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LOS ANGELES TECHNOLOGY FORUM SEPTEMBER 25, 2008 Information Technology Services Shared Services Initiatives.

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1 LOS ANGELES TECHNOLOGY FORUM SEPTEMBER 25, 2008 Information Technology Services Shared Services Initiatives

2 Why Centralize? Reduce costs through shared solutions and infrastructure Concentration and depth of skills Improved systems management Easier monitoring Security enforcement Common disaster recovery solutions Common operational processes (e.g. ITIL) 2

3 Existing Solutions ISD Data Center - Mainframe & Midrange hosting Local disaster recovery services for hosted systems Wide Area Network – AT&T Carrier Services and LANet Internet Access – for outbound and inbound access, email routing and security Radio Systems Legacy telephone solutions (e.g. PBX, managed Centrex) CJIS and HOA LAN management 24x7 Help Desk and County 411 Operator 3

4 Current Initiatives Information Technology Shared Services Services provided: Centralized desktop management and security Shared Microsoft Exchange for email, calendaring etc Shared File/Print servers Secure Remote and Mobile device access Disaster recovery for desktops, email and file servers 24x7 Helpdesk and Monitoring Departments: ISD, CIO, Animal Care & Control, Coroner, Community & Senior Services, Ombudsman, Affirmative Action, Beaches & Harbors, Human Relations Commission, Military & Veterans Estimated cost savings : Servers and licenses: $654,000 Tasks assumed by ITSS, enhanced security, disaster recovery, help desk services departments did not have: $1,309,000 per year Total estimated annual benefit $1,963,000 Key Technologies: Cisco (LAN, Catalyst and MDS switches, WAAS), VMWARE ESX, EMC, Microsoft applications 4

5 Current Initiatives Voice over IP Services Services provided: IP Telephony & voice mail Unified messaging (for ITSS VoIP users) IP Contact Center Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Departments: Animal Care & Control, Auditor-Controller, Coroner, DCFS, DMH, DPSS, East LA County Hall, ISD, Public Health Estimated cost savings ( based on 6,000 user implementation): One time cost = $733K, Annual recurring cost avoided= $1.5 Million Per user cost comparison: Customer Hosted = $406/yr, ISD Hosted = $156/yr Key technologies : Cisco voice, voice mail cluster and Call Center services 5

6 Current Initiatives Countywide Business Intelligence (CBI) Services provided: CBI Steering Committee Cognos Users Group CBI Support of Applications CBI Website and Best Practices Data Warehousing Development and Support Data Mart Development and Support Customized Cognos Application/Reporting Development Departments: ACC, A/C, CEO, CSSD, DCFS, DCSS, DHS, DPSS, ISD, OAAC, Probation others in discussions like DMH, DPH, and Sheriffs Estimated cost savings: Departmental Initial Setup: $4,350,000 Annually: $4,000,000 Key technologies: Cognos(IBM), EMC storage, Hewlett-Packard Servers 6

7 Current Initiatives Enterprise Security Services Services provided: Network Intrusion Prevention Remote Access Virtual Private Networking (VPN) 24x7 monitoring E-mail Anti-virus/Anti-Spam Departments: All Estimated cost savings: $1.5 million saved by centralizing core security services, including 24x7 monitoring and incident response. Key technologies: Cisco, McAfee, Juniper, Blue Coat Systems 7

8 Current Initiatives Server Virtualization Supported platforms: Windows and Linux servers using VMware – virtualize onto fewer physical servers, with considerable management, floor space, power and cooling benefits Linux on the IBM mainframe – z/VM & z/Linux (e.g. for WebSphere and the County Portal) UNIX on IBM midrange servers - using logical partitions as granular as 1/100 th of a processor and virtual I/O (e.g. for eCAPS Financials, Budget etc) Departments: Most Estimated cost savings: $1 million with minimum 50% cost reduction in server hardware Plus greater than 50% savings for the data center infrastructure Key technologies: Cisco network virtualization switches, VMWARE ESX, EMC storage, IBM Z-Linux and P Series and HP servers 8

9 Current Initiatives Storage Consolidation Supported platforms: EMC disk storage for mainframe and midrange systems Symmetrix Tier 0 - Solid state arrays for extreme performance Tier 1 - High performance arrays for critical applications Tier 3 – High capacity arrays for backups and testing Clariion arrays for lower cost, less critical applications, and backup Centera archival storage for fixed content, imaging, and ECM solutions Disk replication to the Orange County Data center using an AT&T Common Multi-Service Optical Network (MON) fiber ring Sun/Storage Tek Virtual Tape for mainframe systems IBM tape libraries with encryption for midrange systems Departments: All data center hosted platforms, serving all county departments Estimated cost savings: $3 million yearly by achieving higher disk utilization Key technologies: EMC (Symmetrix, Clariion, Centera), IBM tape libraries, Sun/Storagetek tape silos 9

10 Current Initiatives Infrastructure Active Directory Services provided Central repository for authentication and authorization for local and enterprise-wide applications and solutions (including ITSS, VoIP, BI, County Portal, eCAPS, Internet Filtering, Instant Messaging) Central Directory Infrastructure (CDI) – for single county-wide telephone and email directory, with employee location and self-help update capability HR based user provisioning/de-provisioning (true-up with CWTAPPS) Resilient Directory DR infrastructure Enforcement of Enterprise Security Standards Departments: Users of ISD centralized solutions Estimated cost savings: $2 million yearly from avoiding the cost of recreating the authentication infrastructure for each application Key technologies: Microsoft Active Directory and MIIS, VMWARE ESX, Netpro 10

11 Evolving and Future Possibilities LA County and Departmental Portals through IBM Websphere - Evolving Enterprise Collaboration through Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) - Evolving Video Conferencing - Evolving Centralized LAN Maintenance - Evolving Thin Client Computing – Evolving Wireless Access Service – Evolving Geographic Information Systems (GIS) - Evolving Single Centralized email system on Microsoft Exchange – Future Enterprise Content Management (ECM) – Future Centralized Customer Relationship Management on Microsoft CRM - Future 11

12 Questions? Need more information: Jac Fagundo (562) 940-3804 12

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