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Support Services Review Support Services Review (SSR) is a representative, responsive form of assessment and self-evaluation to ensure continuous quality.

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1 Support Services Review Support Services Review (SSR) is a representative, responsive form of assessment and self-evaluation to ensure continuous quality improvement and the enhancement of Austin Community Colleges administrative and student support services.

2 SSR Philosophy SSR provides staff and stakeholders the opportunity for collective and purposeful reflection –clarify and refocus on the services and outcomes in their respective areas common framework –Administrative Support Services units –Academic Student Support Services units opportunity to align support services –Mission of the CollegeMission of the College

3 SSR Benefits The SSR is one component of ACCs institutional effectiveness and accountability processes The SSR is an integral part of ACCs ongoing assessment, planning, and planning processes. The SSR should not be overly burdensome to review team members or to staff and administrators. The SSR requires integrity for critical reflection, accurate assessment, and genuine follow-through The SSR answers the Five Fundamental Questions of SSR

4 THE SSR 6/12/2014

5 SSR Provide valuable feedback from the users of College support services Support continuous quality improvement and closing the loop Assess the level of compliance with effectiveness standards of Austin Community College and supports the reporting needs for SACS

6 Policies and Admin Rules Board Policy –E-1 – Master PlanningE-1 –E-3 – Organizational Performance/Evaluation/AuditingE-3 Administrative Rules –5.01.001 - Quality Enhancement5.01.001


8 W HEN W HO W HAT October Administrative Unit Review Leaders & OIEA Staff SSR orientation meeting October - MarchAdministrative Unit Review Leaders Unit prepares data conducts SWOT Data must be submitted to participants and facilitator 2-3 weeks prior November - MarchAdministrative Unit Review Leaders Begin Writing Support Services Review Report (can be completed anytime after SWOT) March – MayAdministrative Unit Review LeadersDevelop/Refine Support Services Review Report March 15 (before spring break) Administrative Unit Review Leaders ALL SWOTs to be completed SWOT results due to OIEA May 1Administrative Unit Review LeadersSupport Services Review Report due to OIEA May 1 – July 1 Support Services Review Subcommittee Review Support Services Review Reports / Annual Updates provide feedback to units AugustAdministrative Unit Review LeadersRevise Support Services Reports / Annual Updates July – August 31Administrative Unit Review Leaders Present findings to appropriate leaders and stakeholders return sign off to OIEA September - January Administrative Unit Review Leaders Implement Supervisor Approved Quality Improvement Plans and/or Request Funding through the Master Planning Process March 1 Successive Years Administrative UnitsSubmit Quality Improvement Plan UPDATES

9 SSR Process Support Person in charge: Unit Review Leader (URL) and team The Unit Review leader is typically the director of a unit (managers, director, VPs) Creating the SSR team and SWOT members, include »Staff / Personnel »from areas that depend on unit services OR which the unit depends on »OUTSIDE stakeholders

10 SSR Process Support - SWOT What is a SWOT Preparing for a SWOT (SWOT process manual) Scheduling a SWOT (SWOT Google Calendar)

11 SSR Preparing for a SWOT Pre-SWOT meetings are where the data support and inform the actual SWOT session. SWOTS may include general open ended feelings if focused on what the unit does, and the unit has control over the issues. The SWOT is a qualitative (and quantitative) exercise informed by previously gathered and reviewed data to evaluate how the unit is working This data may inform or become your baseline data. THE UNIT MUST FIND /PULL / AND ANALYZE THE DATA

12 SSR Preparing for a SWOT - DATA –What data do you think you may have? –What numbers do you current collect? –What do you do? –Who do you serve? –How many do you serve? –How do you measure service/ success/ effectiveness? –What do end users say about your services? –What do other stakeholder units say about your unit? –Efficiency measures and work / Environmental stewardship –Time served on servicing clients –Time spent on tasks related to get the mission of unit completed –Cost measures (travel/ hourly staff/ professional development or services/ etc..? –Budget numbers? SWOTs must start with review of past unit level data THE UNIT MUST FIND /PULL / AND ANALYZE THE DATA

