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© 2002 hp services the new hp services June 2002.

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1 © 2002 hp services the new hp services June 2002

2 © 2002 solutions focus and strength telecommunications and NSPs extended manufacturing e-government financial services cross-industry business solutions infrastructure solutions differentiated by our people our approach our portfolio of offerings a new kind of global leader in IT services 65,000 IT professionals in 160 countries around the world #1 in mission critical services #1 in services across open IT environments #1 in enterprise-ready Microsoft services #1 in SAP R/3 operations services strong ISV and SI partnerships

3 © 2002 key trends driving business requirements today interdependencies and collaboration are key. time is the critical metric. theres a renewed focus on real-world ROI. time to market. time to revenue. time to customer satisfaction. collaboration between customers, partners suppliers and employees is essential. the requirement is for responsible spending. simply stated, IT must return measurable, sustainable business value – today and tomorrow – but with fewer people and resources.

4 © 2002 comprehensive, integrated portfolio ability to engage at any stage of the lifecycle focus on solutions to the toughest IT problems helping you... protect your IT investments optimize your IT infrastructure enable your IT environment full lifecycle of services enable business agility by linking business and IT IT AND BUSINESS GOVERNANCE SERVICES ensure cost- effective stability and flexibility at the infrastructure core AGILE AND MISSION-CRITICAL INFRASTRUCTURE SERVICES extend value and reach to every aspect of the enterprise EXTENDED ENTERPRISE SERVICES reduce the complexity of the business of IT OPEN ENVIRONMENT, MULTI-TECHNOLOGY SERVICES optimize todays assets for tomorrow NEXT-GENERATION TECHNOLOGY SERVICES

5 © 2002 an ability to dive in whenever and wherever its needed: London needs 20 terabytes of storage in 30 days I know we have idle capacity in Paris. Why cant I use it? agile and mission critical infrastructure services

6 © 2002 capabilities: unparalleled end-to-end mission- critical capability in the distributed it infrastructure high availability services business continuity & recovery services security services computing on demand infrastructure design and integration services we help design, build, integrate, manage, and evolve IT infrastructures that are highly available, secure, and agile. agile and mission-critical infrastructure services

7 © 2002 competitive differentiators: unparalleled end-to-end mission- critical capability with: proven processes and tools security consulting and implementation #1 in Unix and Microsoft environments #1 in SAP R/3 operations services leader in storage services multivendor capabilities alliances and partnerships successful delivery of 20,000+ network infrastructures how we bring you true value: cut costs reduce risk increase efficiency enhance flexibility and adaptability help manage change and implementation maximize availability agile and mission critical infrastructure services

8 © 2002 key offerings assessment configuration & planning implementation performance optimization capacity planning mission critical support business continuity support high availability services customer needs maximum uptime 24x7 optimized performance fast data recovery and minimized interruption of operations

9 © 2002 business continuity and recovery services key offerings business continuity consulting services facility consulting & site services environmental products and power quality solutions disaster tolerant clusters and SANs Electronic vaulting and automatic backup business recovery customer needs plan protect recover

10 © 2002 key offerings policy & standards review business risk assessment architecture & design implementation & integration firewall management & support security health check security policy audit security services customer needs planning & design security that extends beyond the enterprise Up-to-date expertise

11 © 2002 key offerings access on demand capacity on demand applications on demand computing on demand customer needs faster implementation greater flexibility predictable spending reduced risk lower support costs higher IT / business value

12 © 2002 infrastructure design & integration services key offerings architecture services windows and messaging storage area networks consolidation and migration multi-platform integration data center services customer needs adaptive infrastructures unified architecture infrastructure extensions beyond the enterprise leverage new technologies

13 © 2002 agility to deal with change I woke up to an unsettling phone call our lead supplier is going to miss a major delivery. OK, now what? extended enterprise services

14 © 2002 extended enterprise services capabilities: enterprise application integration services supply chain management wireless services enterprise portals we integrate IT architectures and applications across the enterprise and securely link them to customers, partners, and suppliers

