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Reshaping Care for Older People Skye, Lochalsh and Wester Ross.

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1 Reshaping Care for Older People Skye, Lochalsh and Wester Ross

2 Older people are valued as an asset, their voices are heard and they are supported to enjoy full and positive lives in their own home or in a homely setting. Reshaping Care for Older People in Scotland

3 Skye and Lochalsh Health and Social Care Forum Partnership of service providers from Statutory and Third Sector Working together to increase ability to react to local needs

4 PROJECT AIMS To identify gaps in current health and social care service provision To help develop new initiatives and local solutions to address any identified gaps To help organisations target services more effectively To promote the value of partnership working To contribute to initial mapping of health and social care services in Wester Ross

5 It is vitally important that older people themselves arent just heard but are involved at the earliest stages as partners in reshaping services or developing new facilities and initiatives. Being told what is going to happen and [then being] asked what you think of it, isnt empowering Service provider comment from RCOP Project

6 Consultation Stage Consultation included visits, postal surveys, forum sessions, meetings and online surveys A total of 270 people took part 178 lunch club attendees 25 service providers 67 general public- including people caring for someone aged 65+

7 Information and Activities Day AIMS to offer access to information about the wide range of services available for older people in the Skye and Lochalsh area to offer a social occasion for friends to meet up to create opportunity to learn a new skill

8 Access to information about services 44% said that they had benefited from discovering services that they had not previously been aware of. Welcomed the opportunity to find out what help is available for dementia and carers A fantastic way of meeting with service users & providers and making contacts

9 Activities 50 attendees took part in at least one of the optional activities including Zumba Gold, Flower Arranging, Basic Computing and a Laughter session

10 KEY FINDINGS as people get older they place immense value on being able to remain living independently in their own home social interaction and community involvement are key contributing factors in maintaining physical and mental health maintaining hobbies and interests helps people to retain their independence and sense of individuality there is patchy public awareness of the services available general public perception is that services are dwindling and getting progressively less personal

11 I have found over the last 18 months our social life has ceased. My husband doesnt very often want to go out which means I cans get out. I am feeling more and more isolated and trapped. He refuses any respite care so that I am just stuck here with him at all times. I know where some help is available but only because I broke down at the Doctors People dont seem to have time to talk these days. It is RUSH RUSH RUSH

12 KEY FINDINGS service providers recognise the need to work together to make creative use of limited resources service providers recognise the importance and value of local service delivery needs are not always complex but they will usually be based on a need for social interaction or practical assistance limited public transport impacts on every aspect of daily life and restricts independence

13 Even the fittest and most able of older people can be in serious need if they are not able to make connection with their peers through distance and poor quality transport services I worry about the day when I may not be able to drive In the evenings I get lonely and there is no bus or local taxi so I cant get out I would like incoming carers/home help to be able to befriend and spare more time with housebound folk

14 Recommendations continue to support and encourage a positive image of older people as individuals extend community transport options encourage and support initiatives that facilitate social interaction consider extending befriending services encourage social and learning opportunities between young and old

15 Recommendations encourage and support services that promote physical and mental wellbeing look at opportunities to work together at local level maximise the potential of lunch clubs extend awareness of services and encourage community input from older people themselves

16 Recommendations address need to provide more sheltered housing and care homes review effectiveness of NHS 24 particularly for rural communities improve provision of dental services consider options for offering domestic help and gardening services seek support to meet increase in demand for care and respite at local level

17 Social isolation is a huge factor, unfortunately we are governed by criteria which often overlooks this issue, in my opinion if we meet the isolation need, other health issues are preventable, there would be less need for hospitalization, GP visits etc.

18 Years ago older folk were able to be gathered together in a variety of organisations, Darby and Joan, Silver Lining, etc. These groups were often self organised, self managing with some support from either a local authority or church; they provided a lifeline for those who were older, living alone, or socially deprived in any other way. We need to re-establish this kind of blue sky thinking to enable our older generation to continue to not only benefit from their local community but remain a strong part of that community.

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