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Public Services Transition work for new students.

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1 Public Services Transition work for new students

2 On behalf of the all the Public Service teaching staff Id like to say welcome to the BTEC Public Services course! Lets get started right away… Welcome!

3 There are many public services that operate within the UK, including: Uniformed Public Services (such as the Police and Fire Services) Armed Forces (such as the British Army and Royal Air Force) Public Services (such as Education and Council Workers) Public Services

4 The public services function to provide the UK with a range of facilities which enable us to live safe lives. Many of the public services therefore operate to protect life and property, a common mission statement amongst all of the public services. Click here to view Staffordshire Polices mission statement:

5 In order to provide an effective and efficient service, the public services must work together as a team. The link below demonstrates how the UKs Public Services would respond to an Road Traffic Collision (RTC). Click to watch! However, this requires a lot of training and strict discipline.

6 You need to conduct some research on a public service you are interested in. This could be either the Fire Service, the Police Force, the British Army or the Ambulance Service. You need to research how discipline is used within the service and why it is important in ensuring the effectiveness and efficiency of the service. For Example… Your Mission…

7 The British Red Cross are an emergency healthcare service who are be systematic and efficient in their work. They follow rules, regulations and common practices to ensure they remain disciplined. In order to maintain discipline, the British Red Cross have Positions of Authority, much like a management structure in a business or rank structure in the British Army.

8 Choose your public service What is discipline? Find a definition and try to understand what discipline is and what it aims to do Why is discipline needed? Consider how rules and regulations enforce discipline, also how management or rank structures give everybody a certain position or role within the service What are the consequences? Consider how rewards and punishments are used to encourage discipline What does discipline do? Consider how discipline helps create team spirit and a sense of pride, also how it ensures that the service works well to serve the public and uphold the law Consider…

9 Present your research in a Word Document as a report, aiming to write approximately 400-500 words. You can use images to help explain key points. Make the report as interesting as you can, use your imagination and be creative with it…

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