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Parliamentary Library and Information Service. PARLIAMENT OF WESTERN AUSTRALLIA The STRUCTURE (as at April 1 1998) 3 Departments Legislative Council Legislative.

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1 Parliamentary Library and Information Service

2 PARLIAMENT OF WESTERN AUSTRALLIA The STRUCTURE (as at April ) 3 Departments Legislative Council Legislative Assembly Parliamentary Services Department

3 Management Structure Management Executive Committee (MEC) PRESIDING OFFICERS Clerk Legislative Assembly Clerk Legislative Council Executive Manager Parliamentary Services Heads Of Department


5 57 MLAs Party Representation Labor = 32 Liberals = 16 Nationals = 5 Independent = 4 Legislative Assembly

6 Legislative Council MLCs = 34 Labor=13 Liberals=12 Nationals=1 Greens=5 One Nation=3

7 LC Changes Move to family friendly hours commencing 2nd April - end December 2003 New Tuesday pm Wednesday 10am pm Thursday 10am pm Thursday 10am pm Old Tuesday pm Wednesday Thursday


9 Parliamentary Services Dept (PSD) - 7 Units Building Services Catering Services Financial Services Human Resources Information Technology Library and Information Services Reporting Services

10 Corporate Management Team (CMT) Monthly meetings Rotational Chair Agenda and Minutes Each Unit Manager reports on monthly outcomes Issues are raised and discussed. Feedback is given from Management Executive Committee (MEC) and Heads of Department meetings (HOD)

11 Parliamentary Committee Joint Library Committee Joint Printing Committee Joint Services Committee Replaced by Parliamentary Services Committee

12 Library Reporting Lines Presiding Officers Chief Executive Officer Parliamentary Services Committee Parliamentary Library & Information Services Manager


14 Principle Services Reference Services (no research service at this stage) Library Collection Media Services Newspaper clipping service on-line Electronic news services - TV & Radio Intranet Electronic information Services Training and user education programs.

15 Reference Team

16 Reference Service Supported by 4 Librarians Responsible for development of services & reference desk duties. Continuous review & development of reference and general collection Publication of intranet, census, electoral profiles, guides and fact sheets. Current Awareness Services (e-Currents) available via Intranet Training and user education.

17 Technical Team

18 1 x Librarian - Team Leader 2 x Library Technicians 1 x Media Officer 1 x.6 Media Clerk 1 x Library Assistant

19 Technical Team Responsible for all technical services Library catalogue Journal accessioning Indexing Report generation ILLs Media Services Library layout and information flow

20 Media Services Newspaper Clippings Selection, Scanning & Indexing daily news clippings = available by 12pm Hardcopies filed and files spiral bound Electronic image June 2000+

21 Electronic Media Services Daily taping of news and current affair programs (In-house 2000) Recording of radio drive programs (In-house 2002) Transcript service Dubbing - MP1 and MP3 formats Management of video reticulation Sitting days - compilation news service shown internally via TV reticulation service.

22 New Initiative 2003 / 4 Relocate library to refurbished ballroom Replace current library system to a more integrated system. Investigate options to convert retrospective hardcopy news clipping files to electronic. Project to digitise sound and vision Establish a special historical collection of works by or about members of the Western Australian Parliament as part of the 2004 Centenary of the Building celebrations

23 New Initiative contd Development of Electronic Information Policy Negotiating a Research Service

24 Committee Participation INTERNAL –Corporate Management Team (CMT) –Records Management Committee –Archival Committee –Classification Committee –Web Committee –Emergency Procedures Committee –JCC Joint Consultative Cmte EXTERNAL - ALIA - Mentoring Cmte - ALLGWA - APLA - KISWA -( Knowledge Information Specialist WA) - RMAA - IIM - WAGLIN - WA Govt Library & Information Network

25 Parliamentary Library and Information Services Phone: Fax:

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