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Fuquay-Varina High School Junior & Senior Information Night

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1 Fuquay-Varina High School Junior & Senior Information Night
September 23, 2008 Presented by FVHS Student Services

2 Tonight’s Agenda Welcome Introduction of Counselors
Course of Study Requirements Transcripts Graduation Project Post-Secondary Planning SAT, ACT, & Testing NCAA Scholarships Financial Aid

3 Program Overview Briefly review Graduation Requirements
Provide resources and a guideline to assist with college planning and the application process Provide information on post-secondary options

4 Student Services Please visit our web site:
Under Student Services you will find: forms, application procedures, a listing of scholarships …

5 Student Services Phyllis McLeod, Dean of Student Services 557-2526
Guidance Counselors Mr. Eric Kostecki th Grade Mrs. Xana Harrington th A-G Mrs. Tricia Myers th H-M Mrs. Jill Kreacic th N-Z Mr. Stephen Moore SAP 9th Grade Mrs. Kara Morgan Test Coordinator Mr. Randy Swann CDC Mrs. Pat Lyle Registrar Mrs. Fonda Phillips Secretary

6 Graduation Requirements
Minimum of 26 credits Pass NC Math and Reading Competency Exams Pass Computer Proficiency Exams Complete Requirements for at least one Course of Study: College/University Prep, College Tech Prep, Career Prep or Occupational

7 Courses of Study Career Prep College Tech Prep College/University Prep
Minimum graduation requirements Prepares for entry-level career choice Admission to a community college College Tech Prep Higher academic standards Prepares for highly technical fields of study in community college College/University Prep Highest level of academic standards Course requirements for UNC Institutions Occupational Appropriate for certain students in special education

8 Mathematics Three courses to include Algebra I 3
Career Prep Course Number of credits English I, II, III, IV 4 Mathematics Three courses to include Algebra I 3 Science Biology, Earth/Environmental, Physical Social Studies World History, Civics & Econ, U.S. History Healthful Living Education 1 Arts Education or Career-Technical Education-Four courses in one pathway with one class at an advanced level Electives 8 Total 26

9 Science Biology, Earth/Environmental, Physical
College Tech Prep Course Number of credits English I, II, III, IV 4 Mathematics Algebra I, Geometry & Algebra II or Algebra I & Technical Math I & II 3 Science Biology, Earth/Environmental, Physical Social Studies World History, Civics & Econ, U.S. History Healthful Living Education 1 Career-Technical Education-Four courses in one pathway with one class at an advanced level Electives 8 Total 26

10 Career Pathways at FVHS
Agricultural & Natural Resources Business Technologies Engineering Technologies Commercial & Artistic Production Construction Technologies Health Sciences Public Service Arts Education (Career Prep Course of Study only)

11 College University Prep
Course Number of credits English I, II, III, IV 4 Mathematics Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II & a higher level course (Stats AP, Trig, Pre cal…) Science Biology, Earth/Environmental, Physical 3 Social Studies World History, Civics & Econ, U.S. History Second Language Two credits in the same language 2 Healthful Living Education 1 Electives 9 Total 26

12 Occupational English I, II, III, IV 4
Credits # of credits English I, II, III, IV 4 Occupational Mathematics I, II, III 3 Occupational Life Skills Science I & II 2 Occupational Social Studies I & II Healthful Living Education 1 Career-Technical Education Electives Occupational Preparation I, II, III, & IV Completion of 300 hours school based training, 240 hours community based training, & 360 hours paid employment 6 Total 22

13 Transcripts


15 Requesting Transcripts
Each school requires an official transcript sent directly from FVHS to the college. Student must fill out and turn in a transcript request form available on Ms. Lyle’s door (Registrar). If the student is under 18, the request must be signed by a parent. Any counselor recommendation forms must be turned in with the transcript request. Transcripts are free!!! Starting May 1st final transcript requests must be sent to the college of your choice. Forms will be available on Mrs. Lyle’s door (Registrar).

16 NC Academic Scholars GPA 3.5 unweighted English: 4 Credits
Math: 4 Credits Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, and a higher math course with Algebra II as a prerequisite Science: 3 Credits Chemistry or Physics, Earth/Environmental Science, and Biology Social Studies: 3 Credits World History, Civics & Economics, and US History Second Language other than English: 2 Credits Level I and Level II Health Living: 1 Credits Career Technical Education: 1 Credits Art Education: 1 Credits Electives: 5 Credits (Elective credits to include at least two second level or advanced classes)

17 North Carolina Graduation Project Class of 2010
The GP is a statewide graduation requirement that provides students with experience in: Public Speaking Presentation Community Involvement Personal Responsibility Personal Growth Written Language Technology *more information available on school website

