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Developing cross-sectoral library and learning services: a college/local authority model Craig Green Information and Learning Services Manager John Wheatley.

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1 Developing cross-sectoral library and learning services: a college/local authority model Craig Green Information and Learning Services Manager John Wheatley College Fiona McLelland Customer Services Supervisor Culture and Sport Glasgow

2 Shared Services at the Bridge Leisure and Learning Complex Pool, Auditorium, Recording Studios, Café Culture and Sport Glasgow, Greater Easterhouse Arts Company, Greater Easterhouse Regeneration Agency, John Wheatley College Real Library and Learning Centre John Wheatley College, Culture and Sport Glasgow Fully integrated joint use library service model Report commissioned by Scottish Library and Information Council through Innovation and Development Fund

3 Lifelong Learning at the Bridge Fiction, CDs, DVDs, Magazines, newspapers, College class sets and course- based books and general non-fiction stock Bounce and Rhyme School visits Homework clubs Craft club North by North East Youth Access to Multimedia Literacy support services Writers Group PC taster sessions supported by library service staff Informal and formal flexible learning programmes supported by College tutors Part of the Greater Easterhouse Learning Network Bridge library and learning centre at heart of network of 12 other independently managed community learning centres connected directly to College network IT services portable across network

4 Why partnership? Common aims supporting learning and citizenship in area of significant deprivation Efficient Government objectives Need for new estate 2001 new John Wheatley College Easterhouse Campus designed for extension as Cultural Campus Existing partnerships for lifelong learning support Greater Easterhouse Learning Network Lifelong Learning group (Social Inclusion Partnership, now Glasgow Community Planning Partnership) Youth Services Local Collaborative Programme

5 Partnership arrangements Enabling rather than prescriptive Service Level Agreement Transfer of staff from John Wheatley College to Glasgow City Council Cultural and Leisure Services (now Culture and Sport Glasgow) Transfer of stock from College to Council Agreed main roles (Transfer of records from College Horizon system to Citys Galaxy system) Opened July 2006 based on operational decisions made from June 2006

6 Partnership roles Culture and Sport Glasgow delivers library services to both general public and college students John Wheatley College delivers learning support for classroom-based students, flexible learning students and local public Both partners contribute to overall Bridge service development

7 Partnership challenges Stock merger and associated policies Some stock restricted to students ICT interoperability and access to online resources Licensing and subscriptions Changes in employment and work roles, and development of inter-team operations Staff training and development

8 Partnership management Weekly informal meetings between flexible learning and library staff Monthly meetings of operational group College Information and Learning Services Manager (chair) Flexible Learning Course Tutor Learning Network Support Officer Culture and Sport Glasgow Area Coordinator Library staff including staff previously employed by College Senior Culture and Sport Glasgow representation on College Academic Board

9 Partnership benefits Cool place to be - services attractive to young people Wide range of services (not just information and learning services) Wider range of digital services for students Greater expertise for College e.g. cataloguing Broader experience for staff Library and flexible learning staff Shared stock – wider range and more copies available Central purchasing Accessibility support provided by College to wider range of people – hardware, software and expertise New service development opportunities

10 Partnership impact All previous services maintained; and Extended opening hours esp for college students Evenings and weekends, holidays, public holidays – 64 hours per week Extended study space for local learners College, university and school students Extended learning support for public Taster sessions progressing to flexible learning programmes Youth Access to Multimedia (Youth Access project bringing in Culture and Sport Glasgow Youth Services partner) Safe environment for young people

11 Partnership impact Issues Aug 05 – July 06 74,800 Issues Aug 06 – Jul 07 102,100 Up 36% Adult non-fiction Aug 05 – July 06 13,882 Adult non-fiction Aug 06 – July 07 20,790 Up 50%

12 Partnership impact Junior fiction Aug 05 – July 06 11290 Junior fiction Aug 06 – July 07 24619 Up 118% Junior non-fiction Aug 05 – July 06 5627 Junior non-fiction Aug 06 – July 07 9363 Up 66%

13 Partnership impact PC bookings 05 – July 06 18,957 PC bookings 06 – July 07 70,419 up 271% (but figures not kept for college session 2005/6) Over 50 PCs compared to 40 PC taster sessions 05 – July 06 71 PC taster sessions 06 – July 07 109 up 54%, now leading to flexible learning enrolments

14 Partnership impact Over 1500 learners enrolled in informal learning Over 100 learners enrolled for flexible learning support IT/ Communications/ Numeracy New learning programmes based on wider partnerships Youth Access to multimedia EastFest concerts North by North East concerts Hayfield group (deaf students) Riddrie group (students with learning disabilities)

15 Evaluation Further Education perspective: Resources and Services Supporting Learning: A Service Development Quality Toolkit Element 1 Learning Resource OrganisationGood Element 2 StaffingVery Good Element 3 ICT IntegrationVery Good Element 4 User SupportVery Good Element 5 AccessibilityVery Good Element 6 InclusivenessVery Good Element 7 Quality Assurance and ImprovementVery Good Approach and practice matches good practice guidelines for shared library services, confirmed by delegation to international Joint Use Libraries conference Manchester 2007 Charter Mark awarded to Culture and Sport Glasgow partly based on visit to Bridge

16 Success factors Commitment to partnership at all levels based on common goals supporting lifelong learning Enabling Service Level Agreement Single staffing arrangements Clear roles Single library management system (variation to SLA) Integrated staff development opportunities Single space for all users Common communications system (Colleges FirstClass email and conferencing, also used by local community) Change management through joint operational group Flexible staff attitudes to service development and delivery at operational level commitment to high quality single service approach for all users And of significant help Support from neutral 3 rd party – Scottish Library and Information Council New building - leisure services context with multiple points of access

17 Next … Successful partnership management arrangements continue Agreed targets for session 2007/8 including Service development for local history support Development of single evaluation mechanism suiting needs of both partners Broader range of advice surgeries Extension of service to community venue in Cranhill Report for Scottish Library and Information Services Council published November 2007 Questions?

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