13 SSR Process Support - SWOT


15 SSR Process Support SWOT



18 SSR NEXT STEPS Now that you have conducted a SWOT, what do I do? Analyze with the team the SWOT results Determine what elements of the SWOT you want to use in Improvements Start writing the SSR report 6/12/2014

19 SSR Report – Things to think of SWOT data needs to be used in creating improvement plans Think of the outcomes and how they would be measured for the improvements How will I get there? And How will I know I got there? 6/12/2014

20 SSR Report – Outcomes SACS noted that in previous cycles, that some units did not have outcomes/ measures which: –Specific –Measurable –Attainable (that is, reasonable) –Relevant –Timely –Evaluate (that is, review your results) –Re-evaluate (that is, modify your improvement and then review your results again) 6/12/2014

21 SSR Report – Outcomes 6/12/2014

22 SSR Dates DUE MARCH 15 SWOTs completed – SWOT reports will be sent back to the Unit Review leader and should be completed by facilitator within 14 days of event DUE MAY 1 SSR REPORT(web submission) THIS YEARSSR REPORT Report will be reviewed by SSR subcommittee team Annual Update report (web submission) FUTURE YEARSAnnual Update report Report will be reviewed by SSR subcommittee team

23 SSR Accountability DUE August 31 Reports must be presented to the reporting line executive and letter returned to OIEA (letter supplied when final reports are submitted) AR 5.01.001 Once a report is submitted, it is assigned to TWO an SSR subcommittee member for review. Those evaluations based on the published rubric are averaged. –The assignments are only known to 2 people outside of the evaluators.

24 SSR Assessment SSR Reports SSR REPORT Evaluation Rubric Annual Updates SSR ANNUAL UPDATE Evaluation Rubric Updates will be compared to original and all previous reports Updating summary of the process and progress on improvement and implementation Review to ensure that data was used from assessment of improvement for future cycles Re-writes required on all reports/ updates if any sections scores less than Meets Requirements –Re-writes/ submissions will also be evaluated as well and will be final evaluation of units report (1 resubmission)

25 SSR What Happens Next? Five Fundamental Questions Answered by SSR/QIP, Years 2 – 5 In years 2-5, they will submit an update of their SSR Update including where they are in implementing their plan and the data for their measures showing movement one way or the other.SSR Update

26 SSR Example 6/12/2014

27 SSR Question 1 Five Fundamental Questions 1.What are the primary services or outcomes provided by the support service area and what is the impact of those services and outcomes on students and other key stakeholders?

28 Q1. Response 6/12/2014

29 SSR Question 2 2. What are the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats present that enhance or hinder the units ability to provide those services and meet expected outcomes during the next five years?

30 Q2. Response 6/12/2014

31 SSR Question 3 3. Using the answers to the first two questions, what improvements to primary services and/or intended outcomes will occur during the next five years?

32 Q3. Response 6/12/2014

33 SSR Question 4 How will the unit measure the extent to which planned improvements have resulted in better service or intended outcomes for students or other key stakeholders?

34 Q4: Response - data Surveys? Web Internal External Reports? Other data?

35 SSR Question 4 SACS observed …that documentation did not consistently provide adequate information regarding the actions to be taken to achieve planned improvements, and the parties who would be responsible for these actions. QIP Requirements 1.Unit level implementation and control 2.Measureable indicators of goal attainment (specific measurable goals) 3.Satisfactory progress (continuous assessment/ improvement) 4.Actionable improvements. 5.Review data on progress and use it to inform future plans for improvement. (Closing the loop)

36 Q4: Response - all parts

37 SSR Question 5 5. How will the planned improvements align with and contribute to the Mission and Intended Outcomes of Austin Community College?

38 Q5. Response


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