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Silver Falls State Park and its Habitats!

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1 Silver Falls State Park and its Habitats!

2 What is a Habitat? A Habitat is a place where plants and animals live in an ecosystem! Silver Falls has many habitats, we will be looking at just a few of them; the forest floor, the creek and the canopy.

3 The Forest! The forest is an exciting place! The forest at Silver Falls has lots of trees, evergreen and deciduous! Some trees you might see are Douglas Firs and maple trees. Deciduous Trees! Evergreen Trees!

4 Forest Plants! There are many plants that live in the forest. Here are some of the ones you might see! Trillium Lady Fern Wood Sorrell Sword Fern Thimble Berry Douglas Fir Bark-It’s Groovy!

5 Forest Animals! Banana Slug Rough Skinned Newt Western Gray Squirrel
Black Tailed Deer Fox Squirrel While you are at the park keep your eyes and ears open for these animals!

6 The Canopy (tree tops) Pileated Woodpecker Sapsucker Holes
Red-breasted Sapsucker Douglas Fir Tree Look and listen for these birds! Big Leaf Maple Alder Leaves Vine Maple Old Mans Beard Lichen

7 Silver Creek! Silver Creek runs through out the park!
We will see most of the waterfalls on our hike! Most of the rock you will see at the park is basalt! Wood Sorrel lives near the water falls and creeks! English Ivy: an invasive species! Signs that beavers have been around As we hike, look for other plants and animals That live near the creek and falls!

8 It’s thinking time! Think about what you want to take pictures of on our field trip! Be thoughtful, as you will only get a few pictures! :) Take a few minutes to write down ideas for Pictures in your habitat journal!

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