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2 PCG INDIA PCG Grading Co. takes proud in introducing ourselves as the pioneers in India as well as Asia in grading of world coins. Our motto is to meet the expectations of our clients by providing the best of grading accuracy and authenticity.

3 The operations of the PCG relates to the estimation of the conservation status of the coins and providing protective packaging systems. Quality of the currency is certified by a team of professionals whose many years of experience in this field is a guarantee of competence. In terms of security conferred by the Member numismatics, we have implemented an integrated logistics system which provides certainty and efficiency, without prejudice of the individual approach of the customer.

4 Quality guarantee privilege
The COIN will be placed in the Protective (packaging), made from the highest quality certified components. Such secured COIN, do not lose anything of its numismatic values, and you will be able to safely store and present their values.

5 Privacy We guarantee to safeguard all information received. We will never pass on addresses or other information to any other party. We take every precaution to secure your Coins and maintain commercial confidentiality.

6   How To Submit Coins Owners have 2 options for submitting their Coins: 1. Coins Owners/Collectors can send their coins for grading at our company’s address by courier services (Insurance provider courier companies are recommended). As we will get the coins of Coin Owner we will start grading of coins and after grading we will send back the coins to the owner by the same courier company. 2. Coin Owners/Collector may submit their coins directly to us at our official address.

7 For Your Convenience The company estimates international scale. For your convenience and for full transparency of services, we have mentioned in our company website the most accurate possible compatibility of scale. PCG Grading is flexible to your needs, and we assure that our professionalism and market position will not only shape the quality and value of product, but also increase the marketability of your product.

8 NOTE:- After receiving the courier of the coins we will inform the owner/collector through and after grading of the coin when we will send back, again we will inform you through .


10 The fees structure for grading and packing are as follows:
If the quantity of coin is less than 100:- Rs. 450 per coin If the quantity of coin is more than 100:- (a) Rs. 150 for each COPPER coin (b) Rs. 250 for each SILVER coin If the market value of coin is more than Rs 50000,it will be considered as expensive coin. The coin needs to be sent to authorized experts for re-examination of authentication of the coin ,for a fees. The coin owner shall have to bear the cost of both services. Before starting the grading procedure the price of both the services shall be mutually agreed between the coin owner and the company. Note: 20 % extra shall be charged for urgent services (within 48 hours).

11 For fees structure of GRADING and. PAKAGING details and other
For fees structure of GRADING and PAKAGING details and other informations Please visit our Company Website: And us at



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