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On & Off Campus: The Dos and Donts Employment. N OTE : The following slides are for those in F-1 status, But, the rules for J-1 employment are very similar.

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1 On & Off Campus: The Dos and Donts Employment

2 N OTE : The following slides are for those in F-1 status, But, the rules for J-1 employment are very similar. Just follow the same steps with your sponsor (RIT, Fulbright ACCELS, American Councils, MESCyT, etc.) and you will be fine.

3 HOW TO STAY IN STATUS Do Not Work, off-campus, unless specifically authorized by a DSO or the Immigration service. Authorization for off campus employment means you will get a new I-20 or a new DS2019

4 HOW MUCH CAN I WORK? On-campus work is allowed without special permission for up to 20 hours per week when school is in session You may work on campus up to 40 hours per week during school vacations (normally just summer) if you are maintaining status. Special rules apply for some graduate students

5 O N -C AMPUS E MPLOYMENT (P ART I) Find a job through the SEO office/their web site or on your own. Obtain an Employment Eligibility Slip (EES) from your employer, showing she/he has hired you for an on- campus job Enroll for 12 credits, bring the EES, your RIT Student ID, I-20/DS2019, I-94 card, and passport to the Student Employment Office (SEO), Monday – Friday, 8:30 - 4:30 pm in CSI, Bldg. 87. Go back to your employer to ask for a hire form

6 W HEN YOU ARE OFFERED A JOB … Ask your Employer for the Employment Eligibility Slip Go get an SEO card Get a Hire Form from your employer. This form Must have an original signature Bring this Hire Form to ISS Get a Social Security Request Letter. Go downtown to apply for a social Security number (SSN ) with all your immigration documents

7 A PPLY FOR A SSN In order to work on campus, you MUST have a social security number. In order to apply, you must travel to the Social Security Administration Office downtown and bring the following: Hire Form Social Security Request Letter A completed Social Security Application (obtain from ISS) Passport, visa, I-94 card, and I-20/DS2019

8 P LEASE NOTE … You will be given a Social Security Application form to fill-out. You MUST list your name on line 1 of the application EXACTLY as it appears on your I-94 card to avoid delays in processing your application. Changes to the name on your SSN card can be made later if/when you receive a new I-94 card.

9 SSN S ESSIONS SSN sessions on how to apply for SSN will be held: Wednesday, 9/14/2011 from 10:00 am – 12:00 noon In the Campus Centers Bamboo Room. 2610/2650 & Friday, 9/16/2011 from 10:00 am – 12:00 noon In the Campus Centers Bamboo Room. 2610/2650

10 I MPORTANT R EMINDER : Only students who have been offered a job may apply for a social security number. Students who accept employment at RIT must be willing to fulfill their commitment to their employer. If circumstances change and you are no longer able to work, a minimum of 2 weeks notice must be given to your employer. Students must not pursue employment at RIT for the sole purpose of obtaining a social security number.

11 S OCIAL S ECURITY N UMBER (SSN) When you travel downtown, please request a receipt confirming the submission of your application, and then bring the receipt to International Student Services so we can copy it for your file. Paychecks will not be distributed unless this receipt is on file in our office. Failure to apply for a social security number will result in termination of your employment.

12 C AN I WORK OFF - CAMPUS ? There are two types of off-campus employment: Curricular Practical Training (CPT) (Also called coop) Optional Practical Training (OPT) For both types, you must first have been enrolled full time for a full academic year (9 months).

13 C URRICULAR P RACTICAL T RAINING (CPT) Register for a class called Co-op with both your academic department and the Co-op/Career Services Office. Not all departments allow Co-op, and each department has different Co-op requirements. You will need to check with your department. The Co-op office will assist in your search, but it is up to you to find the Co-op. They also provide resume and interview workshops. Make an appointment with International Student Services as soon as you have registered for the Co-op. Bring a copy of your job offer letter showing the company name & address. We will then issue you a new I-20 with CPT authorization so you can legally work for your CPT employer.

14 CPT A PPLICATION T IMELINE : Apply for CPT with ISS as soon as you register for the Co-op. Technically, the deadline to apply is the day before Co- op starts, but it is best to apply as soon as you accept a job offer. Do NOT start working until ISS issues you a new CPT I-20. Working without authorization is illegal

15 O PTIONAL P RACTICAL T RAINING (OPT) OPT is an opportunity to work 12 months in your field of study after you graduate. OPT authorization is granted by US Immigration To be eligible: You must have used less than 12 months of full-time CPT. You do not need a job offer, but once you are approved for OPT, the 12 months will begin, whether or not you actually find work. Unemployment is limited to 90 days.

16 OPT A PPLICATION T IMELINE You can apply three (3) months before you want to begin OPT – but OPT cannot begin after your 60 day grace period Graduate students are eligible to begin OPT after they complete required course work Undergraduate student must have completed all degree requirements


18 OPT A PPLICATION T IMELINE ISS offers OPT workshops every quarter – a schedule of upcoming workshops will be sent via your RIT e-mail. Plan on attending an OPT workshop 1 or 2 quarters before you graduate to get all your questions answered.

19 H OW DO THEY COMPARE ? OPT $340 6 -12 week processing, on average Coursework must be complete No job offer letter required Authorized for one year Authorized by USCIS CPT o No charge o Quick processing o Must be registered for co-op/CPT o Must have a job offer letter o Authorized one quarter at a time – could be authorized for more o Authorized by ISS

20 C AN I V OLUNTEER ? All off-campus work requires authorization. This includes volunteering or working for free. The only exception is for jobs where no one is ever paid (example: volunteer food server at a church soup kitchen for the poor). If you are doing something that another person could be doing for pay, it is work and needs authorization/permission from ISS.

21 T AX I NFORMATION Social Security tax and Medicare tax should not be deducted from your paychecks, but NY State and Federal Taxes will be deducted by your employer and sent to the government. You must file a tax return in the Winter and you will likely be refunded many of these taxes. We offer on-line software and several work shops for filing prior to the April tax return filing deadline.

22 K EITHALEEN J ONES Nonresident Alien Tax Specialist & Timekeeping Administrator RIT - Eastman Bldg. – 1st Floor P: (585) 475-5984 v/tty F: (585) 475-5583

23 Questions?

24 Rotate with your PALs to : Library Session in 6-A205 TB Screening Trip Sign up Dinner ( OPTIONAL) 4:30 p.m. – 6:00 p.m Location: Gracies (GWH/#25) (Pay Cash) Global HangOut Global Village 8:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. OPTIONAL: Bus Shuttle to Off- campus residences (Rustic, Park Point, Province) Location: Student Alumni Union (SAU/#4) Circle And for the rest of the day

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