18 GP Timeline for current juniors
Junior Year Students need to: finalize topic write essential question complete research paper requirement secure a mentor for product options & begin consultation to log hours practice oral presentation skills finalize product ideas work on portfolio completion Senior Year ( ) Students need to: complete the Product, Presentation, and Portfolio components present their entire GP to a panel of judges projects will be scored using state-endorsed rubrics Students will have gained useful skills for transitioning into college/university & workplace 18

19 Career Information Our Career Development Coordinator is Randy Swann
Career Assessment/Planning Career Options To contact Mr. Swann, call or at

20 Post-Secondary Options
2 – Year University Community College Junior College 4 – Year University 16 Public Universities Independent Colleges and Universities Military Work

21 Making Choices About College
Know yourself and your reasons for wanting to go to college Consider College Characteristics List, compare, and visit colleges Apply for admission and adhere to deadlines

22 College Visits Juniors are allowed 1 excused absence for college visits. Seniors are allowed 2 excused absences for college visits.

23 (In no particular order)
Applying to College Admissions look at: (In no particular order) Course work Grade Point Average (GPA) Class rank SAT and or ACT scores Extracurricular activities Recommendations, essays, and interviews (if required)

24 Application Tips Read all instructions before beginning Know deadlines
Students should fill out applications Fill out in black/blue ink – Make them NEAT! Fill out transcript request two weeks prior to the date you need the transcript to arrive.

25 (Example of the Benefits of a Community College)
Wake Tech (Example of the Benefits of a Community College) The only requirement for entrance to Wake Tech is a high school diploma. Many students choose to go to Wake Tech to get a 2-year associates degree. Some will enroll in the College Transfer Program with plans to transfer to a 4-year university after two years. Wake Tech is a great option for students who would like to “start over” academically. It is also a very affordable option at a cost of only $42.00 per credit hour. (The cheapest in the US!)

26 UNC Minimum Admissions Requirements
4 units of English 4 units of Math, 1 unit for which Algebra II is a prerequisite 2 units of History, 1 unit of US History Biology, Physical Science, 1 lab Science 2 units of a language other than English SAT/ACT It is recommended that students take a math during their senior year. GPA 2.0, SAT Minimum 700, ACT Minimum 15

27 Independent Colleges and Universities
Private and independent colleges sometimes have more flexible entrance requirements. Check with individual schools for specifics. Don’t let cost deter you from considering a private or independent college. They usually give great financial aid packages!!!

28 College Admission Options
Early Action-is an admissions procedure to notify student of early admissions to the college. Students are not obligated to accept the college’s offer of admission and may file applications at other universities. Early Decision-is a plan under which candidates may submit credentials early to one college, usually by Oct. 15th of senior year. Applicants are notified of their status by December. As part of the early decision plan, students may be required to sign an agreement to withdraw other applicants if accepted.

29 College Admissions Options cont…
Regular admission-is the plan under which candidates submit credentials during November to February, depending on school deadlines. Check the deadlines for each individual school. Rolling admission-is the plan under which candidates submit the credentials at their convenience through a certain date, usually late in the year. They receive an offer of acceptance or denial within four to six weeks. Onsite admission-is an admissions option in which colleges visit students at the high school and make an admissions determination during a scheduled appointment with the student. East Carolina University is planning onsite admissions this year they will require electronic application.

30 Benefits of the “Brag” Sheet
The ‘Brag’ sheet is an extremely helpful tool in comprehensively completing the Counselor Recommendation Form Answering ‘Brag’ topics allows each student to express her or himself as individuals Any unique circumstances in a student’s life can be explained through the ‘Brag’ Sheet Completed ‘Brag’ Sheets may be given to the teachers that are asked to write letters of recommendation. PLEASE ALLOW TWO WEEKS TO COMPLETE YOUR LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION!!!

31 SAT & ACT Testing SAT ACT October 4, 2008 October 25, 2008
November 1, 2008 December 6, 2008 January 24, 2009, March 14, 2009 May 2, 2009 June 6, 2009 Cost $45 ACT October 25, 2008 December 13, 2008 February 7, 2009 April 4, 2009 June 13, 2009 Cost $48 (including the writing portion)

32 SAT I Reasoning Test Measures the skills students need for academic success in college in three areas: Critical Reading, Math, & Writing Score Scale: 800 on each section; 2400 total Average score is 500 on each section The College Board reports that 55% of juniors improve their scores as seniors; 35% decrease; 10% no change Register online at Prepare for the SAT: sign up for SAT prep classes, utilize free practice Web sites (such as ), and resource books

33 Math & Critical Reading only SAT combined for NCAA purposes
SAT/ACT Conversion ACT Math & Critical Reading only SAT combined for NCAA purposes NEW SAT 36 1600 2400 35 2340 34 2260 33 2190 32 2130 31 2040 30 1980 29 1920 28 1860 27 1820 26 1760 25 1700

34 Conversion cont. 24 1650 23 1590 22 1530 21 1500 20 1410 19 1350 18 1290 17 1210 16 1140 15 1060 14 1000 13 900 12 780 11 750

