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Tulsa City County Library System Outreach Services Department How We Do It! --Amy Stephens, Brad Thomas, presenters.

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1 Tulsa City County Library System Outreach Services Department How We Do It! --Amy Stephens, Brad Thomas, presenters

2 Population: City 382,457 * Metro Area: 550,000 *If you had made that guess in 1957, you would have won:

3 Tulsa City County Library System 25 Locations throughout Metropolitan Tulsa Daily Delivery Service between branches III Millennium online catalog/staff modules

4 Outreach Services in Tulsa First Bookmobile Service was instituted in the 1930s by Alma Reid McGlenn

5 1960s Ms. Gerry Hendon, Library Assistant, began a service to shut ins when one elderly couple could no longer walk to the nearest bookmobile stop 11 Bookmobiles visited numerous schools and isolated spots around the county


7 1970s The Mod Mobile began serving only neighborhoods Service to Nursing Homes and Shut Ins was increased and included showing films Staff of Special Services took books inside the county jail and served customers directly

8 1973-74


10 1980s As Branches grew the Bookmobile mission changed to one of serving only at risk populations, particularly the Tulsa Housing Authority sites. Tulsa became a Talking Book distribution center Special Services moves to roomier location in a branch library

11 1990s A new Bookmobile was purchased in 1990 Special Services renamed Outreach Services Bifolkal kits purchased and lent to Nursing Homes Outreach moves back to Central Library; drops Talking Book service


13 2000s Automation of the Bookmobile! Nursing Home service renamed Your Library Connection, grows to over 60 locations Homebound services add Books by Mail

14 Staffing: 6.5 FTE 2 clerks, who also function as ½ time drivers 3 fulltime associates, splitting time between YLC and Bookmobile 1 half time associate, Homebound 1 Manager

15 Bookmobile Service 16 visits a week to low income, at risk housing communities

16 Pictures of real customers were used for the graphic wrap artwork.


18 4 nights 3-8; Friday afternoons

19 Automation Details Sprint Sierra 580 EVDO Card Two laptops connected through Ethernet Connect real time to the ILS server



22 The Bookmobile collection: Mostly paperbacks Childrens section includes board books, easy picture and readers, juvenile fiction and nonfiction. YA and Adult materials include very popular fiction and popular and basic life skills non- fiction Spanish and Bilingual materials Family and Childrens DVDs

23 Homebound Services 20 hour a week associate Chooses items for customer, placing holds or going to the shelf Keeps file and Access Record Finds volunteer, coordinates delivery

24 Homebound File Front

25 Homebound file drawer


27 Books by Mail Two types- oFree Matter for the Blind (customer must be visually impaired) oMerchandise Return- Costs $660 a year plus a deposit account with USPS..65 cents per piece plus postage both ways


29 Your Library Connection Serving 60+ Assisted Living, Nursing Homes, and other Senior/Disabled Living Centers Once a month visits Bifolkal kits and staff programming support


31 Our Dodge Sprinter Van

32 Reading keeps Dymple Young

33 Bifokal Kits



36 Large Print Collection Receive most standing orders published in the U.S. All 25 locations have some LP titles Staff sends out LP newsletter each month Lists all new LP titles received and links to catalog; distributes to appropriate customers

37 The office

38 Jails and Shelters Donated items gathered by staff Agencies can ask for certain types of items Gathered items are picked up by the agencies and distributed by them

39 The Future New Services starting in 2008 using ELF purchased this year


41 The Reading Roadshow Pilot Project – Fall 2007 Proposed project – Spring 2008


43 Delivery Drivers


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