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2 Previous Funding Sources



5 CheckUP FINANCE Background 2007: Internal Review of Financial Management System 2007- 8: Scoping of other systems in marketplace 2008: Development of Shared Business Model (with AGPN & State Based Organisations 2008-9: System set-up and user training 2009: Implementation of new system by GPQ, AGPN, GPNSW, ACT Division & GPTAS (Note: GPTAS didnt actually ever commence using the system)

6 CheckUP FINANCE The CheckUP Finance System is an online, cloud- based system designed specifically for primary health care organisations. It consists of a number of packages: - Microsoft Navision (accounting package), - JET Reports (reporting package) - Sage Micropay Meridian (payroll system) - ConnX Employee Service Portal (HR system)

7 CheckUP FINANCE 2011: Improvement Foundation joined as new user. 2012: AGPN & ACT ceased being users in June. 2012: CQML joined as new user. 2013: GPNSW will cease as user from June.

8 CheckUP FINANCE CheckUP Finance Business Model - No longer a shared business model. - Offering parts of the system, as well as whole package (eg. accounts only, without payroll system). - Costly product, but quality is excellent. - Also offering financial support services.

9 CheckUP FINANCE 2013 Member Fees (non-members rates are 20% more): New Users: $87,500 + GST (full package) $44,500 + GST (accnts and reprts) $58,000 + GST (payroll and HR) Ongoing:$28,000 + GST (full package) $21,500 + GST (accnts and reprts) $20,000 + GST (payroll and HR)

10 CheckUP FINANCE Strategy Develop new promotional material and marketing strategy. Offer financial services and support (eg. bureauing model currently in place at GCML). Current thinking - aim to generate $200,000 income from CheckUP Finance in next 12 months.


12 CheckUP DIRECTORY Background 2008-10: The CheckUP Directory (formerly the iHealth Care Directory) was established with funding support from a Commonwealth Government grant. Initially a listing of GPs and General Practices for use by health providers. 2010-11: Expansion to include allied health, specialists, community services and service information such as opening hours.

13 CheckUP DIRECTORY Background 2011: Transition to new host and introduction of new features including Google maps, enhanced searching functionality. 2012: Gold Coast Medicare Local & Darling Downs SWQ Medicare Local purchased live data feed to populate local view of CheckUP Directory.

14 CheckUP DIRECTORY Background March 2013: Queensland Health fund CheckUP to send out Public Health alerts and key health information to GPs and other providers via the CheckUP Directory. April 2013: Planned launch of public facing CheckUP Directory


16 CheckUP DIRECTORY CheckUP Directory Benefits & Risks - It is the leading health services directory in Queensland. - Data validated constantly and at least on six monthly basis. - Risk – there is a National Health Service Directory (NHSD). At this stage the NHSD is not as comprehensive, sophisticated or functional as the CheckUP Directory.

17 CheckUP DIRECTORY CheckUP Directory Benefits (internally) - Considerable asset for CheckUP as provides us with contact details for GPs and other health providers in Queensland. - Can send out surveys directly to health providers (eg. GP Census) - Can send out CheckUP information (eg. training offerings) - Provides CheckUP with credibility that we can reach health providers directly.

18 CheckUP DIRECTORY CheckUP Directory Business Model - Live Data feed to a customisable Directory. CheckUP members - $17,500 p/year + $5,000 initial set-up fee. Non-members $21,000 p/year + $6,000 initial set-up fee. - Advertising on CheckUP Directory – fees currently being determined.

19 CheckUP DIRECTORY Strategy Determine advertising fees and secure advertisers. Develop promotional material and marketing strategy for public facing CheckUP Directory. Current thinking - aim to generate $100,000 income from CheckUP Directory in next 12 months.


21 CheckUP TRAINING Background GPQs Training Services established mid 2010 Senior Program Leader appointed February 2011 Partnership with Health First Training Australia (HFTA) Diploma/Cert IV in Population Health Late 2011 new registered training organisation (RTO) partner – Health Industry Training

22 CheckUP TRAINING Business Model - Vocational Education and Training (VET) - Short courses and information sessions - Resource development - Credentialing

23 CheckUP TRAINING Short courses and information sessions Scheduled or on-demand CheckUP developed and provided or brokered Income capacity based on number of workshops held and participant volume E.g. - one day workshop $325 members/$390 non-members (GST ex) 2 hr Piecing Together Primary Healthcare webinar $80 members/$100 non-members (GST ex) -

24 CheckUP TRAINING Vocational Education and Training (VET) income based on no. of enrolments, and where applicable trainer time and therefore completions. E.g. National Workforce Development Fund (NWDF): Enrolments = $44,500 ($500 x 14 enrolments + $250 x 150 enrolments) + Trainer time = 15 hours per student at completion of 10 units + 15 hours per unit at completion of qualification @ $50/hour. If all 14 students complete - $21,000 Total NWDF income = $65,500 -

25 CheckUP TRAINING Vocational Education and Training (VET) – but as of this year (new intake)…. CheckUP will make $3,950/student ($2,200 at commencement + remainder upon completion). $1,550 management fee – HIT Intake of 15 students, everyone completes = $59,250 over 18 months.

26 CheckUP TRAINING Resource development and credentialing VET learner resources, mapped to competencies Continuing professional development applications developed and submitted on behalf of customer $120/hour

27 CheckUP TRAINING Strategy Identify and progress new opportunities e.g. training for OSTDs, new NWDF application for Aboriginal Health Workers, GP Networks business model. Raise profile with particular markets i.e. members, GP Networks. Increase volume of short courses. – including webinar and on-line delivery options. Promote credentialing and resource development services. Aim to generate $300,000 income from CheckUP Training in next 12 months (increased from $100,000).


29 CheckUP PEOPLE Early days Fee-for-service Offers our members and stakeholders a suite of business support and development services customised to meet their needs. Likely to include: Strategic and business planning Event and meeting facilitation Proposal/tender writing Secretariat services

30 Product & Services: Challenges Pricing Market penetration Brand Awareness Funding to develop new products and improve/enhance existing products Profitability

31 Membership Sponsorship Events Other Products and Services Other Income Sources



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