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2 To enhance the quality of life of the community by facilitating access to and delivery of the following citizen initiated services: health, agricultural extension, library, veterans, community assistance, transportation, and parks, recreation and culture. M ISSION S TATEMENT

3 Dave Byron, Director

4 Community Services Dave Byron Director Community Assistance Dona DeMarsh Butler Cooperative Extension Services David Griffis Library Service Lucinda Colee Parks, Recreation, and Culture Tim Baylie Veterans Services Mike White Votran Steven Sherrer Health Department Dr. Bonnie Sorensen Operations Manager Dona DeMarsh Butler

5 Department Overview Community Assistance provides assistance to indigent and needy residents. Staff coordinates and develops the various community services of federal, state and local agencies and the citizens of the county for more efficient use and delivery of community resources. Cooperative Extension Service is a partnership between the University of Florida and Volusia County Government to provide educational programming: natural resources, livestock, commercial horticulture, urban horticulture, 4-H programs and family and consumer counseling. Library Services collects, organizes and provides a quality selection of books and other materials and programs to residents and visitors.

6 Parks, Recreation and Culture provides recreation programs, parks and other facilities that embrace Environmental, Cultural, Heritage and Outdoor (ECHO) activities and sites. Veterans Services provides U.S. military veterans and their dependents assistance in obtaining earned federal benefits. Veterans are counseled on the rules and regulations governing benefits and provided follow-up action as required. Votran is a mass transit service which implements policy on public transportation. The countywide transportation system coordinates fixed routes, paratransit and trolley service. Department Overview

7 Volusia County Health Department is an agency of the state. Its mission is to promote, protect, maintain and improve the health and safety of Volusia County residents and visitors. The Health Department is a partnership between Volusia County Government and the state. Both entities provide funding and facilities to care for our citizens. The Director, Operations Manager and Administrative Aide are the administrative arm of the department, which provides administrative direction and support services for the activities within the divisions.

8 Community Services Department Budget and Staff Budget DivisionTotal Agriculture Center846,896 Community Assistance32,994,668 Health Department2,487,910 Library Services23,516,620 Parks, Recreation & Culture 13,064,270 Veterans Services577,013 Votran20,070,816 Department Total93,558,193 Staff DivisionTotal Agriculture Center14 Community Assistance41 Health Department286.19 FTE Library Services186.5 FTE Parks, Recreation & Culture 106.27 FTE Veterans Services8 Votran221.75 FTE Department Total863.71 FTE

9 Division of Community Assistance Dona DeMarsh Butler, Director

10 Community Assistance Dona DeMarsh Butler Director Diana Phillips Housing and Grants Administration Pat James Human Services Donna Carter Section 8 Walt Lacey Support Services

11 Community Assistance Human Services 4 locations – DeLand, Daytona Beach, New Smyrna Beach, Orange City Emergency assistance for: Rent, mortgage Utility payments Prescription and medical Dental Transportation Indigent burials Family self-sufficiency Summer food Indigent – hospital and nursing home costs

12 Community Assistance Housing and Grants Homeownership Down payment assistance Home rehabilitation Minor and substantial Neighborhood Stabilization Community development Homeless services Alcohol/drug abuse and mental health Children and families Anti-drug programs

13 Community Assistance Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Utilities Family Self-sufficiency Home ownership

14 Cooperative Extension Service David Griffis, Director

15 Cooperative Extension Service David Griffis, County Extension Director/ Natural Resources Agent Agricultural Extension Programs (8) Arlene Childs Administration (8)

16 Cooperative Extension Service Mission Florida Extension partners with communities to provide quality, relevant education and research-based expertise to foster healthy people, environments, and economies, as well as to provide a family-friendly educational and entertainment venue which will foster a positive economic impact for Volusia County.

17 Cooperative Extension Service Extension is a partnership between state, federal, and county governments to provide scientific knowledge and expertise to the public. The University of Florida(UF), together with Florida A&M University (FAMU), administers University of Florida IFAS Extension.