15 © 2002 competitive differentiators: global reach multivendor integration capabilities alliances and partnerships with industry leaders complete, end-to-end solutions experienced professionals and proven methodologies world leader in Windows-based solutions first Microsoft Prime Integrator for Windows 2000, Exchange 2000, BizTalk 2000 more certified Windows NT and 2000 professionals than anyone else - including Microsoft 400+ major EDI supply chain solutions delivered worldwide extended enterprise services how we bring you true value: extend the business benefits of IT ensure a solid competitive edge enable you to enter profitable new markets cost-effectively enable you to respond to changing business conditions

16 © 2002 enterprise application integration key offerings Web services development Wireless / mobile application development Java / EJB / 3GL development enterprise integration services NetAction solution enterprise application integration customer needs operational efficiency leverage IT assets across business functions streamline business processes web-enabled business

17 © 2002 supply chain management key offerings eProcurement with Commerce One partnership with SAP procurement & sourcing eMarketPlace with Commerce One trading partner enablement B2B integration B2E software publishing customer needs network to share information with suppliers better understanding of order & production scheduling requirements CRM environment to assess customer impact

18 © 2002 wireless & mobility key offerings mobile enterprise applications mobile solution for service providers mobile vertical industry applications wireless networking public & private 802.11b access customer needs wireless access for mobile workforce increased productivity HIPPA compliance secure environment

19 © 2002 consulting services for web portals key offerings B2E business to employee information portal eCommerce portal mySAP enterprise portal B2E collaboration portal CRM portal customer needs 24x7 global availability reliable secure infrastructure for B2B commerce enjoyable on-line experience

20 © 2002 ability to capitalize on a business opportunity: We are limiting our competitive position without a total solution that allows us to collaborate and share our information securely with our key partners. open environment, multi-technology services ability to capitalize on a business opportunity: We are limiting our competitive position without a total solution that allows us to collaborate and share our information securely with our key partners.

21 © 2002 open environment, multi-technology services capabilities: from standalone products to complex, multitechnology enterprise environments industry leading expertise: servers: Unix, Windows, Linux, OpenVMS, Himalaya, e3000 managed services capability for mainframes and Solaris Storage/SAN network & systems management desktop PCs mobile devices network devices printing & imaging devices we take the complexity out of managing heterogeneous environments. open environment, multi-technology services

22 © 2002 competitive differentiators: full lifecycle service offerings from out-tasking to outsourcing with flexible financing terms multivendor, multi-OS capabilities single point of contact consistent delivery on a worldwide basis business-aligned approach to IT management breadth and depth of services from basic to complex, remote to on-site wide experience in managing large-scale global IT operations flexible solutions from packaged to custom strategy of partnering with, rather than replacing, in-house IT open environment, multi- technology services how we bring you true value: greater agility better focus more value tighter control faster time-to-results peace of mind

23 © 2002 open environment, multi-technology services key offerings comprehensive outsourcing network and infrastructure management application operations & management access and support services business process outsourcing open environment, multi-technology services customer needs simplify IT acquisition, deployment & management reduce total cost of IT improve end-user & customer satisfaction

24 © 2002 building from our position of strength key areas of ongoing investments investments to get us there key industry solutions investments telecommunications and NSP extended manufacturing government financial services cross-industry business solutions investments CRM b-to-e and b-to-b portals ZLE infrastructure solutions investments mobility & wireless business continuity storage services IT consolidation

25 © 2002 partnering with the leaders software and networks Microsoft® Oracle® PeopleSoft SAP Siebel BEA Cisco services Accenture Deloitte Consulting KPMG PwC teaming with the leaders in networking, software, and services to provide the most comprehensive portfolio of solutions for our customers

26 © 2002 our commitment to the best total customer experience our #1 priority is to lead the industry in customer loyalty and satisfactionand we are deeply committed to doing the right thing for customers. our goal is to enable business agility by reducing costs, extending and optimizing enterprise assets, and keeping IT up and running better than anyone else in the industry. we will honor our commitments to customers before, during, and after the merger.

27 © 2002 welcome to the new hp services.

28 © 2002

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