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Putting the power of GEOINT

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1 Putting the power of GEOINT
Geo SCOPE Focusing the Vision Putting the power of GEOINT into your hands

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3 Web Service Catalog in GEOINT Online
Web Services Web Services are helping to transform NGA into a services provider and broker of GEOINT by enabling faster, more modern ways for the warfighter and analyst to access the information they need. Coordinate Parse Country Name Distance Bearing Elevation Geographic Translator Geoid Height Web services are being developed and deployed to transform NGA into a services provider and broker of GEOINT through enabling ready access to standard product data via commonly available tools (such as Google Earth, GeoMedia Pro, ESRI Arc Explorer, etc.) Web services enable faster, more modern ways for the warfighter and analyst to access the data they need, eliminating duplication of efforts, enabling better utilization of data for their tasks - They filter, receive, and project the specific data required into a standard web application or browser as a viewable digital map Several web services are being incorporated into GEOINT Online – providing the warfighter and analyst with on-line, on-demand geospatial data, information, and knowledge services Since this “pathfinder” project began in FY2008, eGEOINT made great strides with web services by partnering with organizations throughout NGA to build/utilize services to meet specific mission threads. For example, eGEOINT and the Office of the Americas (PM) partnered to utilize GO and web services in support of the Haiti earthquake, Vancouver Winter Olympics, Presidential Inauguration, and Super Bowl. Sample web services include the Standard Metadata Tagging System (SMTS) (a collection of services that are used to take non-standard data sets and apply standard metadata to them), GEOID Height (returns the geoid height for a specified coordinate pair), and Country Name (determines which country or countries intersect with a specific point, line, or polygon). All of the web services are Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) compliant and provide properly marked data in a way that is interoperable with many client-based tools. A Web Service Catalog exists in GO, which provides a searchable list of all web services and key information about each service ( MGRS SMTS GeoNames Standard Data Footprint VMap0 Over Europe World Magnetic Model Web Service Catalog in GEOINT Online

4 Unclassified GEOINT Services Strategy NSG Partnerships and Brokering
DOD Services, COCOMs, “Edge” Servers Data Domain Trading Partners (Aeronautical, Maritime, etc) Data Request from GEOINT Consumer (self, assisted) Geo- Sensor Hardware C2, C4ISR, Model and Sim, Coalition Partners Co-Producers, GGI Contractors, Other Formal Exchange Partners Hardware-Generated USGS DISA DHS COCOMs DIA Data Needs, RTM (Resource Tasking Management) Trusted Government Providers Standards-based Data Services The storage, visualization and dissemination of diverse Geoint Sources and Products utilizing the Open Standards like (OGC) from distributed sources using Commercial, Civil and Private providers on the UNCL domain: Note for DISA’s Metadata Repository for Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) - instead of just saying UNCLASS say CUI. Adds depth to the concept of "trusted vendors" - to include handling of CUI data. See: (CUI replaces "Sensitive But Unclassified"). Key CUI points: (#3 fits nicely with our 2nd graphic - "where CDPs fit", 1. Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act (IRTPA) established Information Sharing Council (ISC) - 16 members (CIA, DoD, DNI, DHS, OMB, DOJ, DOI, etc.) 2. IRPTA also established Information Sharing Environment (ISE) - policies, procedures, and technologies linking resources (people, systems, databases, and information) 3. Three primary non-federal ISE partners are: a. state, local, and tribal governments b. private sector entities c. foreign entities 4. National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) is CUI Executive Agent 2-way services on the high-side are labeled as such... so we should just mention the need without stating specifics. Other Data Sources State, local, and tribal Commercial Sensors Commercial Value-Add Participating countries Private sector Open Source “Shoebox” GEOINT Data to CDPs Data Services Trusted Commercial Data-Service Providers NGA as NSG Data Broker Data Discovery and Access Services: Service and Data Interoperability

5 Intelink Collaboration Tools
Infrastructure and Application Service Providers (ISP/ASP) Now Service Multiple Agencies Intelink Collaboration Tools Intelink-U Only (Unclassified)

6 What else can it do for me?

7 Connecting the dots… UNCLASSIFIED Routing service using web services: GetMap (WMS), GetFeature (WFS), Buffer geometry, custom geoprocessing, routing w/barriers UNCLASSIFIED

8 eGEOINT is Partnering Across the NSG US Army Corp of Engineers (USACE) Services Orthorectification, Transformation, Compression, License Management, Delivery eGEOINT is also partnering across the NSG to uncover and access technologies that demonstrate the art of the possible… Other examples; SOUTHCOM (Haiti / SMTS) MCIA (Marines) - GV-ES Pilot Army Advanced Geospatial Center – GV-ES Pilot USGS / EROS Data Center US National Guard (PRT/ADT) - RDOG Ft. Bragg Special Ops (DataDoors) Navy Research Labs DHS/FEMA NASIC Australia Canada US Census US Dept Of Agriculture