18 Cooperative Extension Service 6 Agents (60% UF, 40% County) 1 Agent (100% funded by County) 7 Support Staff (funded by the County) 2 Program Assistants (funded by UF) 350+ Volunteers (Master Gardeners, 4-H, Lake Watch, Advisory Committees)

19 Library Services Lucinda Colee, Director

20 Library Services Library Services Division Director Lucinda Colee 187.5 FTE (including 15.5 vacancies, not including 13 unfunded positions) 6 - Regional Librarians Ormond Beach, Daytona Beach, Port Orange, New Smyrna Beach, Deltona, DeLand 53 FTE – Librarians (includes 3 vacancies) 22 FTE - Library Associates (includes 3 vacancies) 73.5 FTE - Library Assistants (includes 9.5 vacancies) 11 FTE – Student Workers Collection Development Manager Library IT Manager Support Services Manager 1- Facilities Maintenance Supervisor 3 – Trades Workers 1 – Senior Accounting Clerk 1- Inventory Control Specialist 3- Librarians 1-Library Associate 3-IT Analysts 6-Library Assistants

21 Library Services History Founded in 1961 to provide free access to all library resources by Volusia County residents. Local boards and local financing continued. 1972 – County-wide unified library service was approved by Volusia County Council. Library Mission The Library Services mission is to provide citizens and visitors with exceptional library services that facilitate personal growth, economic development, and quality of life, strengthening community pride and countywide identity and partnerships.

22 Library Services - Locations Regional Libraries Full Service Community Branches Library Support Center Community Branches 6- Regional branches 2- Full-service branches 5 – Community branches 1 – Library Support Center

23 Library Services Library Hours 6 Regional branches –open 7 days a week and 4 evenings (60 hours per week) (Daytona Beach Regional, Port Orange, Ormond Beach, DeLand, Deltona, and New Smyrna Beach) 2 Full-service branches – open 6 days per week (52 hours per week) DeBary and Edgewater 5 Community branches – open 5 days per week (Lake Helen, Pierson, Oak Hill Dickerson Heritage-DB, and Orange City)

24 Parks, Recreation and Culture Tim Baylie, Director

25 Parks, Recreation and Culture Tim Baylie Director Operations, Maintenance, and ECHO Bobbie King MaintenanceTradesECHO Cultural, Historical and Recreation Nancy Maddox Recreation Cultural and Historic

26 Parks, Recreation and Culture Mission Provide quality Ecological, Cultural, Historical, and Outdoor experiences through a wide variety of parks, trails and unique resources to our community and visitors.

27 Parks, Recreation and Culture $8.5 million annual budget 42 facilities/sites covering more than 11,083 acres, 51 miles of trails 74 fulltime, 201 part time staff, many dedicated volunteers 24/7-365 coverage Recreation programs: Adult, youth, senior, sports, school recess, summer, special events, eco tours and clinics Cultural/historical: Liaison to advisory boards, art in public places, community cultural grant, management of historic sites, and outreach programs

28 Veterans Services Mike White, Director

29 Veterans Services Mike White, Director 3 Senior Counselors 5 Counselors 2 Support staff

30 Veterans Services Mission To serve Americas veterans, their spouses, and their families with dignity and compassion. To be their principal advocate in ensuring they receive the benefits to which they are entitled and to promote the health, welfare, and quality of life of all veterans in recognition of their service to this nation.

31 Veterans Services Locations DeLand 123 W. Indiana Avenue Daytona Beach 250 N. Beach Street Orange City 2765 Rebecca Lane New Smyrna Beach107 E. Canal Street

32 Votran Steve Sherrer, General Manager

33 Votran Services Provided Fixed Route Bus Service Door-to-Door Paratransit Service Vanpool Service Flex Service Trolley Service Emergency Movements

34 Votran Facilities 950 Big Tree Road – Mobility Management Center Daytona Beach ITF – 701 Earl Street Transfer Plaza – 207 Mary McCloud Bethune Blvd. West Side Facility – Osteen Public Works Facility Pedestrian Crosswalk – Ocean Center Garage to Ocean Walk Shoppes South Swallow Tail Transfer Point – S. Swallow Tail Drive between Village Trail & Butterfly Blvd. Port Orange

35 Volusia County Health Department Dr. Bonita Sorenson, Director

36 Major Issues facing the department The challenge of providing quality service to a growing number of citizens with declining resources…DOING MORE WITH LESS. Looking for efficiencies through technology, new processes, partnerships Examples: Library lending machines, Lorick study, GBA scheduling and workflow system, working cooperatively with other agencies, volunteers, etc. Reducing service levels but with least impact to citizens. There will be further reductions in the future.

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