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2 Resources

3 Barbra Park By Sweta Kaur

4 Books Written Barbra Park wrote amazing and funny books. Her famous books are about Junie B Jones. Junie B is a curious little girl. She has funny adventures that get her in trouble. Some of her books are Junie B Jones Aloha Ha Ha, Dumb Bunny, and Not A Crook.

5 Home Barbra Park lives in Phoenix, Arizona.

6 Family Barbra Park is married and has two children that are boys.

7 Birthday Her birthday is April 21.

8 Cool Fact Barbra Park wanted to be a pediatrician.

9 Hobbies Barbra Park likes to do history and political science. She had these interest since she was a child.

10 Credits By Sweta Kaur, a fan of Barbra Park and her books.

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