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Azure REST Services Presented by Barkha Herman

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1 Azure REST Services Presented by Barkha Herman

2 What are we going to talk about? How to write a REST service for Azure How to use Azure Console / SQL Azure (brief) How to deploy Azure Service How to consume a REST service (obligatory) What about security? Some notes on scalability

3 Service – Why? Amazon – everything is a service – Steve Yegge Rant Clients are more than the website – Social media, web, thick client, smart devices etc. Services begat client apps (see bullet 1)

4 Obligatory REST slide (aka REST – Why?) Representational State Transfer Easy as web Uses Get, Put, Post Delete for CRUD URIs, HTTP based, Common Data formats Roy Fielding started it! Light weight, does not have to be XML.

5 Azure – Why? Scalability is easy – scale up (hosted account story) Cost – pay as you go, scale down Reliability – triple redundancy to avoid falls (climbing reference) Security – Bank vs. Mattress analogy PaaS as opposed to SaaS Watch the spiel on MS sites if you want to know more.

6 Pricing Database – Based on instance / Size Compute – Based on instance / Size CDN – Size / Transfer Volume us/pricing/details/

7 How to write a RESTful services and deploy them to Azure Its easier than you think… Use WCF / C# (use what you know) Download / Install REST Template – c1-a0d2-41bd-9d7b-e54c845394cd c1-a0d2-41bd-9d7b-e54c845394cd SQL Azure WCF Service Deploy Run!

8 CODE!!!

9 What about security? Why I love to segregate – aka Command Query Separation – Security Read service is world accessible – write service not so much – Performance Throw more instances at the read service – Bertrand Meyers - if you want to learn more Tokens for access TLS

10 CODE!!!!

11 Scalability Autoscaling Application Block AzureWatch Demo – how to change it manually

12 Conclusion Azure makes it super easy to write and deploy scalable services REST / WCF makes it super easy to write accessible services Got to be on the app store if you want to be seen (come together!)

13 Questions?

14 Shameless Plug - download our apps!!! (and rate them)

15 How to get the code / Contact me All the code for this session including slides are at: – The best way to reach me is email: – – Download our free apps, and rate them!!!! – How fast I respond to emails depends entirely on how you rate our apps…

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