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GRAPHISOFT PARK TO ATTRACT THE TALENTS Leading businesses especially those in R&D and other creative, demanding fields know that their success depends.

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3 GRAPHISOFT PARK TO ATTRACT THE TALENTS Leading businesses especially those in R&D and other creative, demanding fields know that their success depends on attracting, motivating and retaining the best professionals. Because once you get the best people working for you, winning in the marketplace is easy. The race to attract the most talented workforce is just as fierce as the battle against competing firms in the market. And, just as offering the cheapest price for your product does not guarantee that you will beat the competition, offering the highest salary is no guarantee that you will get the best talents. Because the best are interested in more than just money. They are interested in challenges, in high performance, and in being recognized for their achievements. Moreover, for them working environment makes a big difference after all, this is where they spend much of their life. In this regard, Graphisoft Park gives you a crucial edge. Graphisoft Park is a spin-off from Graphisoft R&D, a software development company founded in 1982 that has become a world leader with its architectural design software, ArchiCAD®. Therefore the founders of Graphisoft Park know what kind of environment an R&D company needs. So this Business Park has been built by its first inhabitants. Its mission is to offer an environment that helps its businesses attract the most talented, most ambitious employees. Job applicants entering the Park for their interviews are bowled over: what a great place to work. As for long-time employees, they cannot imagine heading for work at any other place than Graphisoft Park. Gábor BojárJános Kocsány Chairman of the BoardCEO

4 STEADY GROWTH Originally, Graphisoft Park was built in 1998 for the software engineering firm Graphisoft, which develops ArchiCAD®, one of the worlds most popular architectural software packages. Graphisoft believed that providing the worlds best architects with the worlds best software would be possible only if the company itself could operate in a first-class architectural environment. Within a few years, several other high-tech firms rented space at the Park, attracted by its unmatched location, exceptionaldesign and superior services. Due to continuous growth in the Parks development, in 2006 the Graphisoft real estate division split off from the software division to create Graphisoft Park SE, a public European corporation listed on the Budapest Stock Exchange. The growing number of tenants, in turn, spurred the Park to further development. In addition to Microsoft and several smaller companies, SAPs international research division chose Graphisoft Park as its Hungarian headquarters. The first biotech companies also arrived (Comgenex, followed by AMRI), and in 2007, the newest research lab was built for Servier, the French pharmaceutical firm. At present, about 40 companies operate in Graphisoft Park, with more than 2000 employees. The professionals who operate Graphisoft Park, in addition to developing high-quality, custom-made business environments, possess specialized expertise in designing biotechnological laboratories.


6 A KEY FACTOR Renting one square meter of office space at Graphisoft Park costs, at most, 5 Euros more per month than the same space in an average-quality building at a cheaper location. We did the maths: the extra cost of renting space here, per employee, is roughly equal to 3% of the full cost of employing a software engineer. I asked my colleagues if they would move to a different office space in exchange for a three percent raise. They were unanimous: no way. Then I asked our new hires: why did they decide to work for Graphisoft? And nearly all of them mentioned the Park as a key factor in choosing us. Gábor Bojár Graphisoft R&D Founder and Chairman of the Board

7 At this time I had an unusual client. The developers of Graphisoft Park were not focused on squeezing the greatest possible use of every last square meter. Nor did they want granite and marble palaces to impress their clients. They just wanted a place that would impress and please their own employees. Zoltán Horváth Architect; Designer of Graphisoft Parks biotechnology buildings, central cafeteria and conference facility WINNING OVER EMPLOYEES IS PARAMOUNT

8 ONCE THEY LAID EYES ON THE PARK, WE WON Microsoft Hungary was Graphisoft Parks first tenant, after Graphisoft R&D itself. At our company we have to justify every single expense, so it wasnt easy to convince our top executives in Seattle to rent space at a premium. But as soon as they laid eyes on the Park, we knew we had won. For several years now, Microsoft Hungary has received the Best Workplace award, and Graphisoft Park is one big reason why. László Drajkó CEO, Microsoft Hungary

9 HIGH-QUALITY SURROUNDINGS ATTRACT HIGH- QUALITY EMPLOYEES In 2004, SAP decided to open a new research and development center in Budapest. The decision to choose Budapest had a lot to do with the atmosphere at Graphisoft Park and the quality of its services we figured that demanding environment would attract demanding employees. Now, a couple of years later, we know we were right. Ádám Dudits Executive Director, SAP Labs Hungary

