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ATLE Learning Seminar – October 6, Chinook High J. E. Percevault, Director of Technology.

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1 ATLE Learning Seminar – October 6, Chinook High J. E. Percevault, Director of Technology

2 * * not-for-profit organization

3 * Seattle Internet Exchange (SIX) * Research Networks * Commercial Internet (aggregation is not a new concept, being done in many jurisdictions) * Looking ahead: Toronto Internet Exchange (TorIX) * cheaper-internet cheaper-internet

4 * U of A * Athabasca U * Banff Fine Arts Centre * U of L * Lethbridge School District 51

5 * SIX provides 40% of Cybera post secondary institutes Internet bandwidth * Post secondary bandwidth profile is different than K-12 (evenings, weekends, type of traffic)

6 * SIX provides up to 60% of Internet bandwidth * Shaw Internet has dropped from 56 Mbps to 18 to 22 Mbps * Total Internet bandwidth has peaked to 93 Mbps * YouTube videos play uninterrupted via SIX * NFB videos play uninterrupted via SIX * CBC videos on demand play uninterrupted via Shaw Internet * 50% of schools 100/20 (i.e. 11 Mbps of 22 Mbps bronze) is allowed to go to the Internet servicesSIX and Shaw (Allot packet shaper; 14 Mbps on high schools with 100/25 services) * Fort iGATE priority rules: teachers high YouTube access, students low YouTube access * Allot 40 Mbps YouTube rule set for the district; peaked to 30 Mbps; ability to increase; YouTube consistently consumes more bandwidth than all other protocols (Allot real time network performance) * Local host streaming servers: Discovery Education, Access Learning, Learn 360

7 * October to December – core network upgrades * Quarter 1, 2012 – new Cybera members with SIX and research network service (Cybera cookbook on steps to connect in development for Quarter 1 with Lethbridge School District 51) * Research network access awaiting Layer 2 services from Axia SuperNet * Commercial internet offering – business plan in progress; target that is lower than existing contracts

8 * $5,000 annual membership provides SIX and research network access; $10,000 for larger boards (TBD) * Jean-Francois Amiot, Technical Operations Manager * Robin Winsor, President and CEO

9 * Axia gE/200 at your network headend ($30,000 infrastructure cost) * BGB router capable of 1 Gbps (e.g. Cisco 7201 in District 51 at $18,500) * Packet shaping? * Real time anti-virus scanning on a firewall at 1 Gbps? * Reviewing all planning steps in the Cybera cookbook on getting connected – available Quarter 1, 2012

10 * SIX g * SIX stats * Shaw _login.jsp * Allot NetXplorer 1400 – hourly/daily most active protocols * Axia enhanced service – gE/200 at the network headend * Axia enhanced services – 100/25 at Chinook High School and at Winston Churchill High School

11 * YouTube via SIX * CBC via Shaw 3563683/ID=2129229047 * NFB via SIX (hopefully via CANARIE and Cybera after the core network upgrade; discussions in progress with NFB) * Discovery Education via District 51 local host streaming server 0C387-8DFE-4FBD-80E2- 07EB4C5DAF8F&blnFromSearch=1&productcode=US Click on properties to validate local host streaming

12 * Axia gE/300 upgrade over gE/200 ($800/month increase * Cybera annual membership $5,000 * Cybera commercial internet at 120Mbps or $200 Mbps * Fort iGATE 3000 series firewall at $45,000 (real time antivirus scanning up to 1Gbps) * High schools to 100/40 – 4 gold, 48 bronze, 34 allowed to the Internet * Removal of all YouTube rules * Network monitoring: SIX, SIX stats, Axia SuperNet Enhanced Services, Allot NetXplorer


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