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Final Step To a Career in IT……... Contents Introduction to ADN Technosoft Key Values Our Aims & Objectives Our Activities Job market requirement (IT skill)

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1 Final Step To a Career in IT……..

2 Contents Introduction to ADN Technosoft Key Values Our Aims & Objectives Our Activities Job market requirement (IT skill) Comparison - skilled personnel and jobs available for last 3 years (focus on SAP ) Training Courses Post Training Project & Resume management Placement & Outsourcing

3 Introduction to ADN Technosoft With vast industrial experience in IT sector ADN Technosoft was established in 2012; Makes continuous endeavour for recognization as a leader in training & development of IT Professionals; Offers SAP, JAVA, J2EE, Oracle, Oracle Aaps, MS.NET and many more…. Provides high quality service for higher level of satisfaction of trainees; With high standard Faculties, provides real time knowledge & skill to trainees; Provides high-end infrastructure during training and 24X7 Lab facilities inside the campus.

4 Introduction to ADN Technosoft…contd The promoters have several years of experience behind them and can offer quality solutions. Have put in place a sound administrative support staff to attend to client queries. Makes use of the latest development tools and technologies and keeps pace with the fast evolving technological developments to stay a step ahead in the marketplace. Adequately equipped with capabilities and resources to customize products aligned with specific needs.

5 ADN strongly believes in - Fairness (without any bias or discrimination ) Transparency (no hidden objective or cost ) Consistency (no deviation from core principles ) Truthfulness ( commitments are translated into action ) Honesty (keeps its promises)

6 We aim at success and excellence of our students and clients. We build our students with job oriented skills as per market requirements. We believe in setting an example that inspires all those who liaison with us and provide us opportunities galore to showcase our abilities and capabilities.

7 Our Activities: Career counseling and resume management Imparting job oriented skill training for personality development & capacity building (personal attention to each student through feedback from trainer) Provide In House and Out House Summer training to various Engineering Colleges. Arrange for appropriate placement and undertake outsourcing of resources for our clients. Undertake software based project activities on contract basis.

8 Job market requirement (IT skill) The following courses are largely in demand in IT market at present: SAP R/3 ABAP(Technical) Java & J2ee MS. Net Oracle Apps

9 SAP R/3: SAP in India is one of the most fastest growing subsidiaries in SAP worldwide employing 40,000 software developers and more than 12,000 sales, consultants, and service and support professionals. As per PC Quest magazine SAP is recognized as India's "Most Wanted IT" brand..Graduates and IT professionals are going for additional computer courses and managerial skills training for this purpose. Growing demand and opportunities for SAP trained professionals has forced more people to go for SAP courses. SAP, a German multinational software corporation makes enterprise software, enables a business to manage its operations and customer relations through its multiple software. The company's most popular product is SAP ERP (enterprise resource planning), an enterprise data warehouse solution that has been the buzzword in IT circles. Though, Oracle and Siebel are as useful as SAP, but the latter has more demand because it can be designed into a number of modules as per the requirement and can deal with diverse aspects. To name a few modules there are logistics material management, financial accounting, sales and distribution, human resources and many more. There is always a good job opportunity for well-trained SAP professional be it technical or functional. SAP has 70 percent market share globally and its ERP software is widely used. Due to good demand SAP professionals are paid very high, which has resulted in 20-30 percent year-on- year revenue increase of Software Companies. More and more companies are going for work processes automation and SAP is the most popular among the herd. Large organizations are incorporating it and in future more and more companies will use it, so a lot of job opportunities are there for SAP trained professionals." In fact, there is a dearth of 'well-trained' SAP consultants in the market.

10 Comparison - skilled personnel and jobs available for last 3 Yrs.


12 Training Courses: SAP R/3 ABAP (Technical) MS.Net Oracle 9i & 10g (SQL, PL/SQL) JAVA J2EE (JSP, SERVLETS), STRUTS, AJAX, JNDI.

13 Post Training Project & Resume management In to-days competitive world everybody is searching for a good job. Companies are also interested to take only the students who have done quality work with adequate soft skills. So, now for a technical student to present him effectively in front of the interview board project play a vital role. The final year project is the biggest weapon while facing interview. It is most likely that your CV is shortlisted just because of your Final Year Project. You must know making of your Project, as the interviewer will be more interested in the issues which you faced while developing your project. Why is the post-training project important? · The final-year project is important for a number of reasons: 1) · it is the largest single piece of work you will do during your degree course; 2) · it is the part of the curriculum that allows you to specialize in a topic you are good at or enjoy; 3) · it is the part of your course that prospective employers will most likely ask you about at interview; 4) · it allows you to show off a wide range of the skills and knowledge learned during your course; 5) · it encourages integration of material learned in a number of course units; The project is not just an other piece of coursework. It is the part of the course where you show off your individual abilities and specialism.

14 Placement & Outsourcing Students who undergoes training under us would be receiving an ADN membership card (free) which can be used for off-campus recruitment process. In this, our HR team will always be in touch with the students to provide them placement opportunities* until placed. We also do outsourcing of employees. Outsourcing is the contracting out of an internal business process to a third party organization. The practice of contracting a business process rather than staffing it internallyis a common feature in the modern economy.

15 Thank You

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