10 ITS A FEELING YOU GET The facilities are surrounded by open landscape, where the trees grow taller than the buildings. The multi-level garage is underground, so your overall impression is not of a sea of cars, but of a green expanse. The lake in the middle of the Park, and the nature preserve on the island just across from the Park, adds to the natural atmosphere, as of course does the peaceful walking path along the Danube. György Szloszjár Garten Stúdió, Landscape Design

11 A CREATIVE ENVIRONMENT FOR GOOD IDEAS What I like best about our office is that the work areas and community areas flow into each other. You can hold a productive meeting sitting on a park bench, or on the leather couches near the coffee maker, but conference rooms with high-tech equipment are also available. The office has a lot of variety and is easily rearranged as needed, yet its still friendly and home-like. To sum it up: this environment inspires creativity. Levente Csányi Product Designer

12 IMPRESSIVE DELIVERY: ON TIME AND WITHIN BUDGET Servier, the French pharmacological company, came to Hungary to establish its first research and development facility outside of France. The companys top executives were impressed by the way Graphisoft Park professionals were able to deliver these very complex laboratories to fit our very exacting needs, while meeting tight deadlines and keeping to a strict budget. Dr. Gábor Blaskó Member of Hungarian Academy of Sciences Director General, Servier Research & Development Zrt.

13 MY COMPANY BECAME AN ATTRACTIVE ACQUISITION For the headquarters of Comgenex, my biotech/pharmacological research company, I chose Graphisoft Park, because the conditions and infrastructure meet the standards of the best business parks Ive seen in the U.S. Within a short time, we had become an attractive acquisition target, and I know for sure that this site, where we held our negotiations, was partly responsible for the price we got. With my partners, we invested our income from the Comgenex sale in ThalesNano, which is devoted to nanotechnology, and in Comergen, which researches alternative energy sources. It goes without saying that both companies are located in Graphisoft Park. Dr. Ferenc Darvas Founder, ComGenex, ThalesNano and Comergen

14 CUSTOMIZED, TAILOR-MADE OFFICE SPACE Office space is tailored to meet the needs of our tenants. At the same time, we make sure that the new buildings blend in harmoniously with the existing structures, and with the neighboring industrial buildings of the former Gas Works. Our tenants provide input on technologies and materials, and we ensure, at no additional charge, that their own equipment is installed during the construction phase. This way, the office is ready for occupancy the very same day it is completed. Janos Kocsany CEO of Graphisoft Park

15 I DESIGNED THE BUILDING TO MATCH THE COMPANY I knew from the start that the building I was designing would be the headquarters of SAP Research and Development. I had two assignments: to design a building customized for the company, and to see that the building harmonized with its surroundings. The floor plan areas exceed 2000 square meters on each level, but thanks to our chosen configuration, the structures have the character of smaller buildings. In setting up the interiors, I made sure that the space was divided into distinct areas of various sizes, to correspond to the companys organizational structure the various departments and teams, and their working relationships. László Szász STÚDIÓ100 Architects, designer of the SAP building

16 NOT EVEN TOP SILICON VALLEY FIRMS HAVE HEADQUARTERS LIKE THESE In 2003, I was tapped to be CEO of Graphisoft R&D in Budapest. Originally, I had planned to move the companys global headquarters to California, but when I saw Graphisoft Park, I gave up those plans on the spot. Not even the best Silicon Valley companies have their headquarters in such a beautiful, hospitable location. Dominic Gallello CEO of Graphisoft R&D, 20032008

17 SUCCESS IS GUARANTEED As the director of our office in Munich, I always try to get our German clients to come to Budapest for our meetings. Any time we do meetings at Graphisoft Park, I know that a successful outcome is practically guaranteed. Johannes Reischbock General Manager, Graphisoft R&D Deutschland GmbH

18 THEY TAKE US MORE SERIOUSLY For our company, moving our headquarters to Graphisoft Park was a turning point. Since we came here, our clients and partners definitely take us more seriously, and doors that we had knocked on earlier in vain are now open to us. Meanwhile, our company has grown: we had six employees when we came here, now there are 20 of us. Krisztián Törő Director, Innovent Consulting Kft.

