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Self Determination Annual Training

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1 Self Determination Annual Training
Pines Behavioral Health

2 What is Self-Determination?
The freedom to define and make meaningful choices regarding an individual’s life. The chance to direct services and supports necessary to pursue that life. Use of the person centered planning process to direct the way one gets support and who provides that support to better direct the course of his life.

3 Principles of SD Freedom The opportunity for each individual to plan a life with necessary supports. Authority The opportunity to manage budgeted dollars, representing the cost of services in the plan, to purchase supports.

4 Principles (cont’d) Support Arranging resources and persons—both informal and formal—that will assist the individual in developing friendships and connecting in the community. Responsibility Accepting a valued role in the community and agreeing to use public dollars wisely.

5 Accessing Self-Determination
The individual tells his supports coordinator/case manager of interest. The case manager and supervisor will meet with the individual and his/her guardian if applicable to discuss in details the responsibilities involved. The process begins.

6 The Process of SD The individual chooses supports to be involved in planning his life, and then arranges for a planning meeting. The individual chooses whether or not to have an independent facilitator for the meeting and a fiscal intermediary for the budgeting process. The individual determines the services and supports needed (medically necessary) and develops an individual budget through the person-centered process.

7 Planning Arrangements that support SD
Managing the individual budget Directly contracting with chosen providers Directly employing staff Requirements and responsibilities in the employer role Learning how to direct and supervise support workers Unpaid supports

8 The Person Centered Plan
Includes paid services from the agency and other agencies. Unpaid support from other sources. Goals that reflect the preferences and direction for the individual’s life.

9 Services and Supports Help the individual to accomplish goals.
Meet the individual’s health and welfare needs. Assist the individual in connecting with the community.

10 Individual Budget The amount of funding authorized to provide services and supports as outlined in the plan of service. Can only be used for services and supports in the plan. The fiscal intermediary is an independent agent who processes the individual budget.

11 Fiscal Intermediary Receives the funds in the budget.
Makes payments to providers of services as authorized. Is available to offer support and assistance. Serves as the employer agent when the individual directly employs workers. Limits to Self Determination

12 Managing SD Arrangements
With each change to services, a meeting must be held where a new plan is created. The budget is revised at that time. Continuous monitoring must be in place to ensure appropriate use of funding and fiscal responsibility while meeting the needs of the individual.

13 The Test! Please complete the Self-Determination Test, and turn in to Sue Enos. Please also sign the training sign-in form. ~ Thank You ~

14 Limits to Self-Determination
All Services must be based on medical necessity, not just preferences Paid supports cannot include guardians (state requirement) or parents (Pines policy) Both Pines and the consumer/guardian must agree to a self-determination arrangement and either party can discontinue this arrangement

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