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Southeast Region (SER) Climate Change Actions Presentation to SENRLG Climate Change Meeting Charleston, SC, May 27-29, 2008.

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1 Southeast Region (SER) Climate Change Actions Presentation to SENRLG Climate Change Meeting Charleston, SC, May 27-29, 2008

2 Overview NPS Background Knowledge Acquisition Mitigation and Adaptation Areas of Potential Collaboration

3 Mission The National Park Service preserves unimpaired the natural and cultural resources and values of the National Park System for the enjoyment, education and inspiration of this and future generations. The Park Service cooperates with partners to extend the benefits of natural and cultural resource conservation and outdoor recreation throughout this country and the world.


5 Monitoring –NPSs inventory and monitoring program builds a stronger scientific basis for stew- ardship and management of natural resources throughout the NPS –A long-term effort to inventory park natural resources create scientific strategies to monitor these natural resources apply the information to planning Knowledge Acquisition Virgin Islands National Park, VI


7 Monitoring contd –Vital signs developed for each network - are measurable environmental features or biological and physical processes that provide information about the condition of or changes in an ecosystem can tell scientists and managers what are normal variations and what might be symptoms of an unhealthy ecosystem might provide early warnings of situa- tions that require intervention and help scientists frame research questions to determine cause and effect Buck Island Reef Natl Monument, VI

8 –Vital signs contd SER networks are/will be monitoring vital signs directly linked to climate change (CC). –Cumberland Piedmont Network vital signs should show measurable effects of CC (water quality, forest pests, vegetation communities, cave meteorology, invasives, foliar injury, cave crickets) –Gulf Coast Network vital signs are directly linked to rising sea levels and changes in storm frequency including shoreline and island-interior changes Cape Lookout NS, NC

9 Research –SER Parks are increasingly serving as research sites for CC. Some research examples include: past and present patterns of sea level rise changes in species ranges over time carbon sequestration within a park climate induced carbon loss from soils amplification of CC effects by high ozone levels effect of CC on the competitive advantage of non-native plants with native grasses and forbs

10 Climate Friendly Parks (CFP) Program –NPS & EPA partnership to make parks models of climate stewardship and education educate park employees and roles they can play develop plan to reduce park greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions communicate to the public how: CC affects park resources; the park is mitigating/adapting to CC effects; and they can reduce their GHG emissions –Everglades and Great Smoky Mountains NPs are SER park participants Mitigation and Adaptation

11 Individual Park Actions to Reduce GHGs –Building Energy Efficient/Sustainable Facilities Several Parks have built energy efficient visitor centers Other Parks have built sustainable housing units and used recycled building materials in pavilions –Purchasing Green Energy Two NPs purchase "green power" One park has purchased wind energy equivalent to 2 years usage at its new science center –Generating of Renewable Energy Several parks have replaced fossil fuel powered generation systems with solar systems Dry Tortugas National Park, FL Blue Ridge Parkway, VA-NC

12 Individual Park Actions to… contd –Use of Electric and Hybrid Vehicles SER parks operate 10 gas/electric hybrids and many operate electric vehicles –Conversion to Renewable Energy Many Parks use biodiesel in all diesel vehicles and work equipment One Park has partnered with local governments to establish bio-diesel shuttles between towns and park destinations Congaree National Park, SC Great Smoky Mountain NP, NC-TN

13 Individual Park Actions to… contd –Use of Bio-based and Recycled Materials Most SER parks use earth-friendly cleaning products from green suppliers Some Parks use recycled motor oil Other mandate green procurement training –Establishment of Recycling Programs Many Parks have instituted recycling programs One Park has recycles 15 categories of materials and is developing a program for offices, shops, households Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area, KY-TN

14 Individual Park Actions to… contd –Education of Visitors thru Park Interpretation Developed Climate Change: Impacts on Southeastern Parks bulletin for park visitors Modified a national NPS display on climate change for SER use Everglades NP created Climate Change and South Floridas Parks handout Everglades National Park, FL

15 Training and Conferences –A number of SER Parks received training on Energy Stars Portfolio Manager - an energy and water management tool used to track and assess consumption across a set of buildings –The Regional Office hosted a CC presentation by a Georgia Tech professor to raise SER awareness

16 Enhanced Ecological Monitoring Forecasting Climate Changes at Relevant Scales Integrated Assessment of Impacts Communication and Education Guidelines for Implementing Adaptive Management Principles Areas of NPS Need/Potential Collaboration

17 Thank you

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