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Putting the power of GEOINT into your hands Focusing the Vision.

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1 Putting the power of GEOINT into your hands Focusing the Vision


3 Web Services GeoNames Coordinate ParseCountry Name MGRS Distance Bearing Elevation Geographic Translator Geoid Height SMTS Standard Data Footprint VMap0 Over Europe World Magnetic Model Web Service Catalog in GEOINT Online Web Services are helping to transform NGA into a services provider and broker of GEOINT by enabling faster, more modern ways for the warfighter and analyst to access the information they need.

4 Unclassified GEOINT Services Strategy NSG Partnerships and Brokering Data Request from GEOINT Consumer (self, assisted) Data Needs, RTM (Resource Tasking Management) Co-Producers, GGI Contractors, Other Formal Exchange Partners Data Domain Trading Partners (Aeronautical, Maritime, etc) C2, C4ISR, Model and Sim, Coalition Partners DOD Services, COCOMs, Edge Servers Hardware-Generated Geo- Sensor Hardware Shoebox GEOINT Data to CDPs Trusted Commercial Data-Service Providers NGA as NSG Data Broker Data Discovery and Access Services: Service and Data Interoperability Other Data Sources State, local, and tribal Commercial Sensors Commercial Value-Add Participating countries Private sector Open Source Data Services Trusted Government Providers Standards-based Data Services USGS DISA DHS COCOMs DIA

5 Intelink Collaboration Tools Intelink-U Only (Unclassified) Infrastructure and Application Service Providers (ISP/ASP) Now Service Multiple Agencies

6 What else can it do for me? UNCLASSIFIED

7 Connecting the dots… UNCLASSIFIED Routing service using web services: GetMap (WMS), GetFeature (WFS), Buffer geometry, custom geoprocessing, routing w/barriers

8 eGEOINT is Partnering Across the NSG US Army Corp of Engineers (USACE) Services Orthorectification, Transformation, Compression, License Management, Delivery


10 GEOINT Online: 1010 Market Street St. Louis, MO 63101 (5 th Floor) 1010 Market Street St. Louis, MO 63101 Enter breezeway from Market or from Walnut between 10 th and 11 th Streets Lat 38.62644 Lon -90.19650 City Garden Breezeway to Walnut St. From Stadium Parking garage or #40 Bus (if coming from NGA 2 nd St.) 38.62618 -90.19651

11 George Clooney filmed Up In The Air in this building and at the airport… Omni Majestic Hotel 1019 Pine Street 63101 Meeting Room 5 th Floor TASC- 1010 Market St. St. Louis, MO 63101 Cardinals Stadium… AT&T (Southwestern Bell) Metrolink Rail Station: 8 th and Pine Stadium West garage (enter on 9 th ) Metro Stops

12 GEOINT Standards

13 GEOINT Online Services and Content Management: Anatomy of a Front Page Intelligence Article (GO discovery services to consolidate knowledge and accelerate its transfer to the reader) Title and Dates Derivative Source Primary Source Intelligence Analysis Related Images Time Sensitive Open Source (Aggregated and Filtered RSS Feed) Standards-based GEOINT Data and Services (or emerging technologies like Photosynth) Map Coordinates, Map Title, Source Link, and Flyover Help Web 2.0 Commentary (Twitter + Filter + Geonames Service) Recently Featured Permanent Archive Feedback/Suggestions

14 GEOINT Online Services and Content Management: Evolving from Product Dissemination to GEOINT Access Services NGA is transforming from product-oriented Content Management toward Data and Intelligence Services Acknowledge and formalize expanded role of Segment 86 from Dissemination of Products to GeoInt Access Services Promote stronger links between production / analytic activity and traditional IT Operations and O&M; Roles blurring as IT moves toward analytic support and as analytic functions develop their own IT solutions Both have value – but need to work together to maximize knowledge transfer Branded GEOINT.Access Services Specific to Topic of the Day (Weather RSS + Filter + Geonames Service)

15 GEOINT Online Services and Content Management: Evolving from Product Dissemination to GEOINT Access Services Examples: GO Content Managers offer services to GEOINT user community such as creation of COI templates that support various missions. Promotes faster deployment for new events, topics, users. Event-driven COI templates Create EVENT templates for rapid deployment Customize web-services to meet mission-specific needs Maximize use of Open-Source data and services DNI and FEMA Event Categories Production COI templates supporting standing missions NIPF/ JSCP/ Title 10 Production-related COIs Regional / Country pages Safety of Navigation Data Steward COIs Tool-specific (e.g. GPS data-ready content and services) Technical and Training COIs NST and Business-Related COIs etc. Apply external tools as needed to take advantage of open-source data. Q?: Do content providers need non-attribution training? GO discovery services to consolidate knowledge and accelerate knowledge transfer…

16 Topic-specific Location Data and Services (e.g. KML) Primary Source Data (Portrayed in Geospatial Form) Derived Geospatial Data (Heading and Range) Geospatial Community Data (Web 2.0, Google Earth, Open Source) Opportunity: Develop stronger relationships with analysts and partners to find and share content more quickly…


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