostly occur through May and November and the rest of the month are dry seasons

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