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1957 20121957 Healing the world, one person, one family at a time….

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1 1957 20121957 Healing the world, one person, one family at a time….


3 JFCS Counseling Services - Sliding-scale fees based on need. ($35 is the base fee, though many clients pay less because of financial hardships.) - Accept Most Major Insurance - Works with Victim of Crime as a provider of services. JFCS provides professional psychotherapy to adults, couples, families, teens, children and youth and the older adult. JFCS benefits from utilizing over 20 volunteer interns from local universities and colleges to provide high impact in service-delivery and is well-respected as a training ground for upcoming professionals. - Individual Treatment - Couples Therapy - Family Therapy - Childrens Therapy - Psychological Testing - Psychiatric Support – Volunteer Psychiatrist

4 Older Adult Services (OAS) Assessment/Care Management – Individualized assessment and coordinated care plans linking elders to vital services. Counseling – Individual, group, couple, and family counseling, in home or office, for difficulties associated with aging, care giving, as well as meeting the challenges of aging. Daily Money Management – Bill preparation, bill paying, balancing checkbooks, help with applying for entitlement programs and more. Protective Services/Advanced Directives – Agency will act as agent for Durable Powers of Attorney for Health Care and Finances. Services for Local and Long Distance Caregivers – Service for family members caring for older adults.

5 Active Adult Community Connections AACC was designed to improve the quality of life for seniors who live in the Greater Long Beach/West Orange County area by providing opportunities for socialization, education, health education and screenings, physical activity, volunteerism, and personalized information and referrals to appropriate community resources. AACCs project goals were to improve the overall safety of older adults at home and in the community, to reduce isolation for seniors who are not already taking advantage of senior programming; help maintain and improve the physical and mental health; and to strengthen, promote, enhance and expand activities and services that better meets the needs and interest of seniors. Performances, Excursions, Activities, Health Screenings, Dances, Outreach to the Community, Singles Night and more...

6 Long Beach Comprehensive Multidisciplinary Elder Abuse Prevention Team A consortium of agencies involved in the City of Long Beach with the care of older adults. Agencies share information, referral sources, strategies, policy changes and provide education on abuse issues throughout the community. Case presentations from local agency help all agencies learn and stay abreast of the best practices in working with the older adult community and identify gaps in services. The City of Long Beachs District Attorneys office has been very aggressive in promoting the prosecution of the perpetrators of the abuse.

7 School Groups SCHOOL GROUPS Helping students find their voice and learn to respect themselves and others…. Anger Management Conflict Resolution Anti-Bullying Building Healthy Relationships Divorce and Bereavement Girls Circle: Young Women's Empowerment Young Men's Empowerment Life Skills Social Skills We currently provide school-based counseling and support services to LBUSD students at Constellation Community Middle School and have provided services and/or education presentations in the past to: Franklin Middle School Marshall Middle School Muir Elementary School Carver Elementary School Los Alamitos High School Hudson Elementary Jefferson Middle School McGaugh Elementary McKinley Elementary Bryant Elementary

8 Support Groups Guided by professionals, support groups helping people gain understanding, strength and support through sharing their struggles and successes with one another…. Womens Group Mens Group Mind and Body Over Mood Bipolar Support Group Transitioning Twenties Male Survivors of Sexual Assault Veterans Group Social Skills Caregiver Support Group Bereavement Group

9 Domestic Violence Support RESPECT YOURSELF! is a 14 week program designed to help victims of domestic violence reclaim their self-respect and end abuse in their intimate relationships. Through education and mutual support, participants will learn how to: Recognize the "red flags" of abuse Access resources to increase safety Parent a child exposed to domestic violence Set clear and appropriate boundaries Create healthy relationships now and in the future

10 Womens Shelter JFCS is currently in its third year of providing clinical services to shelter residents and clients of the Domestic Violence Resource Center, operated by Women Shelter of Long Beach. Over this period, JFCS has served approximately 300 additional domestic violence victims.

11 End Abuse End Abuse Long Beach's mission is to provide a monthly forum and sponsor related conferences for community members to learn, discuss, question, network and share ideas related to the treatment and prevention of child abuse, domestic violence, elder abuse and sexual assault. End Abuse Long Beach is a group of professionals and concerned community members who work with victims of abuse and violence and their families, and work with perpetrators to prevent further abuse.

12 New Horizons Career Group Support, guidance and networking opportunities for unemployed or underemployed business professionals. Guest speakers, job readiness activities, interviewing tips and skills, networking and more. Weekly drop-in career support, facilitated by Lea Gerber and Michelle Klein

13 Individual Career Counseling Resume Review Interview Skills Social Media Training Career Aptitude Testing By Appointment Only No Cost

14 Emergency Financial Assistance Food Scrip Bus Passes Birth Certificates Utility Bills Toys/Gift Packs Boxed Food Toys Other emergency needs as appropriate… Not advertised to the general community, limited funding.

15 Information and Referral A good deal of the work we do is simply in being a great resource for the community. Many of our calls do not result in services but in referrals to the appropriate government, nonprofit or medical facility. Examples for many of our referrals include substance abuse treatment centers, residential programs, dual diagnosis facilities, homeless services, elder care facilities and resources, and other vital services for those in need.