19 IM PROUD TO INVITE THEM TO OUR R&D HEADQUARTERS AT THE PARK Dr. László Ürge Vice President, Hungarian Innovation Association CEO, Thales Nanotechnology Zrt. As a representative of both the Hungarian Association for Innovation and Thales Nanotechnology, I frequently meet with the heads of major corporations such as Boeing Aerospace. I am always proud to invite them to our Budapest R & D headquarters, at this architecturally marvelous Graphisoft Park.

20 INSPIRED BY ARCHITECTURAL TRADITIONS While planning Graphisoft Park, I was inspired by the modernist architectural traditions of the early 20th century a style with a sense of humor and poetry, low-key yet so enjoyable. Ferenc Cságoly Építész Stúdió, architect of the Parks original buildings and its landscaping concept

21 PRESERVING HISTORY, BUILDING THE FUTURE In all of its developments, Graphisoft showed exemplary regard for preservation and for the areas archeological heritage. The relics uncovered on the Parks territory have contributed to our body of knowledge and to our museums collection. Dr. Paula Zsidi Director, the Aquincum Museum Dr. Sándor Bodó Director General, Budapest Museum of History

22 AQUINCUM INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY AT THE SERVICE OF THE INDUSTRY Californias Silicon Valley developed under the wing of Stanford University: high-tech industry took root alongside the campus and its research activities, so that industry could benefit from the universitys resources. The university provided not only outstanding human resources, but, through its research, acted as a path-finder for businesses, guiding them towards the newest trends in knowledge and technology. Aquincum Institute of Technology (AIT) represents this process in reverse. Here, it is the new educational campus that is being established alongside existing businesses. Instead of guiding the industry, this educational institute will be at its service. AIT believes that companies in daily contact with current market trends are in the best position to sense the major new directions of technological development. This approach makes AIT different from the worlds leading research universities; it serves the industrys needs of today and of tomorrow. It is this approach that inspires AITs educational and research program. The area now known as Graphisoft Park was earlier the site of the Óbuda Gas Works, built at the turn of the 19-20th century. The architecture of the remaining buildings evokes this historic era, when Hungarys famed tradition of top-notch science education gave the world John Neumann, the founder of computer science, and a dozen Nobel Prize winners. These landmark buildings are the home of AIT, which provides instruction not only on the latest research in information science, but also on the factors that make a software program usable and marketable. The Institute plans to tailor its course offerings to students from the worlds leading universities arriving to AIT for a semester or two. These custom-designed courses also represent an exceptional opportunity for working professionals employed by the firms at Graphisoft Park.

23 The tenant firms at Graphisoft Park will benefit directly from the knowledge of the highly-trained young graduates of the planned Institute. The Institute, in turn, will benefit from joint research projects, student training programs, and daily interaction among professors, researchers and business leaders. These mutual benefits if we can take advantage of them are the main engine behind innovation in the workplace. Jean-Philippe Couftois President, Microsoft International MUTUAL BENEFITS


25 AVAILABLE OFFICE SPACE As of 2009, total office space is 45 000 m² Average ceiling height of 2.8 meters 1,600-car underground garage plus surface parking for 400: a parking space for every employee. By 2014, total office space will be expanded to 100 000 m².

26 SERVICES All office space is Class A, completely air- conditioned, with security systems and card- entry systems. Three restaurants and several snack-bar amenities and coffee shops serve tenants. Car wash located in underground garage. Technologically well-equipped conference rooms allow tenants to optimize their space. 24-hour concierge service ensures security and assistance to visitors. Construction and operation of the Park managed by Graphisoft Parks own staff, who cooperate with the tenants from the design phase onwards and act as general contractor. Professional firms carry out landscaping and maintenance.

27 HOW TO GET THERE Graphisoft Park is located in the north-west part of Budapest (known as the Óbuda district), directly on the Danube, 6 km from the city center. The Park can be approached either from Szentendrei út or the lower river embankment road on the Buda side. By public transport, take the Szentendre HÉV or one of the municipal buses, which connect to the citys metro system. Employees can take advantage of the Parks free morning and afternoon shuttle bus service for easier connections to the citys metro system. The Park is a half-hour drive from Ferihegy Airport along the M0 freeway. Each year, more employees ride their bicycles to work, using the bike paths along and across the Danube.


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