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ACAT Presentation 20071 Osborne Park Hospital Rehabilitation and Aged Care Aged Care Assessment Team October 2007.

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1 ACAT Presentation 20071 Osborne Park Hospital Rehabilitation and Aged Care Aged Care Assessment Team October 2007

2 ACAT Presentation 20072 OBJECTIVES OF ACAT PROGRAM nAnAssess the care needs of the frail older person (observing equitable access issues ) nenensure assessments are comprehensive, incorporating the restorative, physical, medical, psychological, cultural and social dimensions of care nanassist the older person to gain access to the types of services most appropriate to meet their care needs

3 3 Aged Care Act 1997 nAnACAT is underpinned by the Aged Care Act 1997 and associated principles. nTnThe Act and the Principles include the aged care planning process, approved service providers responsibilities and types of services they can provide, subsidy criteria, and processes for ACAT teams

4 4 OPH ACAT Team n Boundary - Wembley Downs to Two Rocks and across to Ballajura n Referrals to ACAT only - 1200 - 1600 + a month n ACAT Team composition - Head of Dept - Dr Barry Vieira, Consultant Physicians, Aged Care Home Visiting Nurses, Social Workers - Snr ACAT Social Worker/ ACAT Coordinator, Occupational Therapists and other allied health staff as required n Location - OPH F Block, 2 teams have mtg at JHC on a weekly basis

5 ACAT Presentation 20075

6 6 Aged Care Services (requiring ACAT approval) n CACPs - Community Aged Care Packages. Individually planned and coordinated packages of care tailored to help older people remain living in their own homes.

7 ACAT Presentation 20077 Aged Care Services (requiring ACAT approval) n EACH - Extended Aged Care at Home. Individually planned and coordinated packages of care tailored to meet the needs of a person who requires high level care at home. n EACHD - as above however specialise in care of dementia particularly for those with behaviours of concern.

8 ACAT Presentation 20078 Aged Care Services (requiring ACAT approval) n TCS - Transitional Care Service (Residential/Community). Provides the opportunity and resources for older people discharged from a hospital episode to improve their physical functioning, mobility and to regain their daily living skills. (limited to 12 weeks)

9 ACAT Presentation 20079 Residential Aged Care Services Residential Care is for people who, without the care and support offered in a facility, would be unable to maintain a satisfactory standard of personal care, health, nutrition and/or social well-being. ACAT approval is required. Low level care (hostel) - provides support and supervision not 24 hr nursing care.

10 ACAT Presentation 200710 Residential Aged Care Services continued n High level care (nursing home)- is for residents that require intense 24 hr nursing services n Dementia Specific - can be low or high care provided in a secure environment. These cater particularly for those with dementia that display challenging type behaviours eg wandering, aggression

11 ACAT Presentation 200711 Residential and Respite Services n Extra Services - an additional service available at selected facilities where extra services are provided at an additional cost to the client eg foxtel, chef choice meals, wine etc n Respite care - may be used for carer relief on a planned, regular or emergency basis to assist carers.

12 ACAT Presentation 200712 Respite Services continued n Types of Respite : Residential respite In- home respite Day centre Emergency respite Commonwealth Care Respite Centre –Ph 1800 059 059

13 ACAT Presentation 200713 Other Aged Care Services n Short term post - acute services - PEP (personal enablement program), HCP (Home Care Packages) n Care Awaiting Placement n Independent Living Units/Retirement Villages etc n Commonwealth Carelink Centres - Ph 1800 052 222

14 ACAT Presentation 200714 Other Aged Care Services HACC - Home and Community Care. HACC services provide a range of basic maintenance and support services for frail older people, people with disabilities and their carers. Services include: domestic assistance home modifications and maintenance personal care (usually limited to 3 visits per week) community nursing (includes medication prompts - requires a medical authority) food services (eg meals on wheels or frozen delivered meals) transport (eg subsidised taxi fares program or community bus) referral can be made directly eg self referral

15 ACAT Presentation 200715 Other Aged Care Services n VHC - Veterans Home Care. Funded by Dept of Veterans Affairs specifically for Veterans (Gold/White Card holders)

16 ACAT Presentation 200716 How to Refer n GP referral is preferred method of referral n Consult request form n Recent audit of referrals n Provide as much information as possible

17 ACAT Presentation 200717 What happens next? n ACAT clerk process referrals and creates a file(or adds to pre-existing file) n Consultant Physician (on a roster basis) review files and allocate to required program or discipline base on information provided in referral

18 ACAT Presentation 200718 How is an ACAT assessment completed? n Home Visit - completion of Standardised Assessment form and ACCR (Aged Care Client Record) n Client must give signed permission for the ACAT assessment n Multi-disciplinary focus n Weekly team meetings n Involvement of family/carers n Feedback to GP (letter/verbal) n MDS ie data collection n Case example

19 ACAT Presentation 200719 Rehabilitation and Aged Care Service at OPH n Inpatient (including Stroke unit) n Day Hospital n Parkinsons clinic n ACAT n MEU (Memory Evaluation Unit) n Falls clinic n HCP (Home Care Packages) n CAP (Care Awaiting Placement) n RAILS

20 ACAT Presentation 200720 Rehabilitation and Aged Care Intervention Liaison Service (RAILS) n RAILS provides a rapid response, flexible service with ready access to a multidisciplinary team - who conduct comprehensive care planning and home visits. n Same day service n Team consists of SW, RN, OT and Physio

21 ACAT Presentation 200721 Contact details n ACAT Team- Fax: 9346 8232 Ph: 9346 8111 (ACAT clerk) Ph: 9346 8449 (general query) n RAILS Team Fax: 9346 8232 Ph: 9346 8315

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