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Matthew A Poland PA 755 Dec 15, 2011. Youth Employment Services (YES) Defined Ties to and Education Work-Based Learning Role of Information Technology.

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1 Matthew A Poland PA 755 Dec 15, 2011

2 Youth Employment Services (YES) Defined Ties to and Education Work-Based Learning Role of Information Technology and Telecommunications in YES Knowledge Management and YES as Learning Organizations Potential Solutions Q + A

3 Workforce development services specific to young people, with different needs than adults Soft skill training: resume writing, interviewing and job search strategy Hard skill training (office): software applications, typing, filing, etc. Job placement and work-based learning programs Challenge: not all YES providers understand the value of KM and quality is sporadic

4 Work-based learning (WBL) activities focus on the interaction between the school and the community as a means of promoting vocational development, career awareness, and employee readiness. (Curtin & Garcia,2011, p. 31) Youth employment services and WBL strategies will rely heavily on technology and knowledge management to deliver their services, make critical decisions and to implement solutions



7 Social Media Cloud Computing Knowledge and Education CRM / Databases Texting and Email

8 Texting and Social Media Use of texting services and social media are an important tool for engaging youth and on the rise in use, especially compared to email (NAA Foundation, 2010) Having a social media outlet not only allows you to connect to them, but also to their networks cheaply and instantaneously (Randolph, 2011) Problem - Email is still the predominant form of telecommunication in the professional world and it seems to be vastly underused by young people, leaving them at a disadvantage when entering the work world

9 Mah number is 415 555 5100 call me a.s.a.p yes mam i am just give me a call im sure i was one of them sumtimes i dnt understand my self lol thanks talk to u soon

10 Databases and Customer Relations Management Software (CRM) As Patel (2011) notes, CRM like can synthesize data sources an organization has to understand and build relationships; both internal and external Broader use of CRM software would allow YES providers to identify who their top referral partners are, which employers are hiring the most youth and how active youth are Problem – CRM not originally designed for non- profit work and has inherent bugs and JVS example

11 Cloud Computing Multiple uses – Google Docs /Gmail, accounting software for financials, desktop publishing software for creating marketing material or cloud-based survey software such as Survey Monkey for gathering feedback on their services. Problem – Security risks and potential for data loss with cloud computing (Kirkham, 2011) – big issue for non-profits (HIPAA)

12 YES are seeing the value of KM; more pressure to use data-driven programming from funders, community, government, etc 21 st Century Skills – Forum for Youth Investment evaluates eight program measurement tools to help YES providers Adoption of ongoing learning/professional development for all their employees

13 Online learning is becoming more prevalent, but potentially harder for youth (and adults) to pick the good from the bad Problem - Students attending for-profit schools are more likely to default on loans (GAO, 2010) Data to the rescue! GAO released a report in 2010 with case studies of 15 for- profit educational institutions providing false salaries for entry-level jobs in the field after graduation, bogus graduation rates, misleading info on being employed after graduation and some schools even encouraged students to falsify their FAFSA in order to qualify for loans (GAO, 2010) More knowledge about good and bad schools will become more readily available

14 Texting / Social Media – YES should balance casual and professional comm. with youth Databases/CRM – Apps that fix the problem, special non-profit CRM/databases (ETO) Cloud Computing – encryption, understanding of HIPAA, use of multiple cloud providers Educational Options – using CA DOE K-12 listing and similar clearinghouse for data on education programs; more stringent policy on institutions eligible for federal loans (in the works)

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