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Central Office - Restructure

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1 Central Office - Restructure
Westminster Homecare have restructured to meet the business’s growth demands

2 Central Office - Organisation Chart
Nominal Ledger Audits

3 Central Office - Restructure
We have a newly formed department called Management Services, which incorporates: Accounts, I.T. and other supporting services.

4 Management Services Our Goal: “Trouble free back office services to Customers and Staff”

5 Management Services Team
Tarlika Patel Title: Accounts Manager Remit: Payroll and Invoicing Wayne Martin Title: Accounts Support Remit: Tenders, Accounts. Steve John Title: IT. Support (Starts December 2006) Remit: Technical Support Services Mark Thomas Title: Director of Management Services Remit: Manage & Develop Services

6 Management Services Key Tasks: IT Support Customer Services
Accounting Services Acquisition Integration

7 Management Services Targets and Objectives: IT Support
Provide trouble free office equipment (Broadband, networks, computers, printers/copiers). Technical Support - all software on computers & company network Available to you from 8am to 6pm. Back office support 24/7 Provide mobile phone and office telephony Services, equipment & Support. Develop Innovative Solutions Local Authority & Branches Technology implementation

8 Management Services Team
Targets and Objectives: Accounting Services Efficient ordering (Stamps, Uniforms, Gloves, Stationary, etc) Accurate payroll Timely Invoicing Debt Collection

9 Management Services Team
Targets and Objectives: Acquisition Integration (Growing the business) Streamline New Branch Processes Rostering System Migration (Tariff Rates, data imports, HCR setup options).

10 Management Services Team
Targets and Objectives: Customer Services Help with Artwork, forms designs & advert drafting Maintain & update website including Policies & Procedures Intranet Management Information Reports on Branch Performance Budget Spend

11 Management Services Team
Performance Measurements: Annual Surveys “We’ll ask you” Business Growth Targets

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