35 ACT Assessment Curriculum-based test designed to measure students’ college readiness and academic achievement in four skill areas: English, Math, Reading, & Science The writing test is optional but required for admission to UNC system schools Score Scale is 1-36 on each section; 1-36 composite Register and prepare online at

36 SAT II Subject Tests Required by some selective colleges for admission and/or for placement purposes once a student enrolls Check college Web sites to determine requirements Students can take up to 3 subject tests on one test date Recommend taking Subject Tests near the end of a course when the information is still fresh in their mind Register at

37 Advanced Placement Exams
Taken in May 4-15, 2009 by students enrolled in Advanced Placement courses Gain an edge in college preparation Stand out in college admissions Broaden intellectual horizpns Used by most colleges and universities, plus colleges and universities in 24 other countries grant students admission credit and/or placement for qualifying AP Exam grades

38 AP courses offered at FVHS
AP English Literature 12 AP English Language 11 AP US History AP European History AP US Government AP Environmental Science AP Chemistry AP Calculus AB AP Calculus BC AP Statistics AP Spanish Literature AP Spanish Language AP Art History AP Visual Art – Drawing AP Music Theory AP Human Geography AP Psychology AP Biology

39 Practice SAT On October 15, 2008, the PSAT (practice SAT) will be given to all Juniors and Sophomores that have passed Algebra I or both Algebra I part 1 and part 2. Students that have not taken or not passed Algebra I can take the PSAT for $13.

40 ASVAB November 6, 2008 Aptitude test offered by the Armed Services
Offered in high school for career exploration purposes and is free of charge with no military obligation Test given in the Media Center Sign up with Mr. Swann, CDC

41 College Foundation of North Carolina
Career Center Student Planner College Fair Online Applications Paying for College

42 CFNC & College Application Week
All seniors need to register on before November 1st College Application Week is November 10th-14th College Application Day for FVHS is Thursday, November 13th from 8am-5pm On the 13th students and parents are welcome to come get assistance in the process

43 CFNC Redirection Pool Available from April 1st to August 31st
Purpose: to make available every possible avenue for a student to pursue a post secondary education Matches students who weren’t accepted to colleges with colleges still accepting students 900 students in 2008 were accepted through this program.

44 NCAA Clearinghouse & Student Athletes
The clearinghouse certifies your eligibility to compete as a student athlete, but your college must accept you as a student. The clearinghouse evaluates your academic record to determine if you are eligible to participate at a Division I or II college as a freshmen. You can review the eligibility requirements and register at

45 Scholarships The Scholarship Bulletin is available online monthly on the FVHS website The Scholarship Bulletin may be ed to parents and students if you provide your information.

46 FVHS Scholarship Night
Date: September 30, 2008  Time: 6:30 p.m.  Location: FVHS Auditorium  Learn the FVHS procedures for acquiring scholarship information. Gain knowledge of the different types of scholarship available. Know helpful tips for interviewing

47 Teaching Fellows Scholarship
(Sample of a scholarship) Provides $6500 per year, for a minimum of 4 years of college, to 500 high school seniors who agree to teach for 4 years in North Carolina’s public schools after graduation from college. Application deadline: October 17, 2008

48 Financial Aid Financial Aid Night is in January
Mrs. Tori Sharpe, a Financial Aid Counselor, will be available for appointments beginning in October to assist with the process. FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) must be filled out after Jan. 1st when tax information is available. You can obtain a FAFSA application at The CSS/Financial Aid Profile establishes eligibility for institutional aid The application is available at

49 Go to for details
FAFSA Day is February 21, 2009 High School seniors and their families will have the opportunity to get help completing and electronically submitting their FAFSA form. Go to for details *Students must register through for this event.

50 What Can Parents Do? Encourage your child to challenge themselves
Don’t let your child opt out of classes when the going gets tough Talk to your child about college costs & how much your family will be able to pay Investigate and then tour colleges when possible

51 What can Students Do? Start Planning Now!
Discuss expectations and financial aid with your parents MEET DEADLINES!!! Make sure applications are sent in a least at week before deadline to ensure prompt arrival and make copies of all applications. Teacher/counselor should get at least two weeks to complete any recommendations.

52 Helpful Websites www.// FVHS
College Foundation of North Carolina Wake County Public School System SAT & AP Testing Information ACT Testing Information Free Application for Federal & State Aid Scholarship search College Admissions College Admissions

53 Upcoming Events September 30 – Scholarship Night
October 6 – College Fair October 15 – PSAT November 6 - ASVAB November 13 – College Application Day May 4-15 – AP Testing June 8 – Graduation Rehearsal June 13 - Graduation

54 We are looking forward to working with you and your child this school year. Please let us know if we can assist you in any way. This presentation will be available on the website Go Bengals!

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