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Dennis Clarke Head of Park Services Management of The Royal Parks.

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1 Dennis Clarke Head of Park Services Management of The Royal Parks

2 The Royal Parks Agency and how it manages the Royal Parks Historical overview Governance Funding Management of the Parks

3 Historical overview Crown Lands Act 1851 8 Parks 2,000 hectares Executive Agency 1993 Foundation 2003

4 Governance Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport Executive Agency within DCMS Royal Parks Board Executive Committee Audit committee Accounting officer

5 Royal Parks Structure Chief Executive and Deputy Chief Executive Directors, Heads of Services and Park Managers Specialist staff Bought in services e.g. legal Park Units with dedicated teams

6 Funding Government Commercial Foundation Partnerships Lottery funds and Grants

7 The Park Management Context Heavy Park use Very high profile International importance Historic, treasured landscapes Important buildings and monuments Biodiversity and key habitats

8 Aims of Park Management High Standards with well managed, quality parks Value for money and efficiency Flexibility and scope to adapt Public Accountability An exemplar within the United Kingdom Work with others in the industry to develop and share best practice

9 How do we achieve our aims? Good specifications Good materials Close supervision Contracts developed through experience and review Partnerships

10 How do we ensure we deliver? Review and Monitoring of our work Independent landscape assessment Green Flag and other judging Visitor Surveys Budgetary systems – Core and Priority Work Staff training Apprenticeship Scheme

11 Park Business Units Project Management Targets for delivery Accountability Staff Appraisal Planning Management Systems

12 Planning in The Royal Parks Corporate Plan Business Plans Operation Plans Risk Registers Park Management Plans Conservation Plans

13 Examples of Recent Achievements High levels of visitor satisfaction Awards for Partnership work with our contractors Invitations to share best practice and give international presentations Strengthened relationships with stakeholders

14 Future challenges (and opportunities) Climate change Increasing use Spending review Skills Developing competition Olympics

15 Questions for Colin Buttery and Dennis Clarke

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