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Department Initiatives 25 April 2012 Bob Pieplow, P.E. Acting Chief Engineer.

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1 Department Initiatives 25 April 2012 Bob Pieplow, P.E. Acting Chief Engineer

2 Focus Areas Transportation budgeting Department Initiatives Department Org Chart Pavement Program Steering Committee Caltrans-Industry relations through RPC

3 Transportation Budgeting Status for FY12-13 Areas of Emphasis Overall Budget Trends

4 Budgeting Diminishing Funding - Increased Construction Costs

5 Budgeting External Factors Limit Available Funding

6 Budgeting On-System Allocations and Projected Allocations (Adjusted for Construction Cost Index, in 11-12 dollars)

7 Department Initiatives Strategic Planning Program Review Enterprise Risk Management

8 Department Organization Chart

9 Pavement Program Steering Committee Leadership and commitment to assure quality Pavements Desired goals of the PPSC: Assure Pavement Initiatives reflect Goals Provide Clear Direction on Initiatives Assure Implementation of Policies Recognize employees

10 Rock Products Committee Mission and Goals Forum for Caltrans and Industry Develop Mutual Understanding of Viewpoints Helps Prioritize Work

11 Rock Products Committee Initiatives 25 April 2012 Dan Speer, P.E., G.E. Office of Structural Materials Materials Engineering Testing Services Division of Engineering Services

12 The new charter was established on December 2010 Three STGs – Deal with various concrete issues RPC Pavement Preservation Concrete Asphalt Pavement Foundations Materials & QA CIP Pavement Precast Rock Products Committee (RPC) and Concrete Products Task Group

13 Working with Industry at Various Levels STGs Co-chaired by Senior Bridge Engineers Involvement from all relevant functional groups Some Key RPC Participation: Charley Rea Ron Stickel Mark Hill Cliff Ohlwiler Craig Hennings

14 Vision for the RPC Concrete Task Group Develop Strong Relationships Greater Contractor Responsibilities QC Requirements for Concrete Long Term - End Product Specifications Movement to National Standards New and Innovative Processes Smog-Eating Concrete Precast Pavement

15 Items Completed Over the Last Year Clarification of Equation 2 issues through the MC for Pavement Activity Clarification of Adding Water at the Jobsite 2010 Plain Language Review Evaluating CTM 515 Clarification of Self-Consolidating Concrete Mock-Up requirements for Precast Concrete

16 Key Initiatives Underway QC Requirements for Structural Concrete Specs Statewide Aggregate Database Recycled Concrete specifications Precast Pavement Standards

17 Process Control (QC) Independent Assurance Acceptance Quality Control – Quality Assurance QA Caltrans goal – shift quality/process control responsibilities to Contractor

18 QA Specification – Federal Requirements Title 23, CFR637 Contractor QC test results can be used for acceptance Departments QA test in addition to the contractors QC test Discrepancies follow resolution process. Independent Assurance Program (IA) is required Statistics Testing Procedures

19 QA Specification Task Progress Review of State Highway Agency Quality Assurance Programs- June 2011 Draft specifications: Tentatively ready by May 2012 Pilot Projects: FY 12/13 Reviewed & approved by FHWA & other stakeholders complete

20 Online Submission of QC Test Data Timely data collection from 10 Pilot Projects

21 Data Interchange for Materials Engineering (DIME) Standard IT protocol for data transfer QC Lab manages their test data and access rights

22 Statewide Database of Aggregate Testing DIME expanded To share the data among Districts Statewide, Automated and Paperless system User friendly tool Flexible and expandable

23 Phases of Aggregate Database Development 2011 Database Platform Development Test Input Schema Understand Practices of District Labs Developing the System Beta Testing Procurement of Necessary Equipment Pilot Districts Participation Rollout of Database Phase and Duration 20122013

24 Overview of Recycled Concrete Initiatives Explore potential re-use of green or fresh concrete Development of new and revised standards Use of available materials

25 Recycled Concrete Initiatives – Ongoing Work Pavement TAP Research Materials/QA STG Working in conjunction with: Charley Rea Don Vivant Mike Donovan Identification of Testing Requirements and QA Mechanisms

26 Overview of Precast Pavement Initiatives Full-Lane replacement and Individual Slab Replacement Allows for Prestressing of Pavement (both before and after placement at project site) In conjunction with METS and Pavement Program

27 New Technologies Through RPC Roller Compacted Concrete Precast Pavement Development of Materials Engineering Database Smog-Eating Concrete (Titanium Dioxide)

28 Questions and Feedback

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