9 The Haiti crisis provided an excellent opportunity to introduce our metadata tagging service to ops in order to help manage the mountain of products being created by NGA and SOUTHCOM. Within the first two days of the crisis, the Unclassified Haiti Intellipedia site had over 50 pages full of products posted by our analysts. While these products were useful, finding and reusing the products proved futile. Utilizing our partners, we and EGM helped the Crisis Action team and SOUTHCOM to quickly implement the standard metadata tagging service to ensure that products were easier to find and manage. In addition, EGM had developed a process to ensure that products created at unclassified level could easily be made available on the other classified networks within minutes— something that had been very painful for them to manage in the past. As a lesson learned, PM developed a “user story” requesting to have an FOUO version of the standard metadata tagging service. The key to building web services and having them work together is loose coupling. Despite the term, building services that can be “loosely coupled” takes a lot of discipline as the developers have to conform to OGC standards and other industry best practices. The results are powerful in that a user can identify a need and a service can be built sometimes in just a matter of hours. Thus using our agile development process, our developers were able to incorporate this user story into the tagging service, so that when the Deepwater Oil Spill occurred, we had already developed an FOUO version of the tagging service and parts of PM were already using this service on the ops floor. By providing the standard metadata tagging service and showing them how to use the service, over 1300 products have been tagged and are retrievable for Haiti and over 700 so far for Deepwater Oil Spill efforts.

10 GEOINT Online: 1010 Market Street St. Louis, MO 63101 (5th Floor)
Breezeway to Walnut St. From Stadium Parking garage or #40 Bus (if coming from NGA 2nd St.) 1010 Market Street St. Louis, MO 63101 Enter breezeway from Market or from Walnut between 10th and 11th Streets Lat Lon City Garden

11 Omni Majestic Hotel Meeting Room 5th Floor TASC- 1010 Market St.
George Clooney filmed “Up In The Air” in this building and at the airport… Stadium West garage (enter on 9th) Metro Stops Cardinals Stadium… Metrolink Rail Station: 8th and Pine AT&T (Southwestern Bell) Meeting Room 5th Floor TASC Market St. St. Louis, MO 63101 Omni Majestic Hotel 1019 Pine Street

12 GEOINT Standards

13 GEOINT Online Services and Content Management:
Anatomy of a Front Page Intelligence Article (GO discovery services to consolidate knowledge and accelerate its transfer to the reader) Map Coordinates, Map Title, Source Link, and Flyover Help Derivative Source Web 2.0 Commentary (Twitter + Filter + Geonames Service) Primary Source Title and Dates Related Images Time Sensitive Open Source (Aggregated and Filtered RSS Feed) Intelligence Analysis Standards-based GEOINT Data and Services (or emerging technologies like Photosynth) Recently Featured Permanent Archive Feedback/Suggestions

14 GEOINT Online Services and Content Management:
Evolving from Product Dissemination to GEOINT Access Services NGA is transforming from product-oriented Content Management toward Data and Intelligence Services Acknowledge and formalize expanded role of Segment 86 from “Dissemination of Products” to “GeoInt Access Services” Promote stronger links between production / analytic activity and traditional IT Operations and O&M; Roles blurring as IT moves toward analytic support and as analytic functions develop their own IT solutions Both have value – but need to work together to maximize knowledge transfer Branded GEOINT.Access Services Specific to “Topic of the Day” (Weather RSS + Filter + Geonames Service)

15 GEOINT Online Services and Content Management:
Evolving from Product Dissemination to GEOINT Access Services GO discovery services to consolidate knowledge and accelerate knowledge transfer… Apply external tools as needed to take advantage of open-source data. Q?: Do content providers need non-attribution training? Examples: GO Content Managers offer services to GEOINT user community such as creation of COI templates that support various missions. Promotes faster deployment for new events, topics, users. Event-driven COI templates Create “EVENT templates for rapid deployment Customize web-services to meet mission-specific needs Maximize use of Open-Source data and services DNI and FEMA Event Categories Production COI templates supporting standing missions NIPF/ JSCP/ Title 10 Production-related COIs Regional / Country pages Safety of Navigation Data Steward COIs Tool-specific (e.g. GPS data-ready content and services) Technical and Training COIs NST and Business-Related COIs etc.

16 Topic-specific Location Data and Services (e.g. KML)
Primary Source Data (Portrayed in Geospatial Form) Derived Geospatial Data (Heading and Range) Opportunity: Develop stronger relationships with analysts and partners to find and share content more quickly… Geospatial Community Data (Web 2.0, Google Earth, Open Source)


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