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WASTE MANAGEMENT SERVICES Recycling Program Updates.

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1 WASTE MANAGEMENT SERVICES Recycling Program Updates

2 Waste Management Options Most Environmentally Sound Least Environmentally Sound

3 Percentage of Household Waste Recycled

4 Incentives for Residents Recycling credit on bill for participating Refund on unused drop-off site vouchers

5 Improvements to Program Larger bins More frequent collection dates Expanded list of accepted materials Co-mingled recycling

6 Preparing Recyclables Until now, residents have had to separate their recyclables for collection. MaterialPreparation CansRinse clean; remove lids Glass bottles/jarsRinse clean; remove caps, lids, and rings Plastic bottlesRinse clean; remove caps and rings NewspaperKeep dry; bundle with string MagazinesKeep dry; place in paper bag Dry food boxesFlatten and place in paper bag BatteriesPlace on top of bin in clear plastic bag

7 With co-mingled recycling, residents can deposit all recyclable materials in the same bin One for All Coming to…In… OaktonJanuary MedfordApril CarsonvilleJuly AveryJuly

8 Five-Year Goal Reduce landfill use by 60% Achieve 95% participation in recycling program

9 Resources City and County guidelines published annually Recycling information on EPAs Web site Other non-government organizations Earth 911 Freecycle

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