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1 Creating an E-Services Account Taxware Systems, Inc. 800-877-1065.

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2 1 Creating an E-Services Account Taxware Systems, Inc. 800-877-1065

3 2 Creating an E-Services Account Go to Click the Tax Professionals tab/button in the center of the page.

4 3 Creating an E-Services Account Select e-Services for Tax Pros on the left side of the page.

5 4 Creating an E-Services Account Click on the Registration Services link in the center of the page.

6 5 Creating an E-Services Account Choose the Registration link on the left hand side of the page.

7 6 Creating an E-Services Account Fill out all the fields with * next to them. The necessary fields are indicated here in red. Warning: Be sure to read the statement about AGI and what year to choose.

8 7 Creating an E-Services Account Follow the instructions to create a username and password: The password can not have any resemblance of the username. The username is always read in upper case and must be at least 8 alpha/numeric characters. No symbols. Passwords MUST have at least one number. Passwords are case sensitive, so please make sure to note of them correctly. The PIN is a 5 digit number you will use to sign your documents in your e- services account Can not be all the same number. Choose a recovery question and answer Indicate whether or not your address has changed (only if your last filed tax return address has changed will you enter a new address). Warning: Be sure you write down your Username, Password, and PIN correctly, when you try to login to either amend your current ERO application or create a new ERO application, otherwise, you will have to start all over and wait 7 days for a new confirmation code to come in the mail by the IRS.

9 8 Creating an E-Services Account Once you have finished the application, click on the Accept button at the bottom of the screen.

10 9 Creating an E-Services Account About 7 days after you have created your e-services account (or after re-storing a lost or forgotten password, etc.), you will receive a letter from the IRS containing a registration confirmation code. There is a separate PowerPoint Presentation titled Confirm Your Registration to guide you through the confirmation process. You will need to confirm your registration before you can access your ERO account with e-services, complete an ERO application/submission, or amend your ERO application/submission. If this is a first time application submission, you will then get the tracking number for the back of your fingerprint cards.

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