16 Change a Life JFCS is a recognized partner for the Change a Life Foundation. Clinicians and staff work to help clients get financial assistance for critical needs such as medical support, job retraining to educational needs. The idea is to give emergency assistance and a hand up to those in need.


18 HEART PRINTS: A Therapeutic Art Circle for Survivors of Trauma Autism Spectrum Disorder Parent and Caregiver Support Group Mens and Womens Support Group Pre Marital Support Group Veterans Support Group Womens Support Group (Spanish) Transitional Twenties and Thirties Support Group Alcoholism and Addiction Support Group Girls' Empowerment Group (Age 11-13)

19 HEART PRINTS: A Therapeutic Art Circle for Survivors of Trauma HEART PRINTS is a window of time just for you… to slow down and relax...using art as a tool for expressing your inner most feelings, healing your heart, and recovering your personal power. Designed for women ages 15 and above who are survivors of intimate partner violence, substance abuse, and early trauma. WHEN: The 3rd Saturday of Every Month. COST: Free.

20 Autistic Spectrum Support Group Many parents and caregivers of children with special needs are faced with unexpected challenges and emotions. It is important to remember, you are not alone. Children with special needs mean parents often have their own challenges to face including: Understanding the diagnosis Determining best resources Marital problems Financial challenges Difficulty with siblings of special needs child Social isolation Caretaker burnout Lack of respite care Grief and Anger Are you a parent or caretaker of a child with an Autism Spectrum Disorder? You Are Not Alone!

21 M EN S AND W OMEN S S UPPORT G ROUP Are you a man or women looking for support? It is not always easy to reach out for help. We get that! We all face challenges coping with stress, depression, relationships, losses, anxiety, work, and finding meaning and purpose in life. We offer an opportunity to work on those issues in a supportive and structured atmosphere, facilitated by experienced therapists. If you are looking to work on yourself, this is the right group for you. This group includes both men and women, which allows the opposite gender to be seen in a whole new way in an environment that is therapeutic. This could be your opportunity to take that step forward in your personal and relational growth. If you have been putting off working on those issues that hold you back, now is your chance to make a change. Come meet in a therapeutic setting, so we can do together what you have not been able to do on your own

22 Parenting Role of each parent Rules and discipline Expectations and boundaries Values Principles and morals that are important to each individual World Views Overall perspectives and beliefs Attitudes and outlooks regarding life Social Interactions Friendships outside of the relationship Free / Recreational Time Intimacy Sex Relational interactions Finances Occupations Financial Contributions Spirituality Religion

23 V ETERANS S UPPORT G ROUP Are you experiencing any of these symptoms? Irritability, jumpiness, anger, guilt or sadness Feeling hyper-alert, on the watch for danger Feeling emotionally flat, uninvolved with people, distant Difficulty concentrating, paying attention, poor memory Difficulty sleeping, nightmares Feelings that people at home dont get it and you cant really explain it to them Increased use of alcohol, drugs Some of the things you can expect to find at this support group are: Knowing that others are going through something similar Learning tips on how to handle day-to-day challenges Meeting new friends or connecting with others who understand you Learning how to talk about things that bother you or how to ask for help Learning to trust other people Hearing about helpful new perspectives from others

24 G RUPO DE A POYO A M UJERES EN E SPAÑOL Relationships Immigration Acculturation Parenting Domestic Violence Singlehood Career issues Financial Issues Health Issues This group is for women who need to feel supported by other women. This group is intended to help overcome the difficulties that you may be facing problems with relationships to problems with being understood or accepted. Together, in this group, we will find solutions to your dilemmas and you will be listened to, heard and supported. It is a great opportunity to get together with other women in a confidential setting, to socialize, make new friends and learn about other cultures or discuss issues such as:

25 Transitional Twenties and Thirties This unique groups is led by an experienced counselor and provides a safe, confidential environment to explore all areas of your life. It is an ideal adjunct to those already in individual therapy and also effective for those not already in therapy. Living with your parents? Living on your own? Relationship issues? Money issues? Looking for the right career? Experiencing college anxieties? Struggling with self-esteem? Wanting to set goals for your future?

26 Alcoholism and Addiction Support Group This group is designed to help you understand addiction and to support your growth with others who can understand your journey. This is not an AA meeting nor is it a substitute but is here to provide encouragement, education, and courage

27 This group is designed for any adolescent girl who is looking to boost her self-esteem, find support within a group of caring female leaders and peers, and share her experiences as we take the journey toward self- empowerment. This group will be experientiallly based, using creative methods to encourage personal exploration and group cohesion.

28 How can you support us? Spread the Word! Let everyone know about our services and what we do. Attend or sponsor our events! Recommend community members who you think would make valuable board members. We always appreciate financial support of any kind. We survive on private funding and not government assistance so we are always looking for heroes in community to help us with our good work.

29 Healing the world, one person, one family at a time… 3801 E. Willow Street Long Beach, CA 90815 (located inside the Alpert Jewish Community Center) Need Help or Know Someone Who Does? Call Us! 562-427-7916 Always here when you need us!

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