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Problem Solving Court Presented by: Yolanda Redmond Kenneth Boettcher.

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1 Problem Solving Court Presented by: Yolanda Redmond Kenneth Boettcher

2 Problem Solving Court was designed to increase the collection of child support from non-paying parents. We are looking for positive solutions to address non-compliance. The goal is to help parents find solutions to the barriers that are keeping them from meeting their child support obligations.

3 Barriers are not always visible












15 87AQ

16 oUoU nemployed/underemployed/felonies oLoL ack of education oSoS ubstance abuse oDoD isability or mental health issues oUoU nrealistic orders oLoL imited or no access to children oRoR elationship with custodial parent oMoM others

17 Fatherhood and Parenting Programs Jefferson County Mediation Services Jeffco Action Center Bootstraps-Financial Literacy Whitian House (Substance abuse-counseling) Justice Services Interventions Phoenix Multi-Sport Vocational Rehabilitation SOAR Warren Village Mile High United Way Asset Building Free Tax Preparation Assistance *Debt forgiveness

18 Community Service Electronic Home Monitoring Work Release Jail

19 Estimated costs per inmate is $70 per day Before Problem Solving Court, an average of 55 parents year were sentenced to serve a 180 day jail sentence In 2012, only eight parents were sentenced, translating to significant taxpayer dollars saved More than 50% purged the contempt with lump sum payment and were released

20 Flexibility-Evolving Informal process - Confession Stip of Compliance Trials are rare Programs dont change people; relationships change people. One on One Consistency Accountability Trust Building


22 For more information: Created by the retired Judge Kristen